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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 51 Recap

Master Zuo knew that Huo’s family was loyal and fierce, and that Huo Wushang was the only bloodline of General Huo, but he continued to advise Emperor Wen to execute Huo Wushang in order to rectify the country’s laws. Emperor Wen was furious for this, and in full view of the public, he beat Master Zuo violently. Concubine Yue hurried over to dissuade him. How could she know that Master Zuo pushed her nose and face, indicating that the girl’s political affairs were unreasonable, but Concubine Yue couldn’t help but punch him.

Although Master Zuo insisted that it was Huo Wushang who deliberately framed Ling Yi, the statue of Nuwa obtained by Yuan Shen from Sancaiguan is enough to prove that Ling Yi and Peng Kun exchanged letters all the year round, and they even conspired to cooperate with Emperor Ruin to prevent rescue. Thereby occupying the evidence of the massacre of the lonely city.

Now that the factual evidence is conclusive, Lord Zuo is still taking revenge on Huo Wushang in the name of supervising state affairs, and investigates Huo Wushang for stealing the Tiger Talisman from the East Palace and mobilizing the army privately. However, as soon as these words came out, the third prince came in from the main door and truthfully reported the statement of General Zuo. Zuo’s family had already been bought with a lot of money by the remnants of the ruthless emperor, and Huo Wushuang was bound to die. Only the god of war was missing from the court. Huo Wushang can once again make trouble to capture the mountains and rivers.

As for the so-called remnants of the emperor, it was Tian Shuo, the shopkeeper of the Tian family restaurant, who was originally a servant of the emperor and was loyal to him. Later, Emperor Rui was defeated and died. Tian Shuo kept his name incognito. On the surface, he was doing business everywhere, but in fact he was waiting for an opportunity. Over the years, relying on the cover of Tianjia Restaurant, he had contacts with many officials in the court, including King Yong and Xiaoyuehou.

It’s a pity that Tian Shuo has many eyes and ears, and before the third prince can take action, the Tian family restaurant is already empty. Emperor Wen convicted Mr. Zuo according to the law, and that night he summoned Huo Wushang and the third prince separately to investigate the matter about the tiger talisman. The third prince admitted that he and Huo Wushang did have a relationship for a long time. It was all because the prince was unbearable to be the heir. As the prince of a country, he didn’t care about being kind or mean. Zhongliang this situation.

Emperor Wen scolded the third prince, and then asked Huo Wushang’s opinion. Huo Wushang truthfully said what he thought, saying that he had only been by the prince’s side for a few months, and he had already been in charge of all the affairs of the East Palace, and controlled the military officials and tax revenue. The seal letter should be ordered in hand. If the prince ascends the throne in the future, if Huo Wushang wants to rule the country and rule the country, it will be easy.

However, Huo Wushang never thought of replacing him, but it did not mean that he would be so loyal, so in order to protect the mountains and rivers, he suggested that Emperor Wen abolish the prince and the prince. As soon as the voice fell, Queen Xuan lifted the curtain and walked out, asking Huo Wushang to go to Chengyang Hou’s mansion alone, if he was destined to abandon Cheng Shaoshang.

This sentence really grabbed Huo Wushang’s wound, and it took a long while to respond with difficulty. Cheng Shaoshang swore before that he would never leave her, but if Huo Wushang abandoned her, his life would never be the same. Therefore, Cheng Shaoshang begged Emperor Wen to decree to retire the marriage, saying that he was born in a cold, shallow knowledge and unruly temperament. points, from now on let go of yourself.

That night, everyone left one after another, only the Empress was still alone, and the warm light in the room was less warm, which showed Empress Xuan’s resolute attitude. The rear and the storage are like two sharp blades hanging on the top of the head for decades, which will only make Queen Xuan feel physically and mentally exhausted, and she also knows that the prince’s character is more like the old King Xuan, who should have built a house in the mountains, opened a garden, and cooked wine. Reading books, having a good time with his wife and children Ning Xin, but being the Crown Prince, it is like sitting on the edge of a sword, and it is difficult to sleep and eat every day.

Empress Xuan thought that she was an incompetent mother and did not teach her children well. If Emperor Wen wanted to abolish the crown prince, she would definitely be charged with a crime. What’s more, if the third prince wants to sit firmly in the position of the prince, he still needs to get his name justifiably. Only when Emperor Wen seals the concubine Yue as the queen, he can block Youyou’s mouth.

At the dawn of dawn, Cheng Shaoshang returned home exhausted and stayed in his room for many days, refusing to go out. Now, the three brothers Ling Yi have been beheaded, and all the family members have been implicated. Queen Xuan has been imprisoned in the Changqiu Palace, the prince has been demoted to the king of the East Sea, and even Huo Wushang has asked himself to be demoted to the northwest for seven years. To live well for Ling Budo, he changed his name to Huo Budo from now on.

Today, Huo Budo left the capital for the northwest, and sent Liang Qiuqi a message to Cheng Shaoshang, looking forward to seeing him one last time. Cheng Shaoshang did not go to the appointment, but entrusted his father and brother to see him off on his behalf, only to stay indefinitely. Huo Budo waited for three full hours at the city gate until Cheng Shao Gong appeared and returned the private seal of the mansion that had been given to Cheng Shaoshang, which meant that the two of them had no hope.

Cheng Shaoshang heard about Empress Xuan and understood that since ancient times loyalty and filial piety could not be both, so he persuaded Xiao Yuanyi to agree to go to Changqiu Palace by himself to fulfill the word of loyalty and righteousness. Xiao Yuanyi watched Cheng Shaoshang go away, and suddenly realized that this parting might be forever. It was a pity that it was too late. When Xiao Yuanyi hurriedly chased after him, the gate of the palace slowly closed and Cheng Shaoshang stood silently across from him. She suddenly saw that the day she went to the front line more than ten years ago was destined to happen again today. lost daughter.

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