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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 2 Recap

Xingfu looked for rice to cook, and Wang Qinglai asked her how she could still eat. If something happened to Wan Chuan’s family and the Ministry of Public Security came to arrest someone, what would Xingfu do. Wang Qinglai asked her to pack up and go back to her parents’ house. If the police came to arrest someone, Wang Qinglai would take the blame for her.

Xingfu worked alone and took the initiative to go to the hospital to see Wan Chuanjia. Along the way, she asked for directions. There was a long-tongued woman chewing her tongue behind her. Happiness was not taboo. She stepped forward and explained that because Wan Chuanjia bullied Luck first, That’s why she hit him. Later, when he arrived at the hospital, he learned from the nurse that Wan Chuanjia had three stitches on his head and was not sent to the county hospital.

After returning home with happiness, he told his in-laws about the incident, but the father-in-law still asked Wang Qinglai to go to Wanjia tomorrow with happiness to make an apology. Happiness hesitated for a while, then reluctantly agreed. Wan Shan Tang scolded Wan Chuan’s family for making him like this because of the vulgar marriage troubles, which is shameful.

The son didn’t let himself worry, so Wanshantang thought about his daughter, and it happened that she called, and Wanshantang called her daughter. Xingfu couldn’t understand, obviously Wan Chuanjia bullied Luck first, why should they go to apologize to Wan Chuanjia first. Wang Qing came to enlighten her. The two of them are now together, and the days ahead are still very long. Happiness is still a step back.

Wang Youde asked his daughter and his second son to deliver wedding candy and cigarettes to the village neighbors. The daughter was angry with He Xingfu, who made the incident, and did not want to go at all. Wang Qinglai and Xingfu came to apologize, and their attitudes were sincere. Both Wanshantang and Wanchuanjia accepted their apology. Happiness goes on to say that one yardage is one yardage, and what should the Wan Chuanjia bully luck be?

Wan Shan Tang had to ask Wan Chuan’s family to apologize to Lucky Family, but Wan Chuan’s family didn’t want to, and snapped Wang Qinglai to pull happiness away. Happiness was suddenly a little angry, and one sentence directly offended Wanshantang. This matter should have been brought to light, but I didn’t expect it to become a big issue again, and things became complicated and tricky.

The neighbor heard the conversation between Xingfu and Wang Qinglai, and knew that the conflict between the Wang family and Wan Chuanjia had not been resolved, so they didn’t even dare to take the wedding candy. Wang Xiuyu, who was in charge of paying for the smile and sending the wedding candy, slammed her face and went home, and her dissatisfaction with happiness was obvious. Wang Youde said a nonsense in a hurry, and his mother-in-law quickly interrupted him and dragged happiness into the room to speak.

Happily, she has a strong temperament and must distinguish right from wrong in everything. She doesn’t want anything, but asks Wan Chuan’s family to apologize to her sister. The Wang family is a small family in Wanjiazhuang, and they usually greet people with shy smiles. The mother-in-law thinks that this new daughter-in-law with a strong temperament is very good and dares to speak and act, but Wang Youde does not think so.

The second old man came to look for Wanshantang again, but he didn’t even see Wanshantang’s face. The mother-in-law thought of a way to deceive Xingfu with one thousand yuan, saying that it was paid to her by Wanshantang, and at the same time, she also asked Wan Chuanjia to pay for luck. Xingfu felt strange and panicked. After asking Wang Qingzhi, who graduated from law graduate school, he was enlightened by a few words.

He hurried to return the money to Wanshantang, but unexpectedly learned that the whole matter of losing money and apology was the idea of ​​the father-in-law and mother-in-law. , Wan Chuanjia did not apologize at all, and Wan Shan Tang did not give them any money. In addition to being surprised and angry, Wang Qinglai also persuaded her to swallow her anger and make happiness even more aggrieved and incomprehensible.

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