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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 2 Recap

At Tokyo Airport, the people from the Hamura group are looking for summer and winter everywhere. They didn’t know that Xia Dong was waiting at Osaka Airport at this time, and they didn’t know that Jian Yan bought a flight with Xia Dong and flew to Shanghai together. It’s just that I bought economy class in short, and business class in summer and winter. She was interrupted by the flight attendant and Xia Dong in the waiting room, and was politely invited back to the economy class waiting room. After boarding the plane, Jian Yan sneaked into the business class again, wanting to continue the conversation with Xia Dong just now. Xia Dong was very sleepy and ignored her at all. She called the flight attendant, and the flight attendant invited her back to the economy class again.

When I flew to Shanghai, the person who picked up the plane was Xiaoka, an investigator from the Shanghai Department, who had been working with Xia Dong. Jian Yan followed behind him and Xiao Ka and learned that Cheng Summit, the executive officer of the private equity fund Greater China, appeared at the closing meeting, and she boldly asked to go to the meeting with her.

Xia Dong brought Jianyan and Xiaoka home, because Susan attached great importance to this closing meeting and required all senior management to attend the meeting in formal attire. Jianyan’s dark circles were very heavy, and Xia Dong kindly suggested that she do some repairs. As a result, after Xia Dong finished changing clothes, Jian Yan looked at the documents in the bathroom and saw that she fell asleep. Xia Dong kicked the bathtub and woke Jian Yan.

Qin Ke, a partner at the headquarters of Ou Xun, received the investigation report on Matthew. Jason pleaded for Matthew and gave his own conditions, that is, his resignation letter of commitment. He promised to resign after a year, but required Matthew to return to the headquarters of Oxun. On the other hand, Jian Yan handed over the Tokyo Department’s project evaluation report for Hefeng Dairy at the closing meeting. Unfortunately, Cheng Feng did not appreciate it. Obviously, he believed in the Shanghai Department and Xia Dong more. Jian Yan was forced to leave the meeting and was no longer qualified to be there. Later, she was dissatisfied with Xia Dong’s work attitude and accused Xia Dong of complaining. Xia Dong was not at ease, making Jian Yan feel that she had hit cotton with a punch.

The Ouxun headquarters issued a document announcing the launch of the mid-level promotion assessment, and Susan was nominated as a candidate for the Asian region. She said confidently that she would not be able to take care of the Shanghai branch in the future, so she was willing to apply to the headquarters to promote Xia Dong to the vice president of the Shanghai department.

But Xia Dong did not accept it. He even proposed that he wanted to be transferred from the Shanghai department to the headquarters. Susan was very surprised and strongly opposed. She was also preparing to transfer herself. If Xia Dong also left now, the Shanghai Department would be without two capable officers at once. Xia Dong has decided to leave, saying that he will send a formal transfer application to the headquarters as soon as possible.

After passing the due diligence report, Matthew was promoted, and Jian Yan proudly showed off his strength in front of Xia Dong. She was very dissatisfied with the report handed over by Xia Dong, and wanted to win a game for herself in this way. Guan Hailin felt that the victory was in his hands, and his joy was undoubtedly revealed. Lin Junwen received a call from his wife Wang Hui, but the conversation between the two was very unpleasant. The owners of Wooden Restaurant, Ju Wei and Cheng Feng, celebrated Xia Dong’s tenth anniversary together, but Susan called Xia Dong late at night and asked them to take three days off.

The Shanghai department was suppressed by the headquarters and rejected Susan’s application for Xia Dong to be promoted to the deputy general manager of the Shanghai department. At the same time, Susan’s new position trial assessment was also cancelled, on the grounds that the Shanghai department’s performance last year was a B reduction. The headquarter’s suppression of the Shanghai department has always existed, so Susan said that they need to keep a low profile during this time, and Xia Dong, who was very worried, did not eat a cake that Juwei specially made for him.

Before the final acquisition results came out, Lin Junwen had already got up and stared at the stock market data, and Xia Dong and Xiaoka were also staring at them. Although the project of Hefeng Dairy has been completed, what Xiadong has to do is not over yet. Just like what he said on the phone with Qin Ke before, as long as there is still a chance, he will never give up. When Jianyan returned to Tokyo, Matthew told her that he was going to be promoted to the headquarters, and he had recommended Jianyan as the head of the Tokyo Department.

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