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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 12 Recap

Lu Zhihao found out that the best postgraduate entrance examination class in the city is Jiujiu Education. He sent it to Ji Jiang as soon as possible, and Ji Jiang drove Lin Chaoxi over there. Lin Chaoxi went to apply for the postgraduate entrance examination. The consultant saw her philosophy of undergraduate science and advised her to give up as soon as possible.

The mathematics department of Sanwei University recruits very few graduate students every year. But she didn’t buy it, worried that she would affect the institution’s postgraduate entrance examination rate, and persuaded her to go to other tutoring institutions to sign up.

Lin Chaoxi just wanted to leave when she saw Zhang Shuping coming to work. Lin Chaoxi introduced herself to have attended his training camp. Zhang Shuping didn’t know her at all, so Lin Chaoxi had to leave angrily. Luo Jing asked her eldest sister to introduce her to Pei Zhi. Before Pei Zhi went to the interview, Luo Jing came to the gym to find Pei Zhi to settle accounts. Lin Zhaoxi went directly to Pei Zhi’s room. drive out.

Lin Chaoxi was waiting for Pei Zhi outside, and coach Ding Minghai took the initiative to come to accompany her to fight, and called her “Sister Pei”. When Luo Jing came out to hear this title, she was very annoyed, Ding Minghai hurriedly avoided, Luo Jing did not object to Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi’s association, but just reminded Lin Chaoxi not to let Pei Zhi learn mathematics, otherwise it would kill Pei Zhi.

Lin Chaoxi was puzzled, and Pei Zhi had to tell the reason. His grandfather Luo Jiayi was a middle school math teacher and a math genius. He had a lot of research results. He used his spare time to study combinatorial mathematics, and scholars in Beijing invited him to participate.

At the academic conference, my grandmother strongly opposed it. Luo Jiayi didn’t listen at all. She borrowed money to buy tickets to go to Beijing for the conference. Later, she was invited to Germany and never came back. Luo Jing always thought that mathematics had taken her father Luo Jiayi away, so she was resolute. Oppose Pei Zhi’s study of mathematics.

When Pei Shang was in the third year of junior high school, Pei Donglai passed away unfortunately, and Luo Jing became more extreme. In the third year of high school, she found that Pei Zhi was studying mathematics with Lin Zhaosheng, so she took Pei Zhi to Germany to see Luo Jiayi. Luo Jiayi arrived in Germany soon, because Feeling guilt towards his wife and daughter, Luo Jing became mentally ill.

Luo Jing resolutely refused to allow Pei Zhi to continue studying mathematics, worried that he would inherit Luo Jiayi’s disease. Soon after, Pei Zhi was diagnosed with a mild mental illness, and Pei Zhi started boxing, plus drug treatment. , he recovered quickly, and then signed up for a major that had nothing to do with mathematics.

After listening to Pei Zhi’s story, Lin Chaoxi knew the reason why Pei Zhi had not heard from him after he arrived in Germany. Pei Zhi was worried that his illness would recur at any time. Pei Zhi suspected that his father, Pei Donglai, was still alive. When he woke up, he found a traffic police law enforcement recorder at the bedside. Pei Zhi confirmed that the traffic policeman was his father Pei Donglai, but Pei Donglai died in 2009. Recording, Pei Zhi compared this recording with Pei Donglai’s voice of law enforcement during his lifetime, and the results were exactly the same.

Pei Zhi was puzzled. Lin Zhaoxi remembered that he received an inexplicable group photo some time ago, and then traveled to a box of parallel worlds. Pei Zhi wanted to go to the parallel world to find his father, Pei Donglai, but Lin Chaoxi didn’t know what to do. manage. Pei Zhi went to Luo Jing to discuss. Luo Jing saw Pei Donglai being cremated with his own eyes and advised Pei Zhi not to think nonsense. Pei Zhi firmly believed that Pei Donglai was in a parallel world, so Luo Jing had to give up.

Ji Jiang called Lin Chaoxi, Lin Chaoxi wanted to ask him to help Pei Zhi, Ji Jiang thought that Lin Chaoxi had confessed to him and agreed to interview tomorrow. Lin Chaoxi started to review mathematics as soon as she got home, and Lin Zhaosheng cheered her on.

Ji Jiang gave Lin Zhaosheng a king crab early in the morning. Lin Chaoxi felt that the recording pen could take Pei Zhi to the cheese world. He asked Ji Jiang for help. Ji Jiang found that Lin Chaoxi had concealed the key link of the formula. Only by erasing the other formula could Pei Zhi be able to do so. Using a voice recorder to travel to the cheese world, Lin Chaoxi was worried that Pei Zhi would not come back, so he did not dare to tell him that Lin Chaoxi was in a dilemma, and Ji Jiang didn’t know what to do.

Lin Chaoxi went to see Pei Zhi’s boxing match first, and Ji Jiang wanted to go with her, but Lin Chaoxi couldn’t entangle him, so he had to take him there. At the same time, Lu Zhihao came to Zhang Shuping, and then went to Lin Chaoxi’s house to find Ji Jiang. The game started, Pei Zhi played steadily, and the opponent was not to be outdone. The two of you came and went, and they fought for several rounds without distinction. Pei Zhi Suddenly, the scene of his parents quarreling because of his maths flashed in his mind, and he was knocked to the ground by his opponent when he was distracted.

Luo Jing loudly encouraged Pei Zhi to stand up. Pei Zhi seemed to see Pei Donglai reaching out and pulling him. Pei Zhi stood up strong. He quietly left without waiting for the end, and Lin Chaoxi watched it all. Lu Zhihao came to Lin Chaoxi’s house to look for Ji Jiang, Bao Xiaomeng lied that she was Lin Chaoxi, and Lu Zhihao saw that she was lying at a glance.

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