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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 4 Recap

Fang Zhiheng began to train new employees. The rich second-generation Li Qixing took the initiative to help her and help her open the PPT. Fang Zhiheng was not used to Li Qixing being so careful.

Yu Chuhui wanted to make more money. She discussed with the leader to take two classes at the same time. The leader fumblingly said that she was not a professional and worried that she would not be able to do it well. Yu Chuhui offered to try the class. As long as the parents had no opinion, the leader would There is no big problem. Ye Zhen Zhen felt that her condition was not very good today, so she might as well go back in a few days, but Yu Chuhui had no other choice, and now she wanted to take her mother to her side, of course, she had to earn more money.

Ye Zhenzhen suggested to Yu Chuhui when she was about to leave that she must be well prepared, she is not a professional dance teacher at the moment, once parents have questions about dance and fitness, she will be unable to resist, and she has wasted a great opportunity since then. After Ye Zhenzhen’s advice, Yu Chuhui immediately became enlightened, she wanted to charge more, and believed that after a week, she would be able to answer parents’ questions more professionally.

Ye Zhenzhen’s parents were worried that there was a problem with their daughter’s neighbors, so they asked someone to inquire about Fang Zhiheng’s identity. Ah Shang and his friends called Fang Zhiheng’s English name, but the other party didn’t seem to respond at all. After calling two or three times in a row, Fang Zhiheng responded. , the two called Ye Zhen Zhen and asked her to pay attention to her safety. He and his friends were planning to continue their investigation, but Ye Zhen Zhen interrupted their conversation and told them to stop investigating Fang Zhiheng.

Back from get off work, Ye Zhen Zhen invited the neighbors to eat delicious chocolate ice cream, and Fang Zhiheng also came home from get off work at this time, she was not interested in ice cream, but only focused on protein powder. There are also girls who don’t like ice cream. He Minhong and Yu Chuhui are very surprised. Yu Chuhui couldn’t help thinking of her suffering mother after eating the delicious ice cream. He Minhong reminded her that instead of trying to earn money and save money, it is better to take over her mother now. The most important thing is to live in the moment.

Yu Chuhui felt that He Minhong was right in what he said this time, and immediately went to buy a bed and daily necessities for his mother. Ye Zhen Zhen didn’t agree or disagree, she just felt a little sloppy, because now that Yu’s mother is taken over, sooner or later there will be bigger problems between their husband and wife.

Finally set up a place to stay at home, Yu Chuhui called her friend and helped her to perform a bitter scene together. She wrapped her arms with bandages, and then asked her friend to help her with her lines. She told her mother because the community was walking around. She was bitten by a dog, and now she has difficulty moving. She begged her mother to come to Shanghai to take care of her for a while. Her mother saw the video she recorded and immediately promised her to go to Shanghai the next day.

In order to help Yu Chuhui to induce tears, Ye Zhenzhen immediately used the biochemical products she had recently researched. After a while, Yu Chuhui felt itchy and wanted to sneeze. Several girls laughed and helped her to untie the bandage and bathed in salt water.

Yu’s mother finally came to Shanghai. Knowing that her daughter was not injured, she immediately blamed her for making decisions without permission. She couldn’t worry about her family and wanted to go back immediately. Yu Chuhui tried her best to persuade her mother to stay, and took this opportunity to let her grandparents know her importance. They are less bossy.

Fang Zhiheng showed the information of several new employees to Mr. Lei. These newcomers were brought in by relationships and had strong backgrounds. Mr. Lei was well aware of the stakes involved. She was unwilling to accept any related households. Fang Zhiheng tried his best to improve every relationship. One person’s entry procedures, organize many trivial matters in an orderly manner, and Mr. Lei is very satisfied with her work ability.

Li Qixing watched Fang Zhiheng silently. A colleague in the company had a good relationship with Li Qixing. He saw that Li Qixing was interested in the other party Zhiheng, so he quietly encouraged Li Qixing to be more active. Girls like small gifts and so on. I often wear a Dior watch to and from get off work, and I feel that this girl must be very difficult to catch up with.

Zhu Zhe and Ye Zhenzhen went back to visit. They heard Yu’s mother talking about many excellent and motivated cases of Yu Chuhui, and they were impressed by this roommate. Yu Chuhui, who has a small body, grew up from childhood to big, regardless of his studies or career, he did everything by himself. Be in charge, your heart is very strong.

Yu Chuhui changed her mobile phone number for her mother. She deleted all the numbers stored on her mother’s mobile phone, and reminded her mother not to tell her father their address in Shanghai, otherwise she would never care about her mother again, and not only that, she would have to go abroad. Let her mother never see her again. He Minhong was shocked to hear Yu Chuhui’s conversation with her mother. She couldn’t understand why Yu Chuhui spoke to her mother like this.

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