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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 7 Recap

Liu Nianbai called the mother’s husband aside and advised him to coax his wife. Du Di thought that Liu Nianbai had made the mother cry, and gave him a hard lesson. From that day on, Du Di gave all the dirty work to him. Liu Nianbai and Liu Nianbai obeyed obediently, but Wu Congrui couldn’t stand it any longer and lied that Huang Yunling let Liu Nianbai participate in the operation.

Du Di gave the mother a caesarean section. In order to relieve the mother’s nervousness, Liu Nianbai chatted with her about family affairs. The mother was amused and couldn’t help laughing until the child was born. Liu Nianbai prepared roast chicken and bread for his colleagues in the general department, and they all feasted, only Du Di was not present.

Liu Nianbai was not afraid of hardship or tiring, and studied hard with Du Di. The two of them cooperated tacitly and delivered babies for different women. Liu Nianbai invited Du Di to have a drink after get off work, but Du Di categorically refused. She has a very important patient to consult with Feng Yuanhang tomorrow, and asked Liu Nianbai to tell Feng Yuanhang personally. Accidentally saw Wu Congrui watching the newborns by the window, so he approached curiously.

Wu Congrui lied that she came to send the newborn for examination. When she learned of Liu Nianbai’s intention, she promised to tell Feng Yuanhang. Liu Nianbai invited Wu Congrui to dinner, and Wu Congrui readily agreed. Liu Nianbai asked Wu Congrui about Du Di. Wu Congrui talked about Du Di’s experience in college. Liu Nianbai persuaded Wu Congrui to see a psychiatrist and get out of the shadow of losing his child as soon as possible. Wu Congrui protested strongly.

Feng Yuanhang came to consult the pregnant woman Wu Nan early in the morning. The fetus had spina bifida. Feng Yuanhang suggested that the spinal canal be closed in the uterus, and then let the fetus continue to grow in the uterus. Wu Nan and her husband disagreed and wanted to wait until the child was born. do surgery. Feng Yuanhang gave them a detailed account of the dangers and serious consequences of spina bifida. If surgery is not performed in time, the child will be born deformed, and the risk of surgery in the womb is very high. Even if the surgery is successfully completed, spina bifida cannot be completely cured. Many treatments, Wu Nan couple did not know what to do, they only want a healthy child, Du Di let them listen to the strong heartbeat of the fetus, they promised to think about it.

Feng Yuanhang asked Du Di to persuade Wu Congrui to get her out of the pain as soon as possible. Du Di was also very embarrassed. Wu Congrui kept saying bad things to her, so she promised to give it a try. Wu Congrui looked at the information of the spina bifida fetus and wanted to persuade Wu Nan to undergo intrauterine surgery. Liu Nianbai thought that Wu Congrui was helping Du Di. Wu Congrui explained that she did not want to watch the pregnant woman induce labor. Du Di also worked overtime to read the information in this regard. Nianbai did a good job of logistical support for them.

Wu Congrui and Du Di stayed up all night to sort out the information about the intrauterine operation. Wu Nan read it from beginning to end and agreed to accept the operation. Wu Congrui and Du Di hugged tightly and excitedly, and Liu Nianbai was happy for them. Tian Yunshan and Feng Yuanhang joined hands to perform surgery on Wu Nan. Du Di and Liu Nianbai acted as their assistants. Wu Congrui kept an eye on the operation outside. She cheered for Feng Yuanhang, but she was still too nervous. After several cups of coffee, Li Junxiao saw what was on her mind and comforted her.

Wu Congrui continued to return to the observation room to observe Feng Yuanhang’s operation. In order to relieve Feng Yuanhang’s nervousness, Tian Yunshan asked the nurse to play music to relieve him. Feng Yuanhang successfully performed spina bifida surgery on the fetus, and Wu Congrui fainted because of the tension. After the rescue by the medical staff, Wu Congrui quickly woke up. Huang Yunling persuaded her to take a good rest. Wu Congrui didn’t want to delay any more time, and wanted to be hospitalized with Jinzhen.

Lin Wei and Liu Nianbai’s home saw the pair of shoes that were sewn together. Liu Nianbai lied that he practiced suturing. Lin Wei told Liu Nianbai about Liu Zhenghua’s recovery after surgery, and he could see at a glance that it was sewn by a girl. Du Di received a call from his father, who urged her to be promoted as soon as possible, urged her to find a partner, and even moved out of her grandmother to talk about things. Du Di hung up the phone in a fit of anger.

Wu Congrui came to work early in the morning and demonstrated in front of Du Di. She vowed to be the next hospital chief. Wu Congrui knew that there was a big gap between himself and Du Di. Whenever he had time, he asked Li Junxiao to help her practice suture techniques. Li Junxiao cheered her on and listed her advantages over Du Di. Wu Congrui wanted to find some difficult operations. Study hard, Li Junxiao suggested that she ask Huang Yunling for advice.

The obstetrics and gynecology department admitted two pregnant women, Shang Guifen and his daughter-in-law Meng Shuang, 48 years old. Wu Congrui learned about this and went to the ward to study. Huang Yunling checked Shang Guifen and Meng Shuang respectively. Guifen’s bed doctor, Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to be in charge of Shang Guifen, and Du Di was Meng Shuang’s bed doctor. Liu Nianbai saw that Du Di was unhappy and tried desperately to make her happy, but Du Di was still worried. Her computer broke down, and Liu Nianbai took the initiative to help her fix it.

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