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Legend of Anle 安乐传

The Legend of An Le
Another Title: The Legend of An Le / 安乐传 / An Le Zhuan
Genre: Historical, romance
Episodes: 40
Broadcast network: Youku
Broadcast period: 2022

Director: Cheng Zhi Chao, Ma Hua Gan, Su Fei
Producer: Mei Zi Xiao (梅子笑), Liu Jia Li (刘佳莉)


  • Dilireba as Ren Anle / Di Ziyuan
  • Gong Jun as Han Ye
  • Liu Yu Ning as Luo Mingxi
  • Kong Lin as Sun Yujun, Dowager Empress
  • Zong Feng Yan as Han Zhongyuan, Emperor Jia Ning
  • Xia Nan as Princess An Ning, Elder Princess
  • Ma Yi Rui as Princess An Ning (young)
  • Chen Ke Xiao as Di Jinyan / Wen Shuo, Di Ziyuan’s younger brother and current associate of the Crown Prince
  • Qin Xiao Xuan as Mu Qing, Di Ziyuan’s guard
  • Zhang Yi Kai as Ji Lin, head attendant of the Forbidden Palace
  • Liu Han Yang as Chong Hai, deputy general of Qing Nan City
  • Yang Ming Na as Empress Dowager
  • Chen Jie as Nanny Sun, Empress Dowager’s attendant
  • Hu Jin (胡普), Zhao Fu, head eunuch
  • Sun Xin Hong as Gu Yun Nian, Duke Zhong Yi
  • Long Shui Ting as Yuan Shu, second head of An Le Zhai
  • Shang Xin Yue (尚新月) as Yuan Qin, advisor of An Le Zhai. Di Jinyan’s wife
  • Pei Zi Tian as Mo Bei / Leng Bei, prince of Northern Qin. Disguised as Princess An Ning’s guard
  • Bai Bing Ke as Mo Shuang, princess of Northern Qin
  • Ning Xiao Hua as Pei Zhan, chief magistrate
  • Li Shuai as Huang Pu, deputy magistrate


Zi Yuan, who is upright and caring for the common people, was originally a founding father of the People’s Republic of China. Unwilling to be choked by fate, she named Ren Anle, and decided to do her best to resettle the people of Li people who suffered from the war, hoping to create a peaceful home for the people. To be clear. In the process of helping the common people, she not only gained a certain prestige and praise, but also was appreciated by the prince Han Ye and became his staff.

Later, with the help of the resourceful Ren Anle, Han Ye even solved the case of fraud in the imperial examination and the case of embezzlement in Jiangnan disaster relief. At this time, a war broke out on the border, and Ren Anle, who took the common people as his own responsibility, decided to follow Han Ye on the expedition, hoping to end the war as soon as possible so that the people could live and work in peace and contentment.

In the face of the situation where the enemy is strong and I am weak, Ren Anle devised strategies, killed the enemy while sick, won a narrow victory, and the people also ushered in the dawn of peace. In the end, Han Ye helped Ren Anle find out what happened back then and cleared the grievances for the family

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