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Love Between Fairy and Devil 苍兰诀 Episode 6 Recap

Dongfang Qingcang told Xiao Lanhua that if she asked for herself, she would do it for her. Xiao Lanhua took the opportunity to ask Dongfang Qingcang to quickly return to the Haotian Tower. The other party really refused, and Xiao Lanhua couldn’t help but think more, maybe he wanted to stay by his side. Xiao Lanhua had no choice but to propose that she wanted to pass the immortal exam and work next to Chang Heng.

Chang Heng is Yun Zhongjun’s younger brother. After the war between the two clans that year, Shui Yuntian was torn apart, and it took Chang Heng less than 6,000 years to recover all the lost ground. In Xiao Lanhua’s eyes, if Chang Heng had been born a few hundred years earlier, then Dongfang Qingcang would definitely not be his opponent. After talking for a long time, Dongfang Qingcang realized that Xiao Lanhua likes Chang Heng.

Dieyi has already investigated that the one who stole the life book was an unnamed orchid elf in the Palace of Life. As soon as Hai Shi Wang guessed, he knew that it was the little orchid who had inherited the mantle of life. With an order from King Hai Shi, he killed Xiao Lanhua and regained the life book. However, Chang Heng was in Yujing recently. If there is a murder case, he will definitely investigate it thoroughly. It would be inappropriate to implicate Haishi. It just so happened that the immortal exam was coming, and if a little flower spirit unexpectedly had an accident at this time, no one would care.

Xiao Lanhua took a nap, opened her eyes and saw Chang Heng, she collapsed to the ground in fright. Little Orchid was excited and couldn’t believe this scene. Sure enough, everything was fake, Chang Heng was just an illusion of a great power. At this time, Shui Yuntian was washing Yulin, and the fairy Danyin was practicing magic, but she couldn’t control the mana she used, and she was injured. Immortal Venerable Li Yuan stepped forward, helped his precious daughter, and scolded her why she had to serve others. But Danyin had been in love with Chang Heng for a long time, and she refused to turn back no matter how her father persuaded her.

On this day, Dan Yin suddenly came to the Palace of Life and wanted to see his life book. Little Orchid abides by her duty and refuses to hand over the life book. But the other party threatened her and then destroyed the life book tree. A whirlpool suddenly appeared on the trunk, Dan Yin stepped forward to check and found that it was Chang Heng’s wedding. In the big marriage in the world, the bride is not Danyin, and in the big marriage in Shuiyuntian, the bride is not her. Looking further down, the bride’s face is finally revealed. But that face was clearly the little orchid beside him. Danyin angered Xiaolanhua and pushed her to the ground.

Xian Kao arrived as scheduled, and Little Orchid arrived late, but fortunately she was not late. Following Xianjun Sansheng’s “quietness”, Yunzhongjun and Changheng Xianjun appeared. All the fairies in the audience squeezed their heads and wanted to pass the fairy test and become the maid beside Chang Heng. But as everyone knows, Chang Heng on the stage is thinking of another person. All the things he had been with Xiao Lanhua in the past could not help but come to his mind, and as the ceremony began, his thoughts slowly came back.

If the fairies have subdued the beasts in Shu Yulin, they will pass. The fairies happily came to the stage to take the Lingzhu handed over by Chang Heng, but his eyes never lifted, until Xiao Lanhua came to the stage, there was some worry in his eyes. Dan Yin wanted to be the first to enter the forest, but Xiao Lanhua flew forward and took the lead. Little Orchid doesn’t know who pushed her, but now, she can only bite the bullet and rush in front of the fairies. At the same time, Sansheng waved his hand, and the picture in the woods appeared in the hall.

Although she was fully prepared and she really wanted to pass the immortal exam, Xiao Lanhua couldn’t control her fear. As I walked, I came to a place where no one was there. But I don’t know if she was too scared, Xiao Lanhua didn’t find the beast under her feet. Dongfang Qingcang and Shang Que were shocked and helpless, and even a little annoyed. After many setbacks, Xiao Lanhua finally found the beast. But she was too cautious, and as soon as she raised her hand, the beast ran away.

Xiao Lanhua finally caught up with the fierce beast Yingzhao, and even gave it a fairy grass, wanting to catch it when it relaxed its vigilance. It is said that Yingzhao is very vigilant and only believes in people with pure nature. Seeing this, Chang Heng in the hall couldn’t help but speak for Xiao Lanhua, but he was warned by Yun Zhongjun’s eyes. At this moment, a few fairies suddenly surrounded Xiao Lanhua and wanted to take Yingzhao away. Everyone cast spells on Xiao Lanhua, but who knew that her mana could resist and even knock them down.

Dieyi came quietly, Dongfang Qingcang noticed the anger, and after telling Shang Que to take care of the little orchid, he followed the anger. But Dieyi was already close to Little Orchid, and she broke Sansheng’s spell and injected her anger into Yingzhao’s body. The docile and well-behaved Yingzhao suddenly became terrifying and abnormal, chasing the little orchid with a bloody mouth. Chang Heng was really worried and wanted to get up to look for the little orchid, but was stopped by Rong Hao. At the critical moment, Shang Que appeared in time and stopped Ying Zhao.

The other fairies also encountered mad Ying Zhao, but Dan Yin tried to subdue them but was knocked to the ground. Xiao Lanhua suddenly appeared, rescued Dan Yin, and then tried to subdue Ying Zhao. When the fairies saw this, they also stepped forward to help, but they were still not the opponents of Yingzhao. The little orchid saw a cave and hurriedly took everyone to hide in it. Right now, only by gathering everyone’s Immortal Orbs can it be possible to resist Ying Zhao. Everyone hesitated for a moment, but decided to fight.

Little Orchid took everyone’s fairy beads and carefully squeezed outside, crying and raising her injured hand, leading the fairies away. Danyin took the fairies back to the hall to report the matter. Chang Heng couldn’t sit still any longer, and hurriedly got up and went to Shu Yulin.

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