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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 4 Recap

Under the shroud of the sun, the capital appears to be more grand and open. When Su Zhemu recovered from his illness, Li Niantang, Long Xiaoqing, and Mo Beichen, several veterans of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building, congratulated him. Just as he was talking, Hua Wuxuan walked over quickly. Su Zhemu and Hua Wucuo were walking in the yard, not forgetting to remind him that he had better abdicate as soon as possible, because he still had the reminder about him in his hand.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Jiansan led a group of people to come back to report, indicating that the box had arrived in Su Mengzhen’s hands. Hua Wucu lost the respectful look just now, and changed to a look of anger and cruelty. Su Zhemu was placed under house arrest on the grounds of recuperation, and only Liu Lianxin was left to take care of her.

Liu Lianxin found Mo Beichen in private and asked him to bring some medicines to Su Zhemu. As he said that, he handed the prescription to him, and before leaving, he signaled that he must see it. Seeing that there was no one around, Mo Beichen opened the prescription and found that Liu Lianxin’s intention was not the wine. There were a few big characters written on the prescription – if something goes against you, don’t have to come forward, it’s important to save your life.

In order to protect the gentle aunt, Yang Wuxie had to tie her up. Gentle was just about to scold Yang Wuxie, but she didn’t expect to find out that all this was Su Mengzhen’s idea. The two sat down to reminisce, and without saying a few words, Su Mengzhen expected that Wenrou had escaped from the house secretly. Today’s Drizzle Building is surrounded by Hua Wucuo, and it is impossible to break in just by a few of them. Bai Choufei suggested that all the people go to Beijing in the name of Su Mengzhen, which will definitely attract everyone’s attention.

At that time, the fake Su Mengzhen would be surrounded by heavy troops; the other way was the real Su Mengzhen, waiting for the enemy. After the troops are dispersed, he can break through the Jinfeng Drizzle Building. Everyone knew that there would definitely be a Yang Wuxie and a red-sleeved knife beside Su Mengzhen. As long as the fake Su Mengzhen carried these, they would not be easily exposed.

Hua Wucuo is rude on the surface, and there is no ambiguity in what he does. Since he has the heart to usurp the throne, he must have already supported his own forces. It is not difficult to kill him, and I am afraid that Drizzlelou will be disturbed by this. When everything is ready, taking advantage of the night, the two groups of people set off at the same time. It was originally planned to be Bai Choufei pretending to be Su Mengzhen, but Xiao Shi took the initiative to request an exchange of tasks.

Xiao Shi, Wen Wen, and Yang Wu Xie came to the capital, and they entered from the main entrance. Shopkeeper Ding had received the kindness of Su Mengzhen, so he took good care of Wen Wen and Xiao Shi to stay at the inn. Knowing that Xiaoshi only has a pair of broken socks, he gently sews a new pair of socks for him. Early the next morning, Gentle gave the socks to Xiaoshi. Xiao Shi was overjoyed and overjoyed. The house was full of the smell of charcoal fire, and Gentle wanted to open the window to breathe. Xiao Shi hurriedly stepped forward to stop her, but accidentally held her hand. A warm breath lingered between the two, and the atmosphere suddenly became very embarrassing.

Long before departure, Su Mengzhen handed the red sleeve knife to Xiao Shi and taught him a move. Few people in the world have actually seen the red sleeve knife, but as long as they see this move, they know that it is Su Mengzhen. Xiao Shi remembered Su Mengzhen’s movements and practiced it in the inn. His eyes and his movements seemed to be re-enacted, and they really had the shadow of Su Mengzhen. As soon as Rouen opened the door, she saw this move and couldn’t help but admire it again and again.

Li Niantang and Long Xiaoqing were sitting under the moon drinking and eating meat, thinking that if Hua Wucuo ascended the position of the landlord, they would do their best to serve. Just as they were talking happily, a letter from Su Mengzhen came, asking them to meet at Jixianju tomorrow. At this time, Su Mengzhen came to a secluded courtyard in the capital and met with Lei Chun. The two complained to each other, and their eyes were full of affection. Afterwards, the two hung up lanterns on the door together and bid farewell to each other.

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