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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 26 Recap

Xiao Shi broke out of the siege, but instead of running out, he entered a room, as if he was looking for someone. The servant next to him guessed Xiao Shi’s purpose and wanted to protect Cai Xiang. Who knew that Fu Zongshu stopped him and asked him to protect himself first.

Yuan Shisanjian had been waiting here for a long time, and he told Xiaoshi that the world belonged to them, and Xiaoshi couldn’t escape. Memories suddenly popped into my mind, this sentence is exactly what the mother-killer said. Xiao Shi’s eyes were full of murderous intent, and he only wished to kill the enemy. The two fought, and no one outside dared to come forward easily.

Seeing Xiaoshi flying out of the house, Fu Zongshu, who was watching the fire from the other side, didn’t think it was a big deal, so he angered Xiaoshi. Xiao Shi was already red-eyed, so he suddenly picked up a chess piece and flew towards Fu Zongshu. In just a split second, the chess piece plunged into Fu Zongshu’s forehead. But Xiao Shi was outnumbered after all, and was hit by Yuan Shisan’s arrow, so he had to evacuate.

The gates of the city were tightly closed, and the people from the Ministry of Punishment also surrounded them. Koishi disarmed and surrendered and was willing to be arrested. Just when those people looked at each other in dismay, the people from Drizzle Building arrived and sent Xiaoshi out of the city.

Bai Choufei and Su Mengzhen were already at Kushuipu, just waiting for Xiaoshi to come to meet. Su Mengzhen told Bai Choufei that in the next period of time, she might not be in charge of the Drizzle Building, and hoped that Bai Choufei would stay and decide the affairs of the building instead of herself. Su Mengzhen reminded Bai Choufei, sitting in this position, you can’t just kill as you want, because in the end, all your friends will be turned into enemies.

However, Bai Choufei is different from Su Mengzhen, he doesn’t need friends in this life, just having brothers is enough. Bai Choufei also knew what Su Mengzhen was thinking about. He wanted to send Xiao Shi away first, and then take the charge of assassinating the important minister alone. Su Mengzhen was exposed, but he had made up his mind.

The three brothers are separated here. This time, Bai Choufei had just returned, and Xiao Shi was about to leave. Bai Choufei patted Xiao Shi on the shoulder and comforted him, saying that the three of them will be reunited eventually, and then Su Mengzhen’s illness will be almost healed, and they can drink together, chat together, and listen to gentle nagging together. Before leaving, Xiao Shi wanted to say something to Su Mengzhen. How could Su Mengzhen not know that Xiao Shi was concerned, he assured Xiao Shi that he would take good care of Gentleness.

Until dawn, Xiao Shi suddenly saw a familiar figure, and when he looked closely, it was actually gentle. Gentle told Xiao Shi that he should not take the official road when he went to Luoyang this time. In the future, whenever he went into the town to buy dry food and water, he had to rely on himself. Xiao Shi couldn’t help laughing, and then suddenly hugged Gentleness into his arms. At night, Xiao Shi took back a bundle of firewood and looked at the sky with tenderness.

As soon as the day dawned, the people of the court surrounded the Drizzle Tower so that it could not leak. Su Mengzhen has already made plans to resist the guilt alone. But Bai Choufei suddenly stopped him and dismissed him as the deputy owner of Drizzle Building. Everyone understood the purpose of Bai Choufei’s words, so they stood up one by one and agreed to dismiss Su Mengzhen.

Afterwards, Bai Choufei met with the people of the court as the owner of Drizzle Building. But what everyone did not expect was that the person who came was Lei Chun. It turned out that before this, Cai Xiang had taken Lei Chun as his righteous daughter.

Lei Chun didn’t want Bai Choufei to take the blame for this because of his kindness, but Bai Choufei admitted that he had already taken over the position of the landlord, and the actions in the building were all his own. Lei Chun ordered someone to take Bai Choufei away and went to the building alone to see Su Mengzhen. Lei Chun coldly told Su Mengzhen that he wanted him to wait here, watching Jinfeng Drizzle Building nibble inch by inch, watching him My good brother was tortured day by day in prison.

Fang Yingkan hurriedly found Cai Xiang, hoping that he could give him the power. Now that the six and a half halls have been handed over to Lei Chun, and Fu Zongshu is dead, Cai Xiang handed over Fu Zongshu’s position to Fang Yingyan. Cai Xiang told Lei Chun that he neither hates nor loves the rivers and lakes, but only wants the flowing gold.

This time Lei Chun went to Jinfeng Drizzle Building and brought back only one Bai Choufei, Cai Xiang couldn’t help but ask, is this business worth it. Lei Chun replied that the tree in the Drizzle Building has deep roots. If Su Mengzhen is captured, the Drizzle Building will definitely fight to the death and bleed all over the place before it will end, but Su Mengzhen is very ill and the deadline is approaching.

As for Bai Choufei, who has high ambitions, he has always been underappreciated by talent. After entering the Drizzle Building, he is named the deputy landlord, but he has no real power, and he has already accumulated resentment in his heart. Such a person will definitely be useful after grinding. Cai Xing agreed to Lei Chun’s approach and summoned Fang Ying to meet him. From this aspect alone, Lei Chun felt that this person was very familiar.

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