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Beloved Life (2022) 亲爱的生命

Beloved Life (2022) 亲爱的生命

Native Title: 亲爱的生命
Also Known As: Dear Life , Qin Ai De Sheng Ming
Director: Wang Ying
Genres: Romance, Drama, Medical

Air Date: September 7, 2022

Episodes: 36

AKA: Female Doctor

Starring: Song Qian / Wang Xiaochen / Yin Fang / Myolie Wu / Wang Sen / Xu Weihao / Sha Baoliang / Tian Yuan / Dong Borui

Plot Synopsis:

Du Di and Wu Congrui are both residents of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Shengji Hospital, one of the top tertiary hospitals in China. The two friends originally had a bright career future and a stable emotional relationship. However, the election of this term’s chief resident physician disrupted the two people’s life as planned. Because there was only one place, Du Di and Wu Congrui had to start competing.

Under the leadership of the chief physician Huang Yunling and the attending physician Lin Wei, the two treated various patients and witnessed all kinds of strange life situations. These patients included strangers they had never met, as well as relatives and friends around them. , and Du Di’s mother, who is not in good health but wants to have another child. The two collaborate in competition and compete in collaboration.

In addition, Du Di and Liu Nianbai, who returned to China to investigate the truth of his mother’s death, gradually got closer in their daily bickering, and between Wu Congrui and Li Junxiao, they also experienced the transition from wanting to love but not daring to love, to not being able to love because of misunderstandings , to the emotional stage of being brave together. In the end, everyone got the life they wanted and realized everyone’s “new life”.

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