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Almost Lover 谁都知道我爱 Episode 1 Recap

He Xiaoran woke up in the middle of the night from the war correspondent’s sleep. He was amazed that he had not had such an exciting dream for a long time, so he turned around and covered his head and continued to indulge in the dream. Early in the morning, He Xiaoran received birthday wishes from all sides, but she only hurriedly ate instant noodles and went out. He Xiaoran has always had a dream of a war correspondent, but it has not been realized until now.

In a forest where maple leaves were falling, Xiao Shangqi came to a seven-year appointment, but the person who was with him back then did not come, leaving him alone to dig out the time capsule that was buried in the woods. Seeing the birthday reminder on the phone, Xiao Shangqi sent birthday wishes to He Xiaoran, but the message was still rejected as in previous years.

Xiao Xian came to Zhao Mingxuan to ask for the operating funds from Xicheng. Zhao Mingxuan wanted to transfer Wu Su’s four-star hotel to Xiao’s family to deduct the operating funds on the grounds of financial pressure. Xiao Xian was quite embarrassed. At this time, Xiao Shangqi came to play with Zhao Mingxuan, but Zhao Mingxuan, who lost after the game, was also obviously dissatisfied, and directly told Xiao Xian that he could hand over the transferred four-star hotel Monsoon to Xiao Shangqi for management.

Afterwards, Xiao Xian accused Xiao Shangqi of playing too much in the limelight, making him unable to refuse Zhao Mingxuan’s arrangement. The Monsoon Hotel is an old hotel that Deju Enterprise took over from the developer in advance in order to win the Wusu Development Zone. It is a mess that has been losing money year after year. Xiao Xian reminded Xiao Shangqi that letting him return to China was to help Yunlan, not to make him fool around. But Xiao Shangqi had an idea in his heart, turned around and drove to Wu Su to take over the hotel.

He Xiaoran came to work in Wusu Radio and Television Group. All the way, colleagues were talking about the last episode of her show, and she didn’t know what to do after that. The urban traffic recording team and He Xiaoran and his team grabbed the recording room. He Xiaoran was calm and brought a birthday cake to invite the other party to eat together, but the other party didn’t appreciate it and laughed at them as a useless group.

Sui Mingwei, a member of the group, was dissatisfied with the physical conflict with the other party. He Xiaoran took the opportunity to lock the recording room and asked the other party to apply for a spare key according to the regulations. After the other party left, He Xiaoran took out the key and let her colleague go in to record and prepare materials, but she wanted to go to the hotel opposite to clean it, but was arranged by the group elder He to distribute the leaflets by the way.

Xiao Shangqi came to the Monsoon Hotel, first embarrassed the front desk, and then deliberately turned off the hotel’s power supply, which forced He Xiaoran, who was washing in the hotel, to leave early, and the two passed by in the hotel. Xiao Shangqi accidentally picked up the flyer dropped by He Xiaoran, and misunderstood that a random person had entered the hotel. Xiao Shangqi questioned the ability of the hotel staff with his real identity, and gave them the flyer. The manager of the monsoon lobby saw that the flyer was broadcast and simply took out his mobile phone to prove it.

At this time, He Xiaoran, who was recording the last episode, received a harassing call from Mr. Liu, a fan. The other party claimed to like her very much and fantasized about living with him every day. Hearing He Xiaoran’s voice, Xiao Shangqi ran out of the hotel to look for her, and made a call to let her go downstairs to meet her. Hearing Xiao Shangqi’s voice on the phone, He Xiaoran remembered that on the eve of their graduation, she was going to tell Xiao Shangqi what was on her mind.

When she learned that the other party didn’t like what was advertised, she gave up the USB flash drive she had prepared and gave it to Xiao Shangqi. But she didn’t expect that the video on the USB flash drive was accidentally played at the graduation party by her classmates. In the video, He Xiaoran confessed to Xiao Shangqi that she had liked Xiao Shangqi since high school and had liked him for more than five years. He Xiaoran was very disappointed when he saw Xiao Shangqi who turned and left. Later, she learned that Xiao Shangqi went abroad overnight, which made her even more sad.

He Xiaoran hurriedly came down from the recording studio to look for Xiao Shangqi, but unexpectedly encountered Mr. Liu, a fan. At this time, Xiao Shangqi also came, and Mr. Liu fled in a hurry. He Xiaoran didn’t want to do too much, so he let him go. Xiao Shangqi asked He Xiaoran to invite a guest to dinner. During the meal, he asked why He Xiaoran was working here, why he blocked himself, and accused her of losing the original He Xiaoran who had ideals and hated evil. He Xiaoran also knew that his life was too poor now, and while he was drunk to ask for a birthday present, he directly pulled Xiao Shangqi over to kiss him, and after the kiss, he turned around and left on the grounds that it was late.

Xiao Shangqi asked people to help find He Xiaoran’s address, blocked He Xiaoran who was about to escape early the next morning, and then brought her to the Monsoon Hotel for breakfast. During the breakfast, Xiao Shangqi asked He Xiaoran why he was in Wusu and why he didn’t go to Hupu TV in the first place. He Xiaoran was reluctant to face past failures, and simply asked Xiao Shangqi for leaving without a word. Then he talked about the kiss last night, and threatened Xiao Shangqi not to come to him again, otherwise he would see him and kiss him once.

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