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Growing Pain 2 少年派2 Episode 15 Recap

Under the deliberate destruction of Lv Jiawei, the project gradually lost its original popularity, but Lv Jiawei took the opportunity to cut off the hustle and bustle, saying that this project should be improved and innovated by a mature team, and maybe it can be brought back to life. Tian Tian did not respond positively, and glanced at Director Xiao, and remained silent for this reason. Lin Miaomiao hurriedly explained and promised that she would continue all the work in the future, including topic selection, contact and filming. I hope Tian Tian can give it again. Chance.

After Wang Shengnan became a full-time housewife, her mood became more and more irritable. Whenever she was cleaning her room, she couldn’t help but blame Lin Dawei, feeling that Lin Dawei was two-faced before and after marriage. On the surface, Lin Dawei looked like he was dressed like five people, but in fact he didn’t even wash his socks when he got home. The surface of his donkey dung and eggs were shiny, and his embroidered pillow was a bag of chaff. He was talking about him.

Lin Miaomiao went back to the company and started editing the video, but she felt that it was too bland and lacking in new ideas, so she simply called Qian Sanyi to explain her thoughts. Qian Sanyi thinks that most of these videos are made to show an ordinary and ordinary day in all walks of life. It happened that he saw the scene of putting out the fire, and he had an idea in his heart.

Lin Dawei called his daughter and urged the other party to go home for dinner quickly, but Lin Miaomiao’s work was not over yet, so he didn’t have to wait for him to reply. Wang Shengnan heard that Lin Miaomiao was working overtime and personally cooked food to visit the company. As expected, he found that Lin Miaomiao was still working, while Lv Jiawei was lying on the bench beside him to rest.

Just as Lin Miaomiao stretched her waist tiredly, Wang Shengnan suddenly appeared behind her and took the initiative to knead her sore shoulders, not forgetting to tell her to keep her head up, otherwise there would definitely be problems with her cervical spine. In fact, Wang Shengnan cared about Lin Miaomiao very much, but he was always duplicitous, and Lin Miaomiao knew it best, so he did not directly expose it. Wait until Wang Shengnan returns home

When Wang Shengnan came back from the company, her mentality changed completely. While eating, she told her husband how she saw Lin Miaomiao working overtime. The other party takes something so seriously.

Director Xiao reviewed the video edited by Lin Miaomiao and finally agreed to launch it today, but this is the first step in the Long March, and the next data is the key. In order to celebrate the smooth progress of the work, Lin Miaomiao invited Jiang Tianhao, Deng Xiaoqi and Li Xizhou to dinner at home. Everyone found that Qian Sanyi was actually helping in the kitchen, and the atmosphere at the dinner table was extremely happy.

Tian Tian called Lin Miaomiao to the office alone to discuss the post-production issues. Lin Miaomiao urgently asked how to pursue and punish Lv Jiawei, but Tian Tian said that she had to keep the show hot before she had the capital to negotiate with herself. Considering that the popularity of the show continued to increase, Tian Tian asked Lin Miaomiao to do another five to eight episodes, which happened to be the day when her internship expired.

Many self-media and reporters came to the company to interview Lin Miaomiao. Tian Tian was very happy and told Lin Miaomiao not to forget to call Qian Sanyi while preparing for the interview. At the same time, Qian Sanyi was stopped by reporters on his way home, and he was inexplicably fearful when facing the camera. Fortunately, Yan Yudi appeared in time, stopped the reporter’s behavior, and returned home with Qian Sanyi.

Lin Miaomiao took the initiative to come to Qian Sanyi, and she felt very uncomfortable when she saw Yan Yudi entering and leaving Qian Sanyi’s room at will. In order to avoid Lin Miaomiao’s worries, Qian Sanyi said that he had just returned from running outside. Lin Miaomiao believed it and reminded him not to go out for a run in the near future, so as not to be entangled by media reporters, and solve the rest by himself. After all, netizens are all goldfish memories , maybe it will be forgotten in a few days.

In the following interview process, when the reporter asked Lin Miaomiao if this happened again, would she rush up without hesitation. Lin Miaomiao answered no, and the next few questions were also concise and to the point. Tian Tian was not satisfied with this, thinking that she did not fully grasp the heat, and complained that she did not bring Qian Sanyi, but Lin Miao was not satisfied. Miao insisted that she did not want her friends to be exposed in front of the media, and Tian Tian finally had to compromise.

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