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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 6 Recap

If this didn’t happen, Yang Yuan would never have realized how failed he was. He thought that after Yang Mo was born, he would be different from other fathers and spend as much time as possible with his children growing up. However, all kinds of trivialities gradually took the center of life as a parent. Although Yang Yuan thought about fulfilling his promise, Tao Fang’s whole heart was devoted to her work, and she criticized her husband for not being motivated.

On the eve of the winter solstice, Yang Mo repeatedly proposed to go to the Xitian Mountain House and stole the key of Xu Enhuai’s house. Xu Enhuai had to hide the truth and lied that the key was left at the school. It is precisely because of the continuous conflicts between husband and wife that Yang Yuan and Tao Fang ignored the real feelings of their children, and they ended up in today’s situation.

Zhang Ye and others checked the note that Xu Enhuai and Yang Mo were conspiring, and took the initiative to learn about the detailed process from Xu Enhuai, and then asked Xu Anzheng some questions. But Xu An was in a hurry to go to the construction site, and left without saying a few words. On the other hand, Xu Enhuai was very sad when he heard the quarrel of Yang Yuan’s family outside the door.

Tao Fang’s father Tao Jianshe blamed Yang Yuan for bringing wolves into the house. How could a girl like Xu Enhuai who doesn’t know the basics lead into the house at will, otherwise Yang Mo would not be lost. As Tao Jianshe’s words became more and more mean and excessive, his wife Gu Fen couldn’t help but stop them. In the end, Yang Yuan was kicked out of the house by his old husband and walked to the community garden lonely.

It was not even dusk yet, but Yang Yuan felt that he was already in the dark. The first half of his life was unremarkable. The ambitions he once had in his youth gradually disappeared behind the dark clouds, and the starlight was so faint that it was difficult to distinguish. But it was the appearance of the child that turned the starlight into a flame in the daytime, and now, this humble sustenance has been ruthlessly taken away. Thinking of this, Yang Yuan couldn’t control his emotions.

He almost collapsed and smashed all the flower pots. He also wanted to use pliers to pull out the painful wisdom teeth. Seeing this, Xu Enhuai hurried over and begged Yang Yuan to stop blaming himself. Fortunately, after a while, Yang Yuan regained his composure and was willing to believe Xu Enhuai.

In order to be able to determine whether Yang Mo ran out of the corridor, Yang Yuan and Xu Enhuai conducted many experiments. No matter how many methods were used, as long as someone walked out of the corridor, they could basically see it clearly, and there was no negligence at all. But the problem was that he searched the unit upstairs and downstairs, but could not find Yang Mo, so Yang Yuan gave up the idea of ​​his son hiding in the corridor.

The on-site investigation has ended, which basically proves that Yang Yuan did not lie before. Perhaps Yang Mo escaped the corridor while his parents went upstairs to find him. But if he wants to escape from the community and is not caught by the surveillance of the community, unless an acquaintance helps him, according to the existing clues, Xu Enhuai is the biggest suspect.

Five days before Yang Mo disappeared, Yuan Wu pretended to have a stomachache to go to the pharmacy to buy medicine, and bought formalin from the clerk, but was told by the other party that the pharmacy would not sell it. Just as Yuan Wu walked back in despair, he suddenly found someone passing by with a goldfish in his hand. He instantly thought of what his father had said about a medicinal powder that could cure goldfish, and it also had an antiseptic effect.

On the same day, Yuan Wu bought a whole box of fish disease powder, went home and poured it into the fish tank, filled with the calculated amount of water, put his father’s body in, and covered it tightly with a tarp. How could I know that the fish tank began to drip water, but Yuan Wu had fallen asleep next to it, and then the water mixed with fish disease powder gradually infiltrated downstairs, and the uncle of the resident came over for this.

Yuan Wu got up in a panic to open the door. He didn’t notice that the floor was too slippery and he fell to the ground. The uncle didn’t see anyone opening the door for a long time, so he decided to go to the property and contact the owner. Fearing that the property would come to the door, Yuan Wu broke the water pipe while thinking about the reasoning. Then he went after the uncle to explain the reason, and went to the uncle’s house to check the situation.

Because the water seepage in the bedroom is too serious, from the bed to the floor is completely soaked, if you want to renovate, it will cost thousands of dollars. When Yuan Wu found out, he gave the uncle the money, but the uncle didn’t ask for the money, but tidied up the bed. Seeing this, Yuan Wu helped to tidy up together and cleaned the room by the way. Seeing how the uncle was busy before and after, Yuan Wu seemed to see his father and felt all kinds of feelings in his heart.

When Yuan Wu returned home from all this work, he was exhausted physically and mentally, and suddenly found his mother busy in the kitchen and his father sitting on a rattan chair watching TV. It was still the home full of warmth, Yuan Wu was moved to tears, but when he walked into the bathroom and noticed the tiles, he realized that it was all an illusion.

Since the last meal, Lin Chuping paid more attention to Wu Jun. Female colleagues felt that Wu Jun was dull and unsuitable to be a boyfriend, but Lin Chuping spoke out to defend Wu Jun. At this time, the eldest brother called and informed the test results, indicating that Wu Jun was not an intruder. Lin Chuping felt a little relieved when she heard the words, but at the same time, she suffered from the lack of clues in the next investigation. After all, she lived alone in Qinglan Garden, and few people knew about her. Fortunately, Lin Chuping knew that Wu Jun had never hurt herself, and her goodwill towards him increased greatly, so she invited him to dinner again after get off work.

When the two of them were eating, Lin Chuping asked Wu Jun side by side, wanting to know more about this person. Wu Jun took the initiative to mention his own affairs. The logic of being good at data analysis won Lin Chuping’s attention, but the next sentence shocked Lin Chuping. Wu Jun asked Lin Chuping if she had been hurt. Lin Chuping got up and left, and drove away without saying a word, thinking over and over what Wu Jun’s intention was.

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