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The Disappearing Child 消失的孩子 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Ye was born in a police family. He is always serious and unsmiling on weekdays. Although the same is true of the father of an old policeman, he hopes that his daughter will be happier. However, Zhang Ye prefers to be armed and does not like red clothes. Because of her father, she wanted to become a policeman since she was a child.

The Toyota car in the surveillance flashed by, and Zhang Ye found that there was a problem with the timing of Xu Anzheng returning home, which had to be suspicious. After obtaining the consent of Lu Shiming, Zhang Ye immediately took Xiang Yi to the Building Materials City to conduct an investigation, during which he expressed his views.

Six days before Yang Mo’s disappearance, Yuan Wu was awakened by the daily alarm, and carefully checked the passage behind the bathroom wall. After all, it was inevitable that his mobile phone would be left in the toilet, which made his already tight life even worse. In order to hide the corpse skillfully, Yuan Wu personally measured his body shape and calculated the number of tiles needed. Then he put on a coat that fit properly, picked up his empty briefcase and went straight out.

There are hundreds of stores in the building materials market, which are neatly arranged in a huge square. After Xu Anzheng’s suggestion and recommendation, Yuan Wu purchased 31 tiles of the same style, as well as cement bricks and mud glue for partitions.

Yuan Wu planned to use the Honglian Building as a transit station for the delivery of materials. If he directly sent the truck to his residence, it would inevitably cause the suspicion of the neighbors. It just so happened that Xu An was going to Ningwan, and he drove there along the way. Yuan Wu couldn’t do it, so he sat in the back seat in a daze, looking at Xu Anzheng’s business card, thinking that the other party was similar in age to himself, but his life situation was very different. .

Although Yuan Wu’s future was confused, before last night, he had never envied other people’s lives, and it was only today that he understood his father’s good intentions. Xu An was observing Yuan Wu through the rear-view mirror, and instinctively took the initiative to talk to him, but every time he responded, he was hesitant, breaking into a cold sweat uncontrollably.

After a few minutes, the car slowed down and leaned towards the sidewalk, and the outline of the Honglian Building appeared in front of the right. Xu An was helping to put the tiles on the steps, and the two packs in total were quickly unloaded. Since Yuan Wu’s mobile phone was unavailable, he couldn’t exchange contact information with Xu Anzheng, so he had to wait in the building for the driver who delivered the cement bricks.

It was noon now, and the air was still gloomy and cold. Yuan Wu hid in the Honglian Building to avoid the wind, sat in a daze at the entrance of the stairs, and fell asleep unconsciously. In the haze, a familiar voice was vaguely heard, Yuan Wu fixed his eyes on it, and it was his father who was wearing the same clothes as him. Before Yuan Wu could react, another series of urging voices came in, and he woke up like an electric shock, only to see the delivery driver angrily blaming, complaining that Yuan Wu was not at the door, and he had to walk around for a long time.

After the driver left, Yuan Wu immediately moved the tiles and cement bricks into the abandoned warehouse, and then opened the briefcase to put the tiles in it. So far, he went from home to Honglian Building, and then from Honglian Building to his home. Avoid attracting the attention of cell neighbors.

Although the weather was bad and the street was crowded with people, Yuan Wu came to the Honglian Building as usual, and just a few steps out of the door, he suddenly found a man standing in front of him, slightly hunched in a suit and carrying a briefcase , looking straight ahead, it is the former self.

At the beginning, Yuan Wu joined a company with his resume, but the whispers and ridicule behind his colleagues made him very frustrated, and he gradually felt physical discomfort. But when Yuan Wu went to the hospital for an examination accompanied by his wife, the doctor confirmed that there was nothing serious about his body. The so-called abdominal pain was most likely due to neurosis, and he suggested that he should see a psychiatrist.

Since that day, Yuan Wu’s life has faced earth-shaking changes. The high hopes of his parents and the trust and reliance of his wife and daughter cannot cure this mental illness. Yuan Wu returned home, looked at the broken briefcase, and remembered his father’s earnest teaching to him before his death, but unfortunately he still did not teach him how to adapt to the society.

It has been 2 hours and 40 minutes since Yang Mo disappeared. Zhang Ye and Xiang Yi came to Xu Anzheng’s store. They learned from the staff that Xu Anzheng was in charge of the construction of Ningwan recently, so it was determined that it would take four years for him to return to Qinglan Garden. Ten minutes is actually a drive from Ningwan to Qinglan Garden.

But even so, Zhang Ye decided to go to Ningwan to check it out. Xiang Yi screamed and had to start the engine, but he couldn’t figure out why Zhang Ye was so obsessed with investigating Xu Anzheng. In fact, Zhang Ye’s suspicions are not unreasonable, because Xu Enhuai has gone to Yang Yuan’s house for dinner almost every night since a year ago, but the key point is that the two families seem to have an excellent relationship. This incident is a bit bizarre. In contrast, Xu Enhuai feels more like Yang Yuan’s biological daughter.

On the other side, road monitoring showed that after Xu Enhuai left Qinglan Garden, he went directly to Luting Station and took a bus to Beihu. It is impossible to know whether he changed to another vehicle during the period. Yang Yuan rushed to the farmhouse in Beihu and did not see Xu Enhuai at all. Instead, he noticed a Samoyed named “Mo Yuan”.

According to the dog owner’s account, Yang Yuan learned that his son Yang Mo had ordered a puppy named Mo Yuan when the dog was pregnant, and planned to surprise Yang Yuan as a gift. Originally, Yang Yuan promised to take his son to the farmhouse again. Later, he broke his trust again and again, which led to Yang Mo’s disappointment with him.

The piece of paper that Xu Enhuai handed over to Yang Yuan was the piece of paper that was torn from Yang Mo’s workbook. On it was the scribbled handwriting of the two children. This kind of writing communication could avoid being heard by Yang Yuan. It was also because of Yang Mo’s begging, Xu Enhuai reluctantly agreed, and left him the key to the house, which led to the lie that the key was left in the school later.

On the day of the incident, Xu Enhuai returned to Qinglan Park to see the police, and his heart began to shake, ready to give up the action. However, unexpectedly, Yang Mo was not at home. At first Xu Enhuai thought that Yang Mo was going to Beihu by car alone, but he didn’t expect that things would be so turbulent.

The office building of Ningwan Plaza is still in the construction stage, and surveillance cameras are installed on both sides, even indoors. Zhang Ye walked into the hall on the first floor and glanced around slightly, but did not see Xu Anzheng, but several workers were squatting and busy. The foreman Lao Ma learned about the intentions of the two policemen and briefly described Xu Anzheng’s whereabouts. Apart from that, he seemed unwilling to say too much about him.

Zhang Ye took the construction monitoring and walked back. On the way, he repeatedly recalled the words of the store staff and the old horse. Since the construction period is so tight, why has Xu Anzheng never left the community since he returned to Qinglan Garden. What’s more, the neighbors praised Enhuai for being careful, and it is impossible to lose keys and textbooks repeatedly.

In order to continue to delve into the mystery about the Xu family, Zhang Ye returned to the police station to check the surveillance, and felt that Xu Anzheng was very strange after receiving the call from Xiang Yi, as if he was facing a great enemy. Xiang Yi found out that Xu Anzheng’s ex-wife Xia Yunqing was a freelance photographer and had an independent studio in the east of the city. She divorced Xu Anzheng four years ago, and did not reorganize the family until a year ago.

As for Xu Anzheng himself, he used to be a home improvement designer, and his father was a carpenter. The room 302 where he lives now is his and Xia Yunqing’s wedding room, which was renovated two years ago. While talking, Zhang Ye found a familiar Toyota car, and immediately asked Xiang Yi to turn around and chase after him, witnessing him enter the construction site with his own eyes.

The two wondered why Xu Anzheng turned a blind eye, and then went to a nearby steamed bun shop to inquire about the situation with the boss. At this time, Xu Anzheng also walked in and said that he had simply cleaned up the house, but wasted time because of exhaustion and rest. Zhang Ye didn’t fully believe it and decided to go to Room 302 again.

On the day Lin Wenzhao came to Qinglan Garden to repair the water and gas valve, he knocked on the door for a long time and no one responded, and he did not notice Yuan Wu who passed by. On the contrary, Yuan Wu was sure that Lin Wenzhao had gone downstairs, and hurriedly entered the room, thinking about the details just now, and suddenly realized that he was the landlady’s brother. Before the landlady came over to get the rent, there was a traffic accident, and she revealed that she was going to an auto repair shop. Yuan Wu suddenly thought of something and hurried out the door.

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