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Light Chaser Rescue (2022) 追光者

Light Chaser Rescue (2022) 追光者

Director: Zhang Tong

Screenwriter: Lei Juan / Li Yemao

Starring: Luo Yunxi / Wu Qian / Li Mingde / Li Tingting / Xu Shaoying / Yang Anqi / Shao Yifan

Type: Drama

Air Date: October 14, 2022

Episodes: 40

Episode length: 45 minutes

Light Chaser Introduction:

“Light Chaser” is an urban inspirational drama directed by Zhang Tong, starring Luo Yunxi and Wu Qian, and starring Li Mingde, Li Tingting, Xu Shaoying, and Yang Anqi.

The play is based on a non-governmental public welfare rescue organization. It tells the story of a group of people who gathered because of love and chased the light for love. They joined the rescue team and experienced various disasters and finally redeemed each other.


An earthquake occurred in Fengqi. Lawyer Robben went to the disaster area to find his sister Luo Yuan. For the first time, he came into contact with the non-governmental charity rescue team headed by Captain Qingshan, and met Zhanyan, who had long been at odds. He was deeply infected by giving his life to save people, and also admired Zhanyan’s superb medical skills and selfless spirit. Robben, Xiong Fei, Zhou Mingming, and Ding Dingding, who met because of the earthquake, also joined the chasing light charity rescue team. Fires, caves, snow-capped mountains… Retrograde the road of life, pursue the light of life, experience the baptism of disasters and eventually grow into a rescue elite.

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