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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 34 Recap

Cheng Shaoshang sat under the apricot tree and bandaged Ling Budo, Ling Budo truthfully told his life experience and mentioned Huo Junhua’s tragic past. The world thinks that Ling Budo is cold-blooded and ruthless, but Cheng Shaoshang knows that the so-called filial piety of mothers and children requires loving parents to have filial children. If the Marquis of Chengyang has not fulfilled their due responsibilities, what is the reason for coming? Ask Ling not to doubt.

On the other hand, in Cheng Shaoshang’s view, Huo Junhua’s madness is mostly caused by the destruction of infatuated women, but fortunately there is General Cui You to take care of him. Cheng Shaoshang learned through Ling Budo’s story that Cui You admired Huo Junhua when he was young. At first, he refused to marry a wife. Later, under the pressure of the old woman, he had to agree to the marriage arranged by the family. How did he know that his wife died of dystocia , and when Huo Junhua broke up with Ling Yi, he made an oath not to marry for the rest of his life and lived in widowhood until now.

It is precisely because of Cui You’s deep love that both Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo were quite emotional. Cheng Shaoshang felt bad for Ling Budo to get up early and late to pick him up all day long. After that, he was willing to get up half an hour earlier, and the two agreed to meet at the gate of the palace. Seeing that Shaoshang was willing to think about himself, Ling Budo decided to get married in three days. Cheng Shaoshang thought of his marriage with Lou Yao, and finally ended the engagement. Ling Budo suddenly kissed Cheng Shaoshang. Although full of jealousy, it was enough to make Cheng Shaoshang feel sweet and happy.

When Xiao Yuanyi learned about the preparations for the engagement, he thought it was too hasty. At this time, Mrs. Chunyu suddenly came to the door, naturally to discuss the engagement. Cheng Shaoshang already knew about Chunyu’s character, so he didn’t have any favorable impression of her, especially when Chunyu sent two concubines, who immediately contradicted each other.

Seeing Xiao Yuanyi and Cheng Shaoshang sing together, Chunyu felt that she couldn’t hold back her face and left angrily. Xiao Yuanyi privately asked Cheng Shaoshang why he was targeting Chunyu’s family everywhere today. Cheng Shaoshang only came to know what happened to Huo Junhua, and he really felt aggrieved for Huo Junhua and Ling Budo.

When the day of the engagement came, the Cheng family invited everyone to attend, but Chunyu was the only one who refused to give her an invitation. Yuan Shen took the post to Cheng’s house, thinking about persuading Cheng Shaoshang to turn back in time, but Ling Budo didn’t show up, but Princess Ruyang rushed in with the Chunyu clan aggressively.

Fortunately, Ling Budo sent someone to pass a message to Cheng Shaoshang in time, saying that no matter who appeared today, he didn’t need to worry about it, and he would handle everything. Princess Ruyang was not a good visitor, and she scolded Cheng Shaoshang in public for not knowing the etiquette, intending to let the maid teach her a lesson.

Just when Princess Ruyang became angry and was about to take Cheng Shaoshang away, Queen Xuan suddenly appeared and led Xiao Yuanyi to the main hall of the backyard, leaving Cheng Shaoshang, Princess Ruyang and Chunyu alone. The guests all gathered around to watch the excitement, and some even mocked Cheng Shaoshang for being high-flying, while Yuan Shen mocked them for not having the bearing of an official.

Princess Ruyang insisted that Cheng Shaoshang did not send an invitation card, which was obviously to humiliate Jungu Chunyu’s family. Queen Xuan was gentle and gentle, so she was naturally not the opponent of Princess Ruyang. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Ling Budo brought Emperor Wen, Concubine Yue and When King Ruyang came to Chengfu, everyone was shocked.

Sure enough, Princess Ruyang was powerless in front of Concubine Yue, and Cheng Shaoshang was eloquent and eloquent, dismantling Chunyu’s ungratefulness with reason, and having received Huo Junhua’s kind treatment, he still seduced the Marquis of Chengyang in private, and then replaced Huo Junhua’s position. Princess Ruyang still wanted to refute, but Concubine Yue was completely ruthless. Even if she and Huo Junhua had personal grievances, they still had to distinguish between public and private. At least Huo Junhua never felt sorry for the Ling family, and he treated Ling Yi even more deeply and righteously.

In those days, Huo Junhua married Ling Yi, helping her husband to rise to the fortune, and enjoying endless prosperity and wealth. On the other hand, Ling Yi didn’t know the life and death of his wife and children, and he was unclear about Chunyu’s family within a year. The Huo family’s mother and son were displaced and faced with life and death difficulties all the time. However, Ling Yi was in the process of marrying his step-wife Chunyu’s.

Even though Huo Junhua has a personality problem, in the eyes of Concubine Yue, she is a good mother, so Ling Budo has no need to please Chunyu’s family for this, and even scolded Chunyu on the spot. It looked ugly and disgusting.

As soon as these words came out, Princess Ruyang immediately aroused dissatisfaction. King Ruyang couldn’t stand the other party, so he begged Emperor Wen to agree to let him break off the marriage. Since King Ruyang still wants to flourish Confucianism, if he breaks up the marriage at this moment, it will inevitably fall into disrepute, so at the suggestion of Concubine Yue and Empress Xuan, he ordered Concubine Ruyang to go to Sancaiguan for Qing repair, including the Chunyu clan, on the grounds that she was not in good spirits. He must also be confined to the mansion to take care of the Marquis of Chengyang.

Everyone was surprised to see Princess Ruyang and the Chunyu clan being taken away one after another. With the end of the farce, King Ruyang felt refreshed and said that he had brought the wine that he had treasured for many years from home, Wen Dilong Yan Dayue, taking advantage of the joy of engagement today, will not be drunk and will not return. After everyone left, Cheng Shaoshang looked at Ling Budo happily, and the two looked at each other affectionately, without saying anything.

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