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Thousand Years For You 请君 Episode 8 Recap

Deng Deng looked at the fireflies in the sky with a smile on his face, and only felt that he was very happy now. Lu Yan asked Deng Deng if he still had unfulfilled wishes. Deng Deng told Lu Yan that his current wish is that he can also get his wish. But what she didn’t know was that her wish did not come true, but she paid the price for it.

Firefly led Deng Deng into the Spirit Gathering Array, and before she could react, Lu Yan had already made a move on her. Deng Deng had mixed feelings in his heart, and he couldn’t help recalling all the experiences he had with Lu Yan. The past of Lu Yan’s kindness to him is vivid in his mind, but now it seems that it is all a joke.

Lu Yan never thought that Deng Deng’s blood could break the formation. Deng Deng stepped on the glutinous rice cake that fell on the ground, and asked Lu Yan why he wanted to take his own life. But Lu Yan refused to speak for a long time. Deng Deng was so angry that he took out his gun and aimed it at him. Deng Deng was angry and annoyed, but he never had the heart to hurt Lu Yan. Deng Deng turned his hand and fired two shots at Lu Yan’s side to let him leave Qingquan Town. After she finished speaking, she left without looking back, and threw down the hairpin on her head. Lu Yan suddenly had some doubts, maybe Deng Deng was really Yun Xi.

Back in Qingquan Village, Deng Deng locked himself in the room without thinking about eating and drinking. When Gu Beixi woke up and heard about this, he rushed to the city in a rush, threatening the firm not to communicate with Xinji Sedan. After a while, Lu Yan knew about it. Knowing that Nanfengzhai had instructed the business, Lu Yan knew that he was right, and was unwilling to pursue the matter.

On this day, Yanhuo Village suddenly came to visit, and Deng Deng finally went out. As soon as he went out, Deng Deng saw a portrait of a beautiful woman hanging outside, and he slashed twice with a knife without saying a word. Deng Deng came to the room before Lu Yan, and there seemed to be Lu Yan’s breath in it. Thinking of the past, Deng Deng felt very uncomfortable. She couldn’t help clenching her fists, but she had nowhere to go. Seeing the sea and the others approaching quietly, full of worry, Deng Deng quickly adjusted his mood and let them sell all the things here.

Yanhuo Village is a small village at the back of Shiba Mountain, with few people and little wealth. Last year, the owner of their village was cleaned up by Dengdeng in order to occupy the farmland, and now he has come to curry favor when his injury is healed. Because they need to transport stones to expand the cottage, they must pass through Qingquan Village. Some people pointed out that Yanhuo Village is just behind Nanfeng Village. If it expands, Nanfeng Village will be afraid. Why not Qingquan Village? Deng Deng refused to agree to anything, and said that the Yanhuo Village might be good anywhere, but the name is not good. What’s more, in the previous fight, Yanhuozhai also scolded Dengdeng’s mother, so he couldn’t help them, it would be better to just destroy this humble little village.

Achang found out that the paralyzed child had appeared in Yingdu, but there is no news as to where. Yingdu has not been very peaceful recently, and hunters like Yu Paralyzed always see the head but not the tail, so A Xin quietly followed Lu Er. On that day, he saw Lu Er quietly go to worship a small unknown grave. Lu Yan felt strange, so he decided to go to Qingquan Village to investigate. Lu Yan followed Lu Er into the Yu Family Ancestral Hall and saw that he was holding the tablet of Yu Dengdeng in his hand. Lu Yan kept asking, but Lu Er kept talking about him. Lu Yan wanted to keep asking, but Daqian suddenly came to him, so he had no choice but to give up.

Later, Lu Yan came to the former yard. Seeing that this place was in a state of dilapidation, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. A butterfly flew from somewhere, and Lu Yan noticed that there was a spirit clan nearby. Lu Yan couldn’t guess the true purpose of these Spirit Races, so he had to cast a barrier in Qingquan Village. A Xin wants to check the books to see if he can find out Deng Deng’s true identity. Unfortunately, he only found the first half of the “Millennium Zhenti”. Although there is only half a book, Lu Yan also hopes to find some clues in it.

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