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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 44 Recap

With the end of the Shouchun war, Ling Budo led his subordinates to Tongniu County overnight, and learned through Lou Ben that Ma Rong had only been thrown into the city for half a day, and he had already been brutally murdered, and now he died without proof. From a series of coincidences, Ling Budo is obviously suspicious of Lou Ben, asking him how he views the rumors about Yan Zhong, and then mentioning the loyal and good people who are still in prison.

Originally, Lou Ben was about to release Li Feng, but how did he know that the news of the county government’s escape from the prison suddenly came. Although the fire was under control, it was a pity that Li Feng’s life was not saved. Ling Budo and others came to the scene to check, and unexpectedly found Cheng Shaoshang who was unconscious.

This way from the capital to Tongniu County, Cheng Shaoshang must have been sleeping in the wind, and there are all kinds of troubles, and even the entanglement is not much left. Ling Budo bandaged Cheng Shaoshang’s wound, and was very distressed for this. First, he couldn’t help but blame a few words, and then comforted her gently, saying that he would always be by his side and would never let her fight alone.

Cheng Shaoshang thought of meeting Li Feng in the prison before, and felt that the other party was extremely strange. His words revealed his hope for Lou Ben. After he regained Tongniu County, he would definitely be promoted and rich. At this time, Lou Ben came to the door and heard the content of the conversation. Ling Wusu noticed it, but Lou Ben pretended to be calm, indicating that he was sending the fire casualty list.

However, Cheng Shaoshang’s attitude is very indifferent. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that she does not trust Lou Ben. Before Cheng Shaoshang paid special attention to Li Feng, he found that he was not worried about his own safety at all, and he was still able to predict the prophet. Persuade Ma Rong to surrender. Later, there was a fire in the prison, and Cheng Shaoshang vaguely heard scolding similar to crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, as well as killing people to silence their mouths. From this, it can be concluded that there must be a hidden meaning.

Ling Budo used to admire Lou Ben’s talent very much, but now it seems that he underestimated the other party’s ambitions. Since there is no way to find evidence from him, he has to think of other countermeasures. It is also because Lou Ben is too shrewd and suspicious, so Ling Budo told Cheng Shaoshang to try to hide his emotions so as not to startle the snake.

After Li Feng’s death, there were only old and weak women and children left in the family. The mourning hall continued to cry. He heard a lot of emotions from his colleague Yin Lao. He also mentioned to Ling Wuxuan and Cheng Shaoshang about Li Feng’s life experience and Yan Zhong’s personality. conduct. At first, I thought that Yan Zhong was not a man of profit, but after seeing Lou Ben found a letter of repentance, he believed that Yan Zhong had defected to the enemy and betrayed the country.

It just so happened that Lou Ben suddenly appeared. On the surface, it seemed to be mourning Li Feng, but in reality, he threatened Mrs. Li in disguise, and arranged for her to take the entanglement home as soon as possible. Cheng Shaoshang didn’t notice it, and continued to ask Yin Lao about the details of the day of the incident, but these things were all from Li Feng’s mouth, and it was unknown whether it was true or not.

When Mrs. Li left the mourning hall, she stared straight at Ling Budo and Cheng Shaoshang, and then walked away with embarrassment. The two realized that there was a problem and immediately followed behind. At the end of the day, Mrs. Li was either moving or selling property. In the end, she directly quarreled with the shop owner in public and left her purse on purpose.

Cheng Shaoshang hurriedly took the purse and found that Li Feng and Yan Zhong’s silk books were hidden in it. She and Ling Budo analyzed that Mrs. Li’s clues in such a roundabout way must be threatened. There are people she cares about. Cheng Shaoshang seriously recalled what Mrs. Li had said, and finally understood that the clue was in a post pavilion thirty miles away. Sure enough, the bones of Yan Zhong and his family were buried next to the post pavilion, as well as the guards who followed Cheng Shi to Tongniu County.

Hearing this news, Cheng Shaoshang was emotional and rushed forward to look for his father among the many corpses, but Ling Budo thought that as long as Cheng Shi was not found, it meant that he still had hope of living. In order to appease Cheng Shaoshang’s emotions, Ling Budo gave her a sleeping point, until Cheng Shaoshang woke up, Liang Qiuqi held an injustice for his young master, and hurriedly told what happened to Ling Budo for the past two days. Shang finally calmed down, and the two embraced warmly.

The old ministers were guarding the gate of the palace, but Yuan Shen was the conspicuous young talent among the many. Among these people, either pleaded for the Cheng family, or impeached the Cheng family, and in short, they did not deal with each other. Master Zuo offended Master Lou and Wan Songbai indirectly, but Wan Songbai directly took off Master Zuo’s arm. Even Emperor Wen couldn’t help but applaud him when he learned of this.

In fact, Emperor Wen didn’t want to be summoned at all, and the over and over again of the car’s words really made him feel irritated. However, Lord Zuo’s mourning sound came frequently, and when he saw Emperor Wen, he cried in various ways.

Everyone held their own opinions, Emperor Wen thought of a way to achieve both, that is, let Lord Zuo personally take Cheng Shaoshang back to Beijing, and the rest of the courtiers agreed. There is a solution to this matter. Emperor Wen took the initiative to mention Lou Ben, praised his contribution, and reused it in the court after preparation.

At the moment, in order to make Lou Ben reveal his faults, Ling Budo negotiated with him personally, with temptation inside and outside the words, but unfortunately Lou Ben was unmoved, and the answers were all watertight, and it was difficult to find criticism from it. But for the next question, Lou Ben couldn’t keep his composure, because Ling Budo found out that Yan Zhong had known old friends from aristocratic families, and they avoided people’s eyes and ears every time they met.

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