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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 16 Recap

Luo Jing felt that something was wrong with Pei Zhi, but Pei Donglai disagreed, and even dragged Pei Zhi to fight the landlord. Today it was Lin Chaoxi’s turn to make breakfast, but she woke up late. Ji Jiang kept complaining about Lin Chaoxi. Lin Zhaosheng simply prepared breakfast and urged Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang to hurry up and go to school.

Lin Zhaosheng drove Lin Chaoxi to the bus station in an electric car, but she missed the bus. Lin Chaoxi had to wait for the next bus. She was reprimanded by Xie Ran for being late for class. Xie Ran hid outside the classroom to monitor the students’ every move. Lin Chaoxi complained that the third year of high school was very hard, and Pei Zhi advised her to have fun.

During the English class, Lin Chaoxi passed a note to Pei Zhi. Ji Jiang was adopted by Professor Ji, and then he made his debut as a star. Unexpectedly, Ji Jiang became her younger brother in this world. She was worried that she would be involved in Ji Jiang’s failure to make his debut. Pei Zhi believes that Ji Jiang can become popular through the draft. When the English teacher found that Lin Chaoxi didn’t listen to the class well, she scolded her severely and asked her to read the English text. Lin Chaoxi read fluently, and her pronunciation was accurate. The classmates applauded her, and the teacher gave her an open face.

Pei Zhi wanted to stay in this world, Lin Chaoxi wanted to go back to Strawberry World to take care of Lin Zhaosheng, Pei Zhi didn’t want to see his father Pei Donglai disappear twice, and begged Lin Chaoxi to stay with him. Lin Zhaoxi was in a dilemma. She was unwilling to give up Pei Zhi, and even more worried about Lin Zhaosheng in that world. She weighed it again and again and decided to return to the Strawberry World. Pei Zhi was very disappointed.

Bao Xiaomeng deliberately alienated Lin Chaoxi and forced her to join the cheerleading team. Lin Chaoxi felt naive and found all kinds of excuses to excuse her. Bao Xiaomeng found out that she had changed after heatstroke, and she ignored her in a fit of anger. Qiqi saw that Lin Chaoxi was pitiful and persuaded her. Bao Xiaomeng gave her another chance, Bao Xiaomeng pressed Lin Chaoxi hard, Lin Chaoxi reluctantly agreed because Bao Xiaomeng helped her take care of Lin Zhaosheng.

The basketball game between Class 1 and Class 13 officially started. The two sides played indistinguishably. During the intermission, Lin Chaoxi found three masks and wanted to dance with them on. Bao Xiaomeng refused to do it, and Lin Chaoxi had to stand firm. Scalp came to the stage, the three of them cooperated tacitly, and everyone applauded for them.

At the beginning of the second half of the game, the first class was far ahead, and the score was 45:37. The thirteenth class did not show weakness. They became more and more brave. The mile score was 33. Suspecting that the group was doing something wrong, Zhang Liang stood up and argued with him on the grounds.

Zhang Shuping had just been transferred to this school as the principal. He heard the news and came to deal with it. Lin Chaoxi wondered how he would be transferred to the middle school. Zhang Shuping did not allow her to inquire. Zhang Liang and Zheng Tianming insisted on their own opinions. Lin Zhaoxi stood up to defend the team members. Zhang Shuping didn’t know which side to believe.

Zhang Shuping left the classmates in class 13 and wanted to give them serious demerits. Lin Chaoxi questioned on the spot and asked him to find out the truth. Zhang Shuping was furious and complained that they did not study well and had energy to care about the grades. Chao Xi questioned that Zhang Shuping should not take the score to talk about things, Zhang Shuping moved out of the college entrance examination to talk about things, and then left in anger.

The team members returned to the classroom. The classmates applauded them. Xie Ran understood what happened, and went to the principal to explain the situation. Zhang Shuping repeatedly explained that he wanted to take this opportunity to motivate the students, Xie Ran encouraged to defend the classmates, and Zhang Shuping agreed to fight. The classmates of the first class recorded demerits, but they were not recorded in the file. They also recorded the demerits of the students in the first class. Only then did Xie Ran feel relieved.

The head teacher of a class announced the school’s disciplinary decision to the students, complaining that they should not have fought with the worst class thirteen. Zhang Liang and others were not convinced. After school, Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi went home together. Seeing that Zhang Liang and the team members were waiting for the bus, Zhang Liang advised Pei Zhi to go back to class one and promised to help Lin Chaoxi make up lessons with him. Lin Chaoxi’s hand ran away, Zhang Liang and the others were chasing them, Lu Zhihao passed by and saw this scene, and went after Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi with them.

Zhang Liang and the others quickly caught up with Pei Zhi and Lin Chaoxi, and the two sides were at each other’s throats, and Lu Zhihao hurriedly persuaded them. Big head and his little brother passed by from here, he hurried to support Lin Chaoxi, and he beat Zhang Liang, Lu Zhihao was injured, big head was so frightened that he ran away.

Zhang Shuping persuaded Lin Zhaosheng to open a math cram school. Lin Zhaosheng was studying PNP. He didn’t want to give up halfway. Zhang Shuping promised to help Lin Zhaoxi and Ji Jiang pay for the tuition. Lin Zhaosheng and Zhang Shuping received news that Lu Zhihao was injured at the same time, and they rushed to the hospital together. Zhang Liang took the initiative to bear all the guilt, and Lu’s mother refused to forgive her. Zhang’s mother tried her best to defend Zhang Liang, and the two quarreled non-stop whenever they disagreed.

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