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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 19 Recap

Before the army set off, Ling Budo asked Cheng Shaoshang to meet alone, and wanted to have a few more words with her. However, Cheng Shaoshang said that he was already engaged, and if he met him privately again, he was afraid that it would have a bad influence on both parties. Despite this, Ling Budo still said what he had buried in his heart. He believed that Cheng Shaoniang should have a vast world, and they were not the same as each other at all.

Cheng Shaoshang took it seriously and said bluntly that he was him and he was himself. It was these words that made Ling Budo feel extremely sad and watched Cheng Shaoshang leave his back, silently saying that this is the last time the two of them will meet, and that this is the shroud of horse leather. If he is lucky enough to return, he will be a stranger from now on. , no longer any fetters.

At that time, Chengyang Hou Lingyi and Huo Chong had different political opinions, and in the end, in order to eradicate dissidents, they wiped out the entire Huo family, causing their mother to go crazy, and aunt Huo Junhua kept the Huo family’s blood, so Huo Wushang relied on the identity of Ling Budo to live. down. Since then, Ling Budo has grown from the orphan of Huomen to a young general. In order to find out the truth of the year, he has been planning step by step over the years, living in despair every day.

Now Ling Budo found out the identity of the person who stole the weapon, so he knelt down in the Huo family mourning hall and swore revenge. However, the arrested person was not afraid at all, and asked Ling Wusu if he knew Emperor Wen’s character and would kill all his enemies for him. Ling Budo didn’t care what Emperor Wen thought at all, because he had decided to do it himself, and because of this, there was a gap between Emperor Wen and Ling Budo, because he didn’t want to destroy the current stable situation.

Since He Zhaojun returned to the capital, Cheng Shaoshang has clearly felt that she and Lou Yao are no longer possible, which means that the marriage contract between them may be terminated. Everyone asks Cheng Shaoshang to be righteous and considerate, but she only has one wish, that is to get married and live in peace, but it backfires. So after repeated consideration, Cheng Shaoshang decided to break off the marriage with the Lou family.

Therefore, when Cheng Shaoshang appeared at Lou’s house with his parents, everyone present had a solemn expression. Lou Yao and Cheng Shaoshang met alone, saying that he would never agree to break off the marriage, and also begged Cheng Shaoshang to take back his thoughts. . However, Cheng Shaoshang had made up his mind. At the critical moment, Ling Budo threatened to take charge of Cheng Shaoshang’s marriage and personally escort her home.

Yuan Shen used the schoolwork as an excuse to ask Lou Yao why he had negotiated a marriage with Cheng Shao, and even in front of him, the non-agenda Shao businessman was very scheming and good at calculating, but he did not convince Lou Yao. That night, Huangfuyi hosted a banquet for everyone. Yuan Shen deliberately separated Cheng Shaoshang from Lou Yao and arranged for Cheng Shaoshang to sit opposite Ling Budo.

Huangfuyi’s taste for wine surged, and his eyes fell on Cheng Shaoshang. He suddenly recalled his old friend and felt sad in his heart. He simply told a story. In fact, it was how he disliked Sang Shunhua’s poor appearance and indifferent temperament. The uncle accused and scolded the emperor in the courtroom, and he was implicated tragically.

Overnight, all the men in the clan had their heads in different places, only Huangfuyi had to leave the country to avoid the disaster, and it had been seven years since he left. Fiancée Sang Shunhua defied public opinion and took good care of Huangfuyi’s family for seven years, silently waiting for her fiancé to return. However, seven years later, on the birthday of Sang Shunhua’s parents, Huangfu Yi, who was supposed to appear, was ambushed on the way.

It was this orphan who caused Huangfuyi’s absence and Sang Shunhua’s humiliation, thus ruining their marriage. It was only when Huangfuyi returned home that he learned of the news of Sang Shunhua’s marriage, and he still can’t let it go. Cheng Shaoshang thinks this is a ruthless and conceited story. For a man, seven years is nothing more than a chance to seek revenge by rushing to the dragon’s pond and the tiger’s den, but a woman has to face the blame of her relatives, take everything she wants, and do her best to cover the orphans and widows. Weatherproof.

Yuan Shen complained about Huangfu Yi’s injustice and accused Cheng Shaoshang of being mean, and the two argued endlessly at the banquet. Ling Budo, who had always been taciturn, suddenly spoke up at this moment, saying that if he were the man in the story, he would definitely not let his beloved suffer all grievances, and if he had a lover, God would definitely not have to separate them.

Everyone in the hall was shocked, and Lou Yao agreed, and smiled at Cheng Shaoshang. Huangfuyi also knew that he was at fault first, and now he regrets it, and his face was full of pain, and it did not disappear until the banquet was over. Ling Budo took the initiative to bring Dae for Cheng Shaoshang, and mentioned the story of Fang Cai. He believed that in a hundred years of life, only choosing the right person and walking the right path is a great blessing. I hope Cheng Shaoshang can be cautious. Before Cheng Shaoshang could answer, Lou Yao suddenly brought Da Yi over, and Ling Budo watched Cheng Shaoshang turn around and walk towards Lou Yao, and the two left hand in hand.

Apricot Blossom is in the courtyard, Ling Budo went to visit Huo Junhua, because he experienced the betrayal of her husband Ling Yi back then, which was a big blow, and her memory always stayed before marriage. Fortunately, Cui You has been in love with Huo Junhua for many years, and he has not married yet. He often comes here to visit, but unfortunately Huo Junhua always regards him as a childhood playmate.

Ling Yi brought someone to the other courtyard, and Huo Junhua suddenly rushed towards the other party like a madman, and kept asking him to pay for his life. Ling Budo asked people to bring Huo Junhua back to the room, and made it clear that Ling Yi was not welcome here, but Ling Yi didn’t care at all, and then informed that Zhao prison had been robbed and Fan Chang’s whereabouts were unknown. Because the case is so big and involves too many forces, Ling Yi hopes that his son will give up the investigation, so as not to harm himself.

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