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Falling Into You 炽道 Episode 3 Recap

The mountain-climbing contest ended with Rona reaching the top of the mountain first, but Duan Yucheng was sincere and there were a bunch of barbecue tools in his backpack, so he was forgiven for losing. The two chatted for a while on the top of the mountain, and Wu Ze followed him up the mountain. Duan Yucheng and the others rented a villa in the middle of the mountain and invited Rona to go there together.

Rona naturally refused, thinking that she could not play with their young people, who knew that Duan Yucheng could not help but drag her away, leaving Wu Ze alone Messy on the top of the mountain. Playing with a few kids did make Rona a little embarrassed, but she also got involved in the young people’s game.

It’s a finger-folding game. If you don’t have or haven’t done it yourself, you will automatically fold your fingers. Duan Yucheng has never been in a relationship, and he has never confessed to him. He honestly folded his fingers. Jia Shili and the others were all surprised. To say that this period of Yucheng’s appearance is not bad, he has never had a girlfriend, and he has never been in a relationship.

It’s actually kind of weird. Duan Yucheng noticed that Luo Na didn’t fold her finger, indicating that she had talked and had a boyfriend, and Duan Yucheng was unhappy. After the night fell, Wu Ze also came over to play together and chatted with them about Luo Na’s romantic history. Duan Yucheng didn’t like listening to it, so they quickly changed the subject.

Shi Yin’s eyes were all on Duan Yucheng, and Duan Yucheng always looked at Luo Na and Wu Ze. Seeing their tacit understanding and laughing, Duan Yucheng was very jealous. After the play was over, Luo Na and Wu Ze went back to the hotel, Shi Yin poked Duan Yucheng, but Duan Yucheng was very ticklish and reacted so badly that he accidentally sprained his foot.

Shi Yin actually wanted to confess to him, but the atmosphere was gone, so she gave up. Some drunk Rona and Wu Ze returned to the hotel. Wu Ze and Rona made an appointment to go out, but Rona failed to get up the next day, and Wu Ze didn’t say that he was up, and bought her breakfast.

Back at school, Rona was ready to start training, after all, the game was ready. There are two places for this high jump competition, one is for Jiang Tian and the other is for Liu Shan. Jiang Tian’s condition is very good, but he will stop when the game comes. Rona said that his family conditions were not good. If it weren’t for the subsidies, he might not even be able to go to university.

Maybe it was because of the pressure that he was not in good shape when he played. Duan Yucheng injured his foot and found a reason to ask Rona for leave. Rona felt that something was wrong and went to the dormitory to find someone else. Fortunately, Duan Yucheng hid in the closet. Afterwards, he explained that his mother was here and was shopping with her. Rona thought she was thinking too much, so she didn’t ask any more questions, but just said it was not an example.

The sports meeting was approaching soon, and Luo Na found that Duan Yucheng had signed up for the 100-meter race, but he didn’t come temporarily, and changed people. Luo Na went to the high jump venue to see it, just after seeing Duan Yucheng jumping 1.8 meters, she directly asked to jump 2.1 meters. Rona saw that his ankle was abnormal, and immediately called a stop in the middle of the game, and was told by Gao Mingshuo for this.

Afterwards, Luo Na forced Duan Yucheng to abandon the game and took him to the hospital for treatment. As soon as she entered the hospital, Rona pulled a wheelchair, but the elevator was broken, so Rona carried Duan Yucheng up to the fifth floor. I have seen the doctor, but luckily it is not serious, and Duan Yucheng is in good physical condition, and he can recover in three weeks.

Luo Na was a little disappointed with Duan Yucheng. After all, Duan Yucheng concealed his foot injury. After that, Wu Ze helped Luo Na bring meals to Duan Yucheng. Wu Ze said that Luo Na thought that Duan Yucheng was injured and was scolded by Director Wang for some reason. Fortunately, it was only a school sports meeting. Duan Yucheng was buried. I don’t know if it’s that serious. In short, Duan Yucheng believed what he said and didn’t dare to send another message to Luo Na, for fear of annoying her.

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