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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 25 Recap

Lu Anran dragged her injured body in the hospital and waited for news. It was not until Dong Qing came back and brought back the words that Shen Changqing was safe, that Lu Anran was relieved. Xiao Ying is worried that King Qi will affect the plan, but Mu Ze thinks that several tenants in Mu Chuan’s hands are irrelevant. After Mu Chuan calms down, he will worry about brotherhood. Instead, he reminds Xiao Ying to warn his sister Xiao Jingque to be coddled and self-willed, and not because of internal affairs in the future. The matter affects the major events outside the government, and Xiao Ying naturally guarantees that the great cause is important.

Lu Anran told Dongqing that he couldn’t wait for Mu Chuan to appear, so he could only take risks. Although he avoided Shen Changqing’s key point, he was still afraid. Dong Qing didn’t blame Lu Anran, but because Mu Chuan hurt Lu Anran, she felt cold for her. Although Lu Anran told himself that it was better for Mu Chuan to misunderstand him, so that he could end the relationship, but in the end, he was still sad because of the misunderstanding.

Before Mu Chuan regarded Mu Ze as a brother and a father, after this incident, Mu Chuan also saw Mu Ze as a person. Lu Anran believes that the relationship between Mu Ze and Xiao Ying is not monolithic, and maybe they can make plans to kill two birds with one stone. Lu Anran knew that Xiao Ying could not tolerate him, so she simply let Dong Qing take the opportunity to leave the house. When Mu Ze came to the mansion, the two took the opportunity to stage a scene where the master and servant were separated and sent out of the mansion.

Mu Ze was concerned about Lu Anran’s injury, but Lu Anran instead asked Mu Ze to care about Mu Chuan. After all, Mu Chuan stabbed himself with a sword, how disappointed he was with himself, and how cold he was with Mu Ze. Although Mu Ze has confidence in his brotherhood with Mu Chuan, he heard that Mu Chuan has gone to Xiao Yingjun to find the murderer. At this time, Mu Chuan took the farmers to Xiao Ying’s barracks, and asked Xiao Ying to clean up the military discipline and catch the murderer.

Xiao Ying asked Mu Chuan to think about King Qing before doing things, but Mu Chuan said in public that no matter who he was, as long as he ignored the law, he would be punished accordingly. Xiao Ying wanted to order the soldiers of the military camp to kill the farmers behind Mu Chuan on the grounds of trespassing on the barracks and spreading rumors. Mu Chuan and the guards tried their best to protect the safety of the farmers. Put down the arrow in hand. Xiao Ying simply threatened Lu Yun to shoot Mu Chuan, but fortunately Mu Ze came to rescue Mu Chuan.

Mu Ze rebuked Xiao Ying loudly, and then wanted Mu Chuan to leave the barracks as soon as possible, after which he would explain to Mu Chuan. But Mu Chuan didn’t want to listen to Mu Ze’s explanation. In Mu Ze’s eyes, people’s lives were worthless, but Mu Chuan believed that no one’s life needs to be sacrificed for the needs of others. It was shown that he was only loyal to himself since then, and then Mu Chuan forced Xiao Ying to hand over the murderer. Mu Ze did not want to see Mu Chuan die under Xiao Ying’s hands, and ordered Xiao Ying to hand over the murderer. Mu Chuan took the murderer away, and also took the opportunity to take Lu Yun out of the military camp.

Because of Xiao Ying’s self-assertion, Mu Ze warned him not to make unauthorized assertions to hurt Mu Chuan, otherwise he had 10,000 ways to make Xiao Ying pay the price. Mu Chuan fulfilled his previous promise and sent Lu Yun back to Lu Mansion. When the sister and brother met, Lu Yun apologized to Lu Anran, knowing that Lu Anran did not let him into the military camp for his own good, but he misunderstood her because of the second sister. Lu Anran explained that Shanyue sent Lu Yun back to Su City overnight, so as not to have more accidents in the night.

Mu Chuan took out the wooden toys that Mu Ze made to make him happy when he was a child, and remembered the past between the young brothers. Now that the choices between brothers are different, the natural brotherhood is difficult to continue. On the other hand, Mu Ze was also saddened by the loss of this pure brotherhood, and came to Lu Anran’s courtyard to seek comfort. Mu Ze knew very well that it was difficult to walk the road of the emperor, but he did not expect Mu Chuan to be so determined to break with himself. When he was a child, when Mu Chuan would rather starve to death and share the cake for himself, Mu Ze made up his mind that he wanted nothing from Mu Chuan in this life, and would not allow anyone to hurt him. But now Mu Ze has gone too far and can’t look back.

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