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Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty (2022) 唐朝诡事录


Also Known As: Horror Stories of Tang Dynasty , Tang Chao Gui Shi Lu , Strange Legend of Tang Dynasty, Tang Dynasty Strange Stories

TV Drama: Suspenseful, Terrorist, Martial Arts

36 Episodes

Director: Bai Shan Liu Fang

Screenwriter: Wei Fenghua

Starring: Yang Xuwen, Yang Zhigang, Gao Siwen, Chen Chuang, Shi Yue An, Xin Sun Xuening, Zhang Zijian, Yao Anlian more…


The Story of Tang Dynasty Weird Stories

The evil spirits descended from the sky in the dark night, and the underground palace of the ghost city revealed the tip of the iceberg. Is the strange black tea popular in Chang’an a health-preserving medicine or a harmful thing? The disappearance of brides in Chang’an City happened one after another, and it seems to be inextricably linked with black tea…

The cases are complicated and confusing, and people’s hearts are mysterious! Jin Wuwei Zhonglang general Lu Lingfeng was ordered to investigate the case, and he encountered Su Wuming, a closed disciple of Di Renjie, the strongest opponent in his life. Eight bizarre cases with different styles, “Chang’an Black Tea”, “Stone Bridge Picture”, “Zhengshengtang”, “Huangmei Killing”, “Gantang Station Weird Talk”, “Tuoshen”, “Human Mianhua” and “Tower of the Sky”, reveal the Tang Dynasty for you one by one An anecdote under the shroud of night!

Witness the strange imagination that has been buried for thousands of years in addition to Tang poetry. Thousands of years ago, the Tang Dynasty was the center of the world. The superior material life and the fusion of diverse cultures gave birth to the extreme imagination of the people of the Tang Dynasty.

In addition to the legendary poets of Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi and other generations, they used Tang poems to depict the gorgeous Tang beauty scrolls; the traders and pawns in the market also used their more uninhibited imagination to outline the ghosts and ghosts in the night of the Tang Dynasty. Phantom: Fairies, Fairies, Strange Stories, Illusions, Taoism, Exotic Legends, Rare Birds and Beasts, Court Anecdotes…

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