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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 18 Recap

After Lin Miaomiao passed the selection, she immediately informed Qian Sanyi about the matter. It was a normal thing, but in Qian Sanyi’s opinion, it meant that she had an unusual position in Lin Miaomiao’s heart. Qian Sanyi called Yan Yudi excitedly and told her about it. Yan Yudi didn’t have a big reaction, but Qian Sanyi couldn’t help dancing after hanging up the phone.

Qian Sanyi thought that Deng Xiaoqi and Jiang Tianhao could act as a group, which would also enrich the video content. Lin Miaomiao and Qian Sanyi had the same idea and rewarded him for eating oranges on the spot. past. In the evening, the whole family celebrated the passing of the topic, and Lin Miaomiao also celebrated the happy retirement of her mother.

When Yan Yudi learned about this, he suggested that Qian Sanyi should think clearly, if he could live as an independent individual, it would be suitable for him to pursue Lin Miaomiao. Qian Sanyi understood what Yan Yudi meant, and was very useful in his heart. In fact, Yan Yudi had taken care of him these days, which made him very grateful.

The hospital informed Wang Shengnan that he could go through the discharge procedures for Lin Dawei. At first, Lin Dawei was not happy and wanted to continue to enjoy this care until Wang Shengnan took Lin Dawei to the Civil Affairs Bureau to remarry. On the way back, Wang Shengnan loudly wished him and Lin Dawei a happy wedding. The highest level of love between the two is relative insatiableness, and the appointment will last forever. They are very happy for this.

Recently, Lin Miaomiao’s topic selection was not in Tian Tian’s mind, but she went back and re-examined many times, so as not to open the skylight of the show. Lin Miaomiao thought that she could make a video first and then improve it, but Tian Tian didn’t agree at all, reminding her not to forget her previous bet on Lv Jiawei.

Just when Lin Miaomiao was racking her brains to choose a topic, Lv Jiawei came to harass him again. Later, she almost thought that Lin Miaomiao was going to splash herself with water, so she stood there and didn’t dare to move. At the same time, Lin Dawei disliked Wang Shengnan’s poor cooking and began to miss the spicy hot pot. Wang Shengnan followed a similar approach. After three rounds of meals, Wang Shengnan took Lin Dawei to see a Chinese medicine doctor. During this period, Lin Dawei endured the pain of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and even massage.

Jiang Tianhao said that he was doing his best to maintain the new store, but he was actually a little distressed, but there was really no way. Besides, ordinary people would only ask questions, but would not solve them, while some would ask questions and solve them accordingly. It is the material that can be made.

It is also because most of the root causes are too few scripts, so Jiang Tianhao took out his mobile phone and handed it to Xiao Zhao. The invitation letter for the Jiangzhou script exhibition was displayed on it. If they can get a good city limit script, I believe they can dominate Jiangzhou. The two came to the script killing exhibition and found that it was already full of people, and everyone came prepared.

Since there was no progress for a long time, Jiang Tianhao found out that the city limit book had been sold out after inquiring. At this time, Xiao Qiu also distributed leaflets everywhere, announcing the new script to kill the shop, saying that he had the resources in hand. Xiao Zhao and Xiao Qiu added WeChat to each other. Jiang Tianhao noticed something was wrong and found that Xiao Qiu was taking the opportunity to eat Xiao Zhao’s tofu, but Xiao Zhao disagreed.

Lin Miaomiao’s project data is not particularly ideal, except for the data of the first takeaway brother, Tian Tian asked her to look for directions, and then persuaded her to give up this project, and then find a mature controller to maintain this project data. Lv Jiawei Lv Jiawei took the opportunity to cut off Hu, saying that this project should be improved and innovated by a mature team, and maybe it can be brought back to life.

Tian Tian did not respond directly, glanced at Director Xiao, and remained silent for this. Lin Miaomiao asked Tian Tian to give herself another chance. The topic selection, contact, shooting, and later stages of this project will be the best possible. Lin Miaomiao also said that she would not bring trouble to the company, and if it was impossible to recover, she would quit automatically. Tian Tiantian agreed, emphasizing that if the next show was unsuccessful, then Lin Miaomiao would find another place.

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