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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 16 Recap

In order to let Xiaoshuang and Guan Qi go out of the city smoothly, Zhu Xiaoyao asked Xiaoshuang to go out from the south gate, and he took Guan Qi out of the city from the other side. Bai Choufei originally speculated that Zhu Xiaoyao would let Xiaoshuang and Guan Qi go through the south gate, and when he heard the news, he immediately took his men and horses to chase out of the city, but only Xiaoshuang was seen alone. On the other side, Zhu Xiao had already left the city with Guan Qi on his belt.

Guan Qi suddenly rushed out of the carriage and pinched Zhu Xiaoyao’s neck. Zhu Xiaoyao hurriedly said that Xiaoshuang was his son, so he was able to breathe. Back then, Xiao Shuang’s mother, Xiao Bai, was worried that Guan Qi would not be a qualified father, so she secretly sent him away after giving birth to a child. Hearing this, Guan Qi was even more annoyed, and threw off the iron chain in his hand to tie Zhu Xiaoyao’s neck. Xiao Shi appeared in time to save Zhu Xiaoyao.

Xu Shi has hatred in his heart, and Xiao Shi is very powerful every time he shoots, and he is also very brave with a dagger in his hand. Xiao Shi cut off Guan Qi’s arm with one knife, causing him great pain. Just as Xiao Shi was about to kill Guan Qiyi, Zhu Xiaoyao stopped him. Guan Qi took advantage of Xiao Shi’s unpreparedness and wanted to fight back, but he was finally knocked to the ground. Right now, Guan Qi is like an ant, letting Xiao Shi handle it. But Xiao Shi suddenly remembered Su Mengzhen’s words, and in the end reason prevailed over impulse.

Xiao Shi forced Guan Qi to ask him what dirty things he had done for Fu Zongshu and Youqiao Group. Guan Qi confessed that Youqiao Group asked Leisuan to make fire thunders privately, smuggled them to the north, and sold them to the people of Liao at a high price, and the people of Liao came back with fire thunders to fight people of Song. Guan Qi also revealed that behind Fu Zongshu, there are even bigger characters hidden.

After getting the news, Xiao Shi comforted himself that Guan Qi is now a crippled person and can no longer continue to harm others, so let him leave. But Bai Choufei flashed out of nowhere, and after a while, he injured Zhu Xiao’s waist and killed Guan Qi. Seeing Xiao Shi’s eyes full of resentment, Bai Choufei actually felt a little guilty, and bluntly said that he was avenging the master’s revenge. Xiao Shi felt that what Bai Choufei should not move was Zhu Xiaoyao, and then he carried Zhu Xiaoyao away.

Seeing Leisuan returning with Guan Qi’s head, Fu Zongshu was so happy that he straightened his back. He reminded Leishan that if the situation like today happens again, don’t blame him for not thinking of brotherhood. Peng Jian came to report to Fang Yingjian that Bai Choufei had killed Guan Qi. Fang Yingkan admired Bai Choufei, but now that he has gone to Guan Qixi, Leishan and Fu Zongshu are still in the world, and his heart is suddenly anxious.

After returning, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei quarreled. Xiao Shi thinks that Guan Qi deserves to die, even a hundred deaths is not enough, but he doesn’t understand why Bai Choufei wants to hurt Zhu Xiaoyao. Bai Choufei retorted that he wanted to kill Guan Qi, but Zhu Xiaoyao was protecting him, so he had to take action, and he was also avenging the Master. The two quarreled endlessly, Xiao Shi felt that Bai Choufei’s behavior was no different from Guan Qi’s, but Bai Choufei blamed Xiao Shi for being a coward. In the end, the two parted ways. Gently looked at the two who were in conflict, not knowing what to do.

Hearing Su Mengzhen’s coughing, Yang Wuxie only felt like a lump in his throat. He packed up his emotions, opened his smile with difficulty, and walked in with the medicine. Here, Lei Suan came to the deceased wife’s grave to mourn, hoping that she would not blame herself for killing her brother. It was the first time Lei Chun saw such a sad lightning damage. Di Feijing told her that on the day Madam left, Leishan stood outside the mourning hall all night, and it snowed a lot that night, and Leishan seemed to have turned white overnight.

The recovered Zhu Xiaoyao returned to the Drizzle Building and received the punishment from Su Mengzhen. Zhu Xiaoyao resisted the savage stick, but the last stick might not hold up. At this moment, Su Mengzhen appeared and blocked the last stick for her. Su Mengzhen explained to everyone that, as the landlord, he was also at fault with Zhu Xiaoyao, and since then, Zhu Xiaoyao was no longer a member of Jinfeng Drizzle Building, but was still his friend. Under Yang Wuxie’s signal, everyone saw Zhu Xiaoyao off.

Xiao Shi and Wen Wen took their mother-in-law to the high-rise building. The mother-in-law felt the surrounding air, as if the master was still in the courtyard, still in the world. Xiao Shi hugged her mother-in-law to give her some relief. As night fell, Xiao Shi quietly came to the gate of the city to watch Zhu Xiaoyao. He couldn’t help thinking of himself.

He was not sad when he parted with Master at that time, because he knew that one day he would go back and reunite with Master. But after he arrived in the capital, he discovered that some passed by, but they would never see each other for a lifetime, and some goodbye, they would never meet again. In this life, he just wanted to jot down the bits and pieces and pay attention to the people around him.

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