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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 17 Recap

It is precisely because Wang Shengnan was so brooding about Lin Dawei’s deception that even if Lin Dawei helped to clean up the housework, she would still be picky and not appreciate it at all. Lin Miaomiao’s comfort to her father was an atonement. After all, it was he who lied first, and Lin Dawei had long been accustomed to it, and then asked Lin Miaomiao about his work.

Lin Dawei’s current job is no longer a white matter before, but to provide palliative care for terminal cancer patients, which can improve their quality of life and gain a sense of satisfaction from it, which is very meaningful. Lin Miaomiao checked the information and videos on the Internet, and finally decided to choose this topic. Lin Dawei said that if he wanted to shoot, he must obtain the consent of the patients and their families, because they could not consume suffering, but bring peace to the patients.

Listening to her father’s words, Lin Miaomiao praised Lin Dawei with admiration, and she handed in the topic the next morning in person. Tian Tian had never heard of this industry. After Lin Miaomiao explained in detail, colleagues felt that it was not suitable. Even Lv Jiawei felt that the topic selection was too heavy and not suitable for contemporary young people.

Lin Miaomiao believes that the original intention of professional experience is to understand the situation of all walks of life in the society, and then mainly take the example of takeaways, feeling that these people are trapped in the system and struggling with time. It is difficult for the delivery staff to feel the same, but when the company launched the delivery staff video, the complaint rate of Jiangzhou delivery staff dropped by 17%.

Tian Tian felt that the topic selection was novel and agreed with Lin Miaomiao’s idea. Because it is a brand new attempt, Lin Miaomiao hopes that Tian Tian can give herself some time after obtaining Tian Tian’s permission. After all, she has to chat with the patient first. Only the patient agrees to take pictures, which involves privacy issues. .

With the help of Xiaozhao, Jiang Tianhao invited Daxin, one of the best-known hosts in Jiangzhou, to sit on the throne, but the main credit goes to Xiaozhao. Jiang Tianhao had a clear understanding of his own business territory, explained his plans and ideas to the employees, and decided to open the script killing shop to become the first in Jiangzhou, and to become the world in the whole country. The global agent of the script kill shop.

Lin Miaomiao followed Lin Dawei to the hospital to visit patients, and when patrolling the ward, she met a very depressed patient Xie Yujia. It was only after Lin Miaomiao’s inquiry that she found out that Xie Yujia had just turned 18 and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on the eve of the college entrance examination. She really couldn’t accept this fact.

After learning about Xie Yujia’s situation, Lin Miaomiao knocked on the door to greet her warmly, and then began to find topics to chat. Before that, Xie Yujia never spoke, until Lin Miaomiao mentioned the achievement, Xie Yujia began to be touched, feeling that fate was unfair to him, and then burst into tears. Fortunately, Xie Yujia’s mother appeared in time, hugged her daughter gently and comforted her, and Lin Miaomiao fully realized that Lin Dawei’s job was not easy.

Lin Dawei said that it is difficult for anyone to communicate with patients at first, and it takes time to get used to it, that is, they cannot blame the patient, nor can they blame themselves. In the following period of time, Lin Miaomiao followed Lin Dawei, filming him washing the hair of patients and dealing with disputes between patients. When she had free time, she would secretly visit Xie Yujia to observe the recovery of the other party. .

Because Lao Bai was going to the store for evaluation, Jiang Tianhao immediately held a mobilization meeting, hoping that all employees would be positive and must be praised by Lao Bai. However, at a critical moment, the host Daxin could not be contacted for a long time, and even the address changed. Jiang Tianhao couldn’t help reprimanding Xiaozhao. At this time, Lao Bai had come to the store, and he really had no way to entertain Lao Bai first. He told Xiao Zhao to contact Daxin.

In fact, Xiao Qiu bought Da Xin in private to get revenge on Jiang Tianhao. Because Jiang Tianhao could not find the host temporarily, Lao Bai was already impatient. Just when Xiao Zhao was about to be unable to stop Lao Bai, Deng Xiaoqi and Li Xizhou suddenly appeared at the door of the store. After learning about Jiang Tianhao’s situation, Mao offered himself as an agent host, which made the script killing store pass the evaluation.

Wang Shengnan urged Yanzi to repay the money as soon as possible, but Yanzi said that he had bought an extra batch of goods, and it was really impossible to turn around, and he had to wait another week. Yanzi asked to send some of the goods to Wang Shengnan’s house on the grounds that there was too much stock, and took the goods as collateral by the way, so that she didn’t have to worry about not paying back the money.

When Lin Miaomiao and Qian Sanyi talked about the patient, they were in a very complicated mood and wanted to make this episode well. It happened that Lin Dawei called and said that Xie Yujia was willing to be interviewed. Lin Miaomiao thought that Qian Sanyi was a scholar and might be able to help, so she took him straight to the hospital. Qian Sanyi solved the problem for Xie Yujia, and Xie Yujia was willing to speak. Later, when Qian Sanyi heard Yan Yudi talking about Lego in the Louvre, he immediately had an idea.

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