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Ode to Joy 3 欢乐颂3 Episode 1 Recap

The famous hotel in Shanghai welcomed a picky customer. After receiving the task, Zhu Zhe immediately handled the customer complaint with a smile on his face. The client upgrades to a better room and also personally sends the client a spa card. With such a sincere service and apology, the customer naturally has nothing to say, and the complaint just presses the end button.

After the incident, Zhu Zhe punished the cleaners for one day without pay, and also took a day off, which can be regarded as reward and punishment, so as to remind the cleaners that similar problems will not be repeated again.

Yu Chuhui has applied to the leadership many times for patent matters, but the effect is very small, she decided to leapfrog to petition. He Minhong once again complained to the editor-in-chief about her topic selection. She spoke truthfully and rightly, but the number of readings on the official account was very small. The editor-in-chief suggested that she put the information on the reading volume. zero. As a small editor, it is true that traffic is the world. Although He Minhong is not reconciled, he is helpless.

The three girls agreed to go to Ode to Joy to clean up their new home, Ye Zhenzhen (played by Jiang Shuying) came home from get off work, she also lived in Ode to Joy, and was the next-door neighbor of the three girls. A workaholic, she heard a new neighbor discussing whether 84 and toilet cleaner could be used together when she passed by. She couldn’t help but tell her all about her chemical knowledge. The three girls were dumbfounded by Ye Zhenzhen’s superb chemical theory. , several people quickly became friends, and also agreed to have dinner together.

When ordering food in a restaurant, a voyeur took a secret photo of He Minhong. When his friend saw it, he immediately blocked the voyeur and asked him to take out his mobile phone and delete the picture, but the voyeur didn’t listen at all and immediately ran away. Fortunately, he was on the road. When I met a female hero, the heroine was very skilled. She subdued the scumbag man by three and five, and called the police with a few other friends. Just when He Minhong regretted not asking the female hero’s name, Ye Zhen Zhen told them that the female hero was their neighbor living in 2201.

This heroine is Fang Zhiheng. She is a small HR manager in the company on weekdays. She is busy every day and hides in the city. Li Qixing, the chairman of the company, invites her to drink milk tea. On the surface, she readily accepts it. Throw the unopened milk tea in the trash can.

Ye Zhenzhen felt that the light bulb in the corridor was not on, so she replaced a bright LED light at her own expense, and the little girls finally got together again, Fang Zhiheng introduced herself to everyone, and heard that she usually takes private lessons, Ye Zhen Zhen immediately proposed to drive her next time, and learn a few tricks along the way. He Minhong also agreed that she also wanted to go with him in the car.

Li Qixing wanted to pursue Fang Zhiheng, so he specially asked her to meet at the gym. He thought that the little girl would not have much energy, but the opponent with Fang Zhiheng just couldn’t take it for a few minutes. Fang Zhiheng had already won, but Li Qixing was not convinced, so he gave Fang Zhiheng behind his back. One kick, and then saw Fang Zhiheng lost his balance and was about to fall, worried that she would knock, Li Qixing immediately put his hand under Fang Zhiheng’s head, Fang Zhiheng suddenly realized, and immediately beat Li Qixing with his hands.

Ye Zhen Zhen saw from the side that Fang Zhiheng was a person with a story, and Li Qixing’s unintentional actions offended Fang Zhiheng just now, so he got a fist. After the exercise, Li Qixing wanted to send Fang Zhiheng home, but Fang Zhiheng refused directly. Poor Li Qixing was frightened. Seeing Fang Zhiheng’s disgusting eyes, he immediately stepped back several meters in fright.

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