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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 26 Recap

The senior brother came to see Yan Dan under the pretext of coming to Tang Zhou to talk about something. When he saw that the fish on the table didn’t move, he thought that Yan Dan didn’t like to eat fish and wanted to take her to the river to catch crabs. Yan Dan naturally couldn’t ask for it. Tang Zhou resolutely opposed it. He arranged for Yan Dan to hone his xinxing.

Yan Dan strongly protested, and the senior brother offered to accompany Yan Dan to practice together. Tang Zhou did not want anyone to disturb Yan Dan and let her concentrate on her studies, so the senior brother had to give up.

It was pouring rain with lightning and thunder outside. Yan Dan remembered that the book was still hanging outside, and hurried out to collect it. The book was already wet. She was just about to use the magic power to dry the ancient book. Tang Zhou was worried that the senior brother would find out that Yan Dan was a flower demon. , hurriedly took action to stop Yan Dan, Yan Dan realized that she was almost exposed, she excused to help Tang Zhou sort out the wet ancient books, and declined the invitation of the senior brother to catch crabs, the senior brother had to leave angrily, reminding Tang Zhou not to Trapped by love, Tang Zhou repeatedly explained that he and Yan Dan were brothers and sisters.

Yan Dan inadvertently saw that the lost Shenhua hairpin was in Tang Zhou’s hands, but Tang Zhou said that it was left to him by his master. Only then did Yan Dan know that the old man who was chasing after her to avenge the fish was his master, and mistakenly thought that the old man stole hers. Shen Huazhen couldn’t help but scold the old man and wanted to make the old man’s actions public. Tang Zhou was so angry that he cast a forbidden spell on Yan Dan, and Yan Dan had to hold back temporarily and help Tang Zhou to grind.

Tang Zhou couldn’t bear it, so he gave her the Shen Hua Hairpin. Yan Dan saw the sleep spell in the ancient book and cast it on Tang Zhou like the same method. Tang Zhou immediately fell asleep, Yan Dan took the opportunity to take revenge on Tang Zhou, but he did not expect Tang Zhou to be Pretending to be tricked, he took advantage of his unpreparedness to be cast by Yan Dan’s sleep spell. Yan Dan lay on the table and fell asleep, and Tang Zhou took the opportunity to paint two little turtles on her face.

Qin Qi came later and asked Tang Zhou to go to the demon hall to keep watch. She untied it. Qin Qi couldn’t help laughing when she saw the graffiti on Yan Dan’s face. Yan Dan took the mirror and found the little turtle on her face. She was so angry that she wanted to die with Tang Zhou.

The brothers gathered around the bonfire to drink tea, chat and tell a few ghost stories. Yan Dan felt that it was too childish, so Tang Zhou asked her to tell one. Yan Dan asked everyone to close their eyes and listen. She told the story of the snake demon vividly. Tang Zhou knew the result for a long time, but Yan Dan was not convinced, so he asked him to tell a ghost story. Halfway through the story, Tang Zhou pretended that the dead husband in the story came to Yan Dan and asked Yan Dan to help him find where his head fell. , Yan Dan was so frightened that he was shaking like a sieve, and turned his head to be with Tang Zhou.

Yu Mo took Zilin to look for Yan Dan’s whereabouts, and found three magic circles along the way. They went to two of them, but there was no news of Yan Dan, only the Lingxiao faction, Yu Mo firmly believed that Yan Dan was there. The demons from Kulan Mountain came to join Yu Mo. Yu Mo learned that the wolf demon Dan Shu was captured by the demon hunter, and asked Zilin to bring the demons back to the mountain. He went to Lingxiao Sect alone to find Yan Dan and Dan Shu.

Yu Mo first came to the Subduing Demon Hall, where the little demons captured by the disciples of the Lingxiao faction were imprisoned. Yu Mo couldn’t wait to go in and look for Yan Dan. Ao Xuan led his troops and came after them. They surrounded Yu Mo, and Ao Xuan came out. Yu Mo’s scales swore to see him die with his own eyes, Yu Mo was a little distracted, Ao Xuan used the soul-shattering hook given to him by the Dragon King of the East Sea to stab Yu Mo, Yu Mo couldn’t dodge and was stabbed, he fought hard. , and finally stood out.

Ao Xuan determined that Yu Mo could not run far, and sent someone to search the vicinity carefully. Yu Mo was seriously injured and had to hide in the grass. Ao Xuan searched for a while and disappeared. He was worried that he would be discovered by the disciples of the Lingxiao faction after a long time, so he had to take him with him. People left angrily.

Chao Lan came later, and she rescued Yu Mo. Although Ao Xuan destroyed the traces before leaving, the Dragon King of the East China Sea was still worried that his whereabouts would be discovered by the demon hunters sent by Lingxiao, and reminded him to have a strategy. Ao Xuan vowed to catch Yu Mo within half a month, and the Dragon King of the East China Sea urged He killed Yu Mo as soon as possible and could not let others find out, so as not to delay the wedding.

Tang Zhou wanted to drink walnut porridge, and asked Yan Dan to peel off all the walnuts in a small basket. He also set a spell in the room, and Yan Dan complained. The senior brother came to see Yan Dan, Yan Dan spit out bitterness at him, the senior brother took the opportunity to propose to Yan Dan, Yan Dan excused to calculate the characters of the two of them, and also asked the senior brother to help her unlock the spell in the room.

Yan Dan came to Subduing Demon Hall and saw her imprisoned good friend Dan Shu. Dan Shu reminded her to leave as soon as possible. There are many dangers here. Yu Mo was leading people around to find her, and the tiger demon beside him also complained to Yan Dan. Yan Dan was so angry that she gritted her teeth. She insisted on saving them despite Dan Shu’s dissuasion, but she fell into the trap by mistake. Thanks to Tang Zhou’s timely arrival to relieve the siege, Yan Dan was spared from being pierced by Wan Jian’s heart. She broke out in a cold sweat, and still couldn’t stop complaining that Tang Zhou and the demon hunters were inseparable.

The big brother came to Yan Dan to ask for the birth date, Tang Zhou did not allow them to marry, the big brother did not allow him to meddle in his own business, Tang Zhou asked him to thoroughly investigate the matter of subjugating the demon hall, not to be carried away by the female sex, the big brother left in anger. Tang Zhou set the step away from the bracelet to ten steps, and Yan Dan was not allowed to leave him ten steps away. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. He accidentally discovered that Tang Zhou’s gourd contained a subdued demon, but he didn’t report it.

Today is the birthday of the sect master. The disciples gathered together happily. The sect master publicly announced Tang Zhou as the heir, and held a ceremony for him three days later. Forced to ask about the whereabouts of the little demon, and threatened him with the position of the head. Tang Zhou refused to answer. drive her away.

Lu Ming turned into a sword spirit and came to see Tang Zhou. Tang Zhou learned that the two of them knew each other in the heaven. He took the opportunity to ask who the woman who asked for half a heart in his dream was. Lu Ming found various excuses to perfunctory and reminded him to repair the fairy clothes as soon as possible. Then float away.

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