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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 18 Recap

On the carriage going back, Xiao Yuanyi thought that her daughter had seen Lou Jiaer’s intrigue, and she must have wanted to regret the marriage. However, Cheng Shaoshang felt that there were still fathers, sons and brothers fighting in heaven, so how could there not be people with such eyebrows and lawsuits, not to mention that the Cheng family’s situation was already difficult, and Xiao Yuanyi still married without hesitation.

Although the husband-in-law should be from a good family background and outstanding character, but most likely will not have much talent and ambition, she has decided to wait for Lou Yao to become an official and spend the rest of her life hand in hand with him. Xiao Yuanyi retorted that Lou Yao’s brother, both civil and military, has not been able to get a half-official position so far. It is all because the sage has set a rule that the same family cannot all be officials in order to balance the power of the children of the aristocratic family and the children of the poor family.

Therefore, Mrs. Lou wanted to leave the chance of becoming an official to her own son, so she would definitely suppress the second room, forcing Lou Ben to give up the chance of courting. Wang Yanji had a good impression of Cheng Shaoshang, and told her husband about today’s events. She felt that Cheng Shaoshang would marry Lou Yao, and she would definitely gain benefits for the second room. to.

The Liang brothers were instructed to seal down the Hualou Theater, where Prince Xiao often went, and also found the shops that Su Ri had a close relationship with. Ling Budo ordered his subordinates to set up roadblocks overnight for inspection, and just in time to see the Cheng family carriage, he proposed to escort Cheng Shaoshang and Xiao Yuanyi back to the house. Xiao Yuanyi saw that Ling Budo was interested in his daughter, and deliberately invited the other party to go to Lou’s house for a banquet to celebrate Cheng Shaoshang and Lou Yao’s engagement, but Ling Budo declined politely.

In order to ensure that Cheng Shaoshang abides by the etiquette of a woman and will not lose face by marrying into the mansion, Xiao Yuanyi specially invited Yuan Shen to the mansion to impart knowledge. However, Cheng Shaoshang was really puzzled. Even if the mother wanted to hire a master, she should have found a female teacher. Cheng Song responded on his behalf, saying that Xiao Yuanyi felt that Yuan Shan was very knowledgeable, and listening to him passing the lessons was better than reading ten volumes.

Considering that his own cultural level is not high, he is afraid that he will be punished later, and Cheng Shaoshang lacks interest. Cheng Shaogong suggested that Wan Eqi be invited to attend the class, so that Cheng Shaoshang’s second-to-last position could be kept, and the others would also agree. Sure enough, Wan Qiqi came as promised, with many luxury items, and carefully arranged the seats.

The Golden House is still there today, lamenting that there is no lover in the Nagato Palace, Yuan Shen tells everyone a story, bluntly saying that all the couples in the world, when they first met, they were all in love with each other. It is love that disappears and love is exhausted. It can be seen that people who are affectionate do not have long-term affection.

Cheng Shaoshang refuted Yuan Shen everywhere, and the two quarreled again and again, and they couldn’t tell the difference for a while. On the contrary, Xiao Yuanyi was standing outside the door eavesdropping. He really didn’t understand why Yuan Shen avoided Cheng Cha’s answer, but Cheng Shi felt that Cheng Shaoshang was not bad at all, so angry that Xiao Yuanyi turned and left.

King Yong and his son attacked General He’s relatives by virtue of their marriage banquet, intending to coerce General He to join hands in rebellion. However, General He refused to obey, and led his subordinates to trap King Yong in the land of Shu. In order to protect the safety of He Zhaojun’s sister and brother, even if he was tortured to death by Shizi Xiao, he would not reveal any news. He Zhaojun took his younger brother to hide in In the secret room, he resisted the grief and did not cry.

Then the military report was spread to the capital, and the court was arguing about it. The faction headed by the three princes believed that they should send troops to quell the rebellion immediately, but the prince’s faction felt that the first priority should be Zhao’an, so as to demonstrate the benevolence of the saint. Taifu Lou agreed with the prince’s opinion, Ling Buxuan suggested himself to lead troops to Fengyi County, and reported the news of General He’s death to Emperor Wen.

Emperor Wen was shocked when he heard the words, and finally agreed to suppress the rebellion, but he did not want Ling Budo to risk himself, and was going to find some old generals to go out on his behalf. Ling Budo’s old friend was very familiar with Feng Yijun, so he still begged Wen Di’en to allow him to lead the troops to pacify the chaos. Mrs. Lou pretended to regret that Ling Budo was going to miss Lou Yao’s betrothal wedding, but Ling Budo refuted this. An old friend is at Lou’s house, so you can still drink wedding wine.

After the dynasty was dispersed, Emperor Wen left Ling Wuxuan alone, feeling that he did not want him to suffer any harm, otherwise he would not be able to explain to the Huo brothers and sisters. In fact, Ling Budo has been paying attention to King Yong since the ordnance case. He started because of him, and he should end it at the end, not to mention that the outcome of this battle has already been decided.

But Emperor Wen knew that Ling Buxuan was thinking about the Cheng family’s Siniang, and in the end he had to hold back his feelings, so he got angry and gave a big gift. Ling Budo took the opportunity to ask for a favor from Emperor Wen for Cheng Shaoshang, that is, to send the Cheng family’s grace, but also to save the Lou family’s face, and what he cares more about is that Cheng Shaoshang can stabilize in front of everyone status, and will not be bullied in the future.

The next day, the Lou family held a banquet and sincerely invited guests. Originally, Mrs. Lou wanted to give Cheng Shaoshang a slap in the face, and the rest of the female family members were all cynical, but Cheng Shaoshang handled it with ease. At this time, Ling Buxuan was ordered to come to announce the decree, and praise Cheng Shaoshang for his civil and martial arts in front of everyone, and then to be diligent and virtuous, even Cheng Shaoshang himself blushed.

After declaring the decree, Cheng Shaoshang got up to receive the decree, but he didn’t notice the hem of his skirt and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately, Ling Budo helped him in time. Because of this, the faces of the rest of the people were different. Cheng Shi and his wife looked at each other, and their hearts were already clear.

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