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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 7 Recap

A Qiang went to a pharmacy to ask Liang Meizhu if she had come to buy medicine. Her attitude was very bad, like a ruffian’s attitude. At the end of the project meeting, Xia Dong arranged work for everyone, Jian Yan directly raised his dissatisfaction, but Xia Dong had already decided, he went directly to Dongguan to meet the contact person, and brought Xie Qianduo with him, while Jian Yan was left in Shanghai to be responsible for the information Work.

Qin Ke couldn’t contact his daughter, so he could only send the information to Xia Dong so that he could find her before he left China. Xia Dong told Jianyan that Yinhe Yirong would be his last project and Jason’s last conspiracy in Shanghai, so he asked Jianyan if he wanted to cooperate with him for a win-win situation.

The so-called cooperation is that the two become partners again, and stage an office romance in front of everyone, angering Susan so that she can let herself go to the headquarters. Jian Yan bargained with him, Xia Dong said that he would give her the client after he left the headquarters, and Jian Yan smiled with satisfaction. Xiaojin told Susan about Jianyan and Xia Dong showing their affection in the tea room, and Susan realized after thinking for a while that they were showing it to herself on purpose.

But she really didn’t expect that Xia Dong actually bought flowers for Jian Yan. When talking with Jian Yan just now, Xia Dong found that she had obviously misunderstood her relationship with Ju Wei, and also talked about lipstick. Xia Dong took this to heart.

At noon, Susan was waiting downstairs for the car. Xia Dong just drove over and opened the door gentlemanly. Susan was ready to sit in with a smile on her face, but Jian Yan came from behind. Susan is not good at being a light bulb, and said with an embarrassed smile that she ordered a car. The incident of Liang Meizhu affected Yinhe Yirong’s real estate. In order to avoid the cashier and several employees talking nonsense, the manager opened them directly.

Li John talked to him for a while, and then appointed a person named Xiao Yang to be the cashier temporarily, in order to avoid Ou Xun’s investigation. One of Jian Yan and Xia Dong said they were going to the airport and the other was going to the hotel. As a result, the two met in the same alley again, and both thought the other was deliberately following them.

Xia Dong put the wooden pendant given to her mother in her room, and accidentally saw the lipstick number on the table, thinking about the cause and effect, and immediately understood that Jian Yan had misunderstood the person who appeared in her apartment as Ju Wei. Before leaving, Xia Dong took Lin Junwen’s photo with him. Obviously, he and this Lin Junwen knew each other.

Xie Qianduo went home to look for her ID card, but she couldn’t find it. Xia Dong was speechless and said she didn’t use it anymore. Xia Dong arrived in Dongguan, Guangdong by plane, and A Qiang came to pick him up to go to Longguan Town. Taking advantage of A Qiang getting off the car for a few seconds, Xia Dong saw Liang Meizhu’s photos and information in the armrest box in the car.

After Xia Dong got out of the car, A Qiang took advantage of his inattention and put the location in his briefcase. During the conversation between Xia Dong and John Li, A Qiang drove away and put a locator in Xia Dong’s briefcase. Jian Yan found someone she was familiar with on a photo of the Galaxy Real Estate press conference. She called Lao Fang and asked him to come back to work overtime. Lao Fang hesitated and hung up on the pretext. When talking with Li John, Xia Dong found out that Liang Meizhu directly took 200,000 US dollars in cash instead of taking her personal account.

Jian Yan attaches great importance to this project, but she couldn’t find Lao Fang, so she had to call Xiaoka to the office to find information about the familiar person in the photo. Lin Junwen went out and returned to the homestay. Liang Meizhu repeatedly asked when she could leave. Lin Junwen continued to comfort her and said that she would leave when she was cured. Someone was knocking on Xia Dong’s door, but when Xia Dong looked over, this person walked into the opposite room. He passed the suitcase and found that the suitcase had been moved. After a while, he found the locator that had been put in by someone.

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