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My Deepest Dream 乌云遇皎月 Episode 2 Recap

As Wu Yu was exercising, he remembered the incident when he met Tan Jiao on the cruise again. At that time, the two had made an appointment to have dinner together in the evening. When Tan Jiao rushed over, he happened to see Wu Yu and a girl arguing about the content of a book. The people seem to have an unusual relationship, but Wu Yu didn’t like the book written by the author of Seven Pearls in the girl’s hand.

Wu Yu hurriedly chased after Tan Jiao and explained that the girl was his sister Wu Miao. Tan Jiao was relieved, but thinking of the book being trampled on, he reprimanded Wu Yu severely. After regaining his senses, Wu Yu heard about the disappearance of a child in the news. The child who disappeared this time was named Zhu Zihan. At the same time, Tan Jiao also found a piece of paper in the book and agreed to meet in the woods, and she hurried out to make the appointment.

A crow kept chirping in the woods, which also made people feel creepy. At this time, Zhuang Yu was unable to come in time because of a traffic accident, reminding Tan Jiao to be careful and not to go alone. A man in black followed behind, so frightened Tan Jiao hurriedly ran away, but the man in black caught Tan Jiao. The figure flashed by, Wu Yu hurried to chase, and Tan Jiao followed Wu Yu to block and stop the thief at the seaside. Since the villain threw the child on his back on the ground and ran away, Tan Jiao fell in to save the child. In the water, Wu Yu hurried into the water to rescue Tan Jiao, and their thoughts returned to the time when the cruise ship met.

When Tan Jiao woke up, he found that he was already in the hospital bed, and the police rescued the child. Now Tan Jiao is no big deal. Wu Yu was very considerate and helped Tan Jiao to tuck the quilt. Tan Jiao grabbed Wu Yu’s hand and asked him why he pretended not to know when he knew it. At this time, Shen Shiyan came in from outside the door, and Tan Jiao quickly covered her head in fright. Shen Shiyan was the detective in charge of the missing child case and came to understand the situation specially.

Shen Shiyan asked them why they went to the woods so late. Tan Jiao didn’t know how to explain it. Wu Yu lied that the two were going on a date, and Zhuang Yu flew over, caring about Tan Jiao’s injury, but didn’t notice Shen Shiyan at all. At that time, in order to find Tan Jiao, she had a car accident and hit Shen Shiyan’s car. In order to leave quickly, she lied that her child had been lost, but was caught by Shen Shiyan, and deliberately made fun of Zhuangyu for having such a big child. Zhuangyu was embarrassed. He was about to run away, but was stopped by Shen Shiyan again. If he didn’t cooperate, he would be a hit and run, so scared that Zhuangyu braked and dared not move.

Shen Shiyan routinely asked Wu Yu and Tan Jiao about seeing the robber. Tan Jiao didn’t see the man’s face clearly, but Wu Yu could see clearly, and even saw the mole on the man’s ear. , which surprised Tan Jiao even more.

When Shen Shiyan asked Zhuang Yu questions, Zhuang Yu was worried that he would be punished, and kept saying good things to Shen Shiyan, and also held Shen Shiyan’s hand to intercede.

On the way back from Tan Jiao and Wu Yu, Tan Jiao kept asking questions. She might have misunderstood the relationship between him and Wu Miao, and asked him why he pretended not to know him. Wu Yu’s face changed suddenly, claiming that she just didn’t know Tan Jiao .

After going back, lying on the bed, Wu Yu had no intention of sleeping, and kept thinking about everything with Wu Miao, holding Wu Miao’s dandruff in his hand, thoughtfully.

Zhuang Yu came to Tan Jiao at night, thinking that Wu Yu was by his side for everything that happened recently, and maybe these things were related to Wu Yu. Suddenly there was a hurried knock on the door, and the two nervously opened the door, it turned out to be Tan Jiao’s younger brother, and behind him a crow flew up the treetops silently.

Tan Jiao felt that she didn’t know what happened in the year she disappeared, and wanted to find it back as soon as possible, and Wu Yu was the last person she remembered before disappearing. She came to Wu Yu specially, hoping to find the lost year. , Wu Yu apologized to Tan Jiao, his attitude was bad yesterday, but I hope Tan Jiao can understand that whether he is on the cruise ship or he is now, he is just a passer-by in Tan Jiao’s life. Tan Jiao excitedly held Wu Yu’s hand, saying that he was not a passer-by in her life, but a person who was very important to her and her only connection with the world.

After Tan Jiao left, Wu Yu found her, admitted his identity, and said that he would no longer let go of Tan Jiao’s hand. Wu Yu also helped Tan Jiao repair her watch that had stopped, and the time between the two would be the same in the future. Wu Yu actually lost part of his memories on the cruise. He remembered the memories before the conflict, but he didn’t remember things later, until he got off the boat. It was like Tan Jiao disappeared for a year, but after returning, Zhuang Yu and his mother No unusual changes were found.

Wu Yu showed the photo of the crow to Tan Jiao. This bird is not actually a crow, but a red-naped tern. It had appeared on the boat, and this kind of bird would appear in every kidnapping case. Usually only found in the South Pacific, but I don’t know why. Tan Jiao suddenly thought that there was such a bird when his younger brother came that day, so the two of them hurried to find his younger brother.

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