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Kunlun Tomb 昆仑神宫 Episode 3 Recap

After careful comparison, Hu Bayi found that the original picture of the ceiling and the picture in the scriptures in his hand were combined into one, and he found the location of the nine-story demon building through the hints in the picture. The snow mountain represents the dragon top, guarding Lei Xianming admired Hu Bayi as he deserved to be the captain of the school. Fatty Wang deliberately teased Lei Xianming. Now that he has found the position, there is no need for scriptures. Lei Xianming can also leave. Lei Xianming is in a hurry. Begging for mercy, but I also believe that Hu Bayi is a person who keeps his promises and will not cheat.

In the evening, the group went to the cave to rest. Fatty Wang knitted two red wool underwear, one of which was given to Hu Bayi. Although Hu Bayi disliked it, he still accepted it.

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