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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Wei thought that the medical staff didn’t have lipstick, so he dared to make a bet with Du Di to put on lipstick for three days, but he lost. He didn’t expect a nurse who loves beauty to actually carry lipstick with him. Liu Nianbai held Lin Wei down, Wang Ying forcibly painted him with lipstick, and Lin Wei put on a mask and hurried away, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Every August, when there are many babies, the medical staff of the obstetrics and gynecology department are busy every day, and the corridors are full of pregnant women who are expecting to give birth. Returning without success, the leader of the hospital is in the middle and the mud. If Tian Yunshan and Liu Zhenghua have a better project, they will give the beds in the old building to whom. There is also a notice in the courtyard that Tian Yunshan and Liu Zhenghua should choose a deputy hospital. long.

Tian Yunshan had to call Liu Nianbai to discuss the introduction of the foreign scientific research project “Assisted Reproduction for Elderly Parturients”. Liu Nianbai promised to move forward as soon as possible. They all respect Director Zhang so much. Tian Yunshan told the whole story in detail. Director Zhang was a student of the obstetrics and gynecology department. He was the top academic and clinical.

Many excellent boots came to him to study. If it wasn’t for lung cancer that caused him to die young, Zhang would have taken office will be the youngest academician. Tian Yunshan and Huang Yunling were both students of Director Zhang. Director Zhang had no doctoral students, but he took a fancy to Du Di’s ruthlessness and accepted her as a closed disciple. Liu Nianbai vowed to do his best to help the obstetrics and gynecology department. To fight for the project, Tian Yunshan offered to hand over his mother’s case.

Liu Nianbai came to negotiate with Liu Zhenghua. As long as Liu Zhenghua gave up the fight for beds, he promised not to return his mother’s relics. Liu Zhenghua would not let go. He was fighting for a state key laboratory and needed more beds, and he also needed the vice president. To work on this position, Liu Nianbai threatened to have both.

Tian Yunshan asked Lin Wei and Huang Yunling to bring a student to the project. Lin Wei refused. He was not interested. Tian Yunshan asked him to take off his mask. Mask, Tian Yunshan learned that he lost to Du Di and had to put on lipstick, and he was so angry that he could not laugh or cry.

Huang Yunling suggested to bring in talents from outside to invest in the project. Tian Yunshan tried to poach people many times but ended in failure. Huang Yunling wanted to focus on training a person in Keli, and Tian Yunshan asked her to issue a notice. Huang Yunling summoned the doctors and announced in public that Keli would select a doctor to participate in the project “Assisted Reproduction for Elderly Mothers”, and submit their reports early tomorrow morning. The doctors refused to give up this rare learning opportunity, and immediately became nervous. state of readiness.

Wu Congrui stayed up all night to collect and sort out information. His mother was very distressed. Wu Congrui wanted to prove his strength through this time and become the best obstetrician and gynecologist. Du Di also kept writing the report. Liu Nianbai connected with her via video and wanted to provide her with important information. Du Di politely declined. She wanted to rely on her own ability to win.

Wu Congrui came to the hospital early, and Du Di came later. Both of them were full of confidence and wanted to compete fairly. The doctors handed over the report to Tian Yunshan. Liu Nianbai wanted to continue his research in the foreign laboratory. His mentor was coming to discuss cooperation with Tian Yunshan. Tian Yunshan was ecstatic and called him to the office alone. Li Junxiao was not convinced, thinking that Liu Nianbai entered the foreign laboratory through connections. Du Di stood up to defend Liu Nianbai. She and Li Junxiao had a fierce dispute, and Wu Congrui hurriedly stopped them.

Huang Yunling accidentally discovered that her best friend Zhang Ying’s husband Zhang Zilu and a girl came to the obstetrics and gynecology department for an examination. The two were affectionate, chatting and laughing. Huang Yunling hurriedly called Zhang Ying and asked her to come to the hospital to get the results of the last examination. But he didn’t want to affect Zhang Ying’s mood because of Zhang Zilu’s affair. Wu Congrui saw Huang Yunling’s thoughts and persuaded her nicely. Huang Yunling affirmed Wu Congrui’s recent progress and encouraged her to compete with Du Di.

Zhang Zilu brought the girl Guo Caiting to the obstetric examination, Guo Caiting hung up the number of Huang Yunling, Huang Yunling found out that there was something wrong with the results of her Tang screening examination, and worried that the child in her belly was in danger, Guo Caiting called Zhang Zilu in, Huang Yunling glared at Zhang Zilu, Zhang Zilu worried about revealing the stuff , spend Guo Caiting first.

Zhang Ying couldn’t get through to her husband Zhang Zilu, so she had to come to the hospital alone to get the results. Zhang Zilu went out and picked up Guo Caiting and left. He didn’t see Zhang Ying at all. Zhang Ying was furious. Zhang Zilu never accompany her for a prenatal check-up. Guo Caiting was also furious. Zhang Zilu lied that his wife died prematurely. Zhang Ying and Guo Caiting rushed forward and beat Zhang Zilu together. Huang Yunling rushed to persuade Zhang Ying to leave. Zhang Ying wanted to divorce Zhang Zilu, but she was reluctant. I didn’t expect Zhang Zilu and Guo Caiting to get together.

Zhang Zilu insisted that he had no relationship with Zhang Ying, and promised to divorce Zhang Ying as soon as possible. Guo Caiting saw his true face clearly, threw him the test results of the child and left. Zhang Zilu saw that the child that Guo Caiting was carrying was unhealthy, so he returned to the hospital to find Zhang Ying, and knelt down to admit his mistake. Zhang Zilu said that he was confused after drinking and had a relationship with Guo Caiting. Guo Caiting threatened the child. Zhang Ying asked him to call Guo Caiting on the spot to break up. , Zhang Zilu finds various excuses to shirk the blame, Zhang Ying wants to abort the child and divorce Zhang Zilu.

Wu Congrui and Wang Ying chatted about the gossip about Zhang Zilu, Zhang Ying and Guo Caiting. Li Junxiao passed by and felt that Zhang Ying should not get divorced for the sake of the child. Du Di came to oppose his statement in time. Disapprove. Liu Nianbai brought the dessert that the patient gave to Huang Yunling to share with everyone. Du Di asked him to express his views on Zhang Zilu and the three of them. Liu Nianbai thought that other people’s affairs should not be interfered with, and Du Di left in anger.

Wu Congrui accidentally saw Li Junxiao’s circle of friends from the nurse’s WeChat, only to know that Li Junxiao blocked her. Du Di asked Liu Nianbai to help her buy a braised pork. Liu Nianbai saw that Lin Wei was queuing in front, so he jumped in line to buy a braised pork. Lin Wei couldn’t help making fun of him. Liu Nianbai pursued Du Di hard for a long time. But Du Di was indifferent, and Lin Wei gave him a pertinent suggestion.

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