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The Heart of Genius 天才基本法 Episode 10 Recap

Lin Zhaosheng thought he was a genius, but he didn’t expect to become a cripple now. Not only did he give up his mathematical research, but he also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. , Lin Zhaosheng was still worried, Lin Chaoxi was anxious in his eyes.

After weighing it again and again, Lin Chaoxi decided to resign immediately to study mathematics, and then try to find Pei Zhi, and then take good care of Lin Zhaosheng. Lin Zhaosheng never said a word. Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang took Lin Zhaosheng home, Lin Zhaosheng sat on the sofa motionless, Ji Jiang wanted to hire someone to take care of Lin Zhaosheng, Lin Chaoxi thanked him, Ji Jiang felt that Lin Chaoxi had become very polite to return to the strawberry world, Lin Chaoxi Don’t think of him as a friend who’s messing around in the cheese world, he’s a big star after all.

Lin Chaoxi came to the school to resign. Director Gao believed that she was doing a show. Lin Chaoxi expressed her heart directly, and then left with her own things. Bao Xiaomeng wanted to see Lin Chaoxi. Father Bao Song learned that Lin Zhaosheng was discharged from the hospital and went home, so he gave Bao Xiaomeng some money to buy condolences. The agent, Lu Zhihao, called Ji Jiang and tried to ask him where he was going, reminding him not to have any further scandals, so as not to cause more trouble. Ji Jiang took a selfie with Lin Zhaosheng and sent it to Lu Zhihao, to reassure Lu Zhihao.

Bao Xiaomeng called Lin Chaoxi and learned that Ji Jiang was taking care of Lin Zhaosheng at home. She believed that Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang had an ambiguous relationship. Lin Chaoxi defended in every possible way. She suddenly saw Pei Zhi across the street, and then took a car and left. , Lin Zhaoxi hurriedly took a taxi to chase, and finally chased to a gym, where he met Pei Zhi, who was a boxing coach here. The two met again after a long absence, and their excitement was beyond words.

Lin Chaoxi and Pei Zhi reminisced about the old times, complaining that he never returned the email, and Pei Zhi did not explain. He felt that he had failed Lin Chaoxi and Lin Zhaosheng by studying in Germany. Lin Chaoxi didn’t care about it at all. She announced in public that she had always liked Pei Zhi and let him Everyone testified, so that Pei Zhi would not leave without saying goodbye again. Pei Zhi was caught off guard by this sudden confession, and his colleagues applauded and cheered for him.

Pei Zhi remembered what happened when he was a child. Pei Donglai took him to practice boxing. He learned from the coach that Pei Donglai had been invincible in boxing. Pei Zhi also wanted to fight, and Pei Donglai asked him to study hard. Lin Chaoxi received Ji Jiang’s message, she immediately took a taxi and rushed home. Seeing Lin Zhaosheng having a happy meal while watching the 1994 World Cup, Lin Chaoxi was puzzled. Ji Jiang lied that Lin Zhaosheng had traveled from the past to 2018. , Lin Zhaosheng gladly accepted this result, and his heart was relieved. Lin Chaoxi was worried about this matter, but he couldn’t think of a better way, so he had to make mistakes.

Pei Zhi returned to his residence very late, and couldn’t help thinking of the past when Pei Donglai was killed in a car accident. Lin Zhaosheng wanted to see the world 20 years later. Ji Jiang and Lin Chaoxi took him out for a ride. Lin Zhaosheng’s memory was stuck in 1993. He was full of curiosity about the fast-developing world now. He stays in the present, but he still wants to return to the original world and make a good contribution to the society.

Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang played with Lin Zhaosheng all day. On the way home, Lin Zhaosheng was so tired that he fell asleep. When Lin Chaoxi told about her going to see Pei Zhi, Ji Jiang felt sour. Ji Jiang was driving home, and fans were besieging the door. Lu Zhihao used the old method to distract the fans’ attention to help him clear the siege.

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