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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 22 Recap

Ren Rusong has already found out the situation of Liangcheng and let Feng Lan take a look. Liangcheng was occupied by Jiedushi Yu Ming all the year round, and it was difficult to move forward even if the king ordered it. In order to control Liangcheng, Yu Ming suggested to the king to build a dam on the upper reaches of the angry water, but the progress was extremely slow. , and Feng Lanxi had to get rid of Yu Ming in order to enter Liangcheng.

Zhong Li came to report, Feng Ju went down to see Yu Mianyuan, but he didn’t stay for long. When he came out, his face was bad, and he seemed to have broken with Yu Mianyuan. After that, Yu Mianyuan immediately took people away from Yongjing. Feng Lanxi knew that Yu Wuyuan was not someone who easily admits defeat, and that there are many loopholes is not a means of Yu Wuyuan, and Feng Ju has been entangled, guessing Yu Wuyuan should be helpless to leave Yongjing.

Bai Jiande met with the other two guardians and mentioned that someone was using a fake order to cause chaos in the world. He secretly investigated and found that the maker of the order was missing. Therefore, he suspected that the token was the person who colluded with Gongye, so he asked them to help Investigate who else is the guardian.

When it snows, it is said that the first snow is a good time to have a relationship. Zhong Li advised Feng Lanxi not to be nervous. After all, he and Bai Fengxi had known each other for a long time, and he believed that Bai Fengxi also secretly promised him. Feng Lanxi flicked Zhongli’s forehead, but he did not admit that he was nervous. Feng Lanxi wanted to confess to Bai Fengxi, so he asked Zhongli to invite Bai Fengxi over.

At this time, Bai Fengxi and Feng Qiwu were eating hot pot and feasting. Feng Qiwu wondered if Bai Fengxi was so familiar with Antique Soup and was from Qingzhou. Bai Fengxi nodded, Feng was the national surname of Qingzhou, Feng Qiwu felt that Qingzhou had Princess Xiyun first, and then Bai Fengxi and other characters, it was really enviable. Bai Fengxi discussed with Feng Qiwu to change into a man’s costume and go to the field to ride horses tomorrow, without being restrained by his daughter’s family, Feng Qiwu readily responded.

On the other side, Feng Lanxi was waiting in the yard. Zhong Li learned that Bai Fengxi had been with Feng Qiwu all day, and Feng Lanxi was angry that Bai Fengxi had a very fulfilling day. Zhong Li comforted Feng Lanxi, but there are other festivals if Chu Xue is not enough. Feng Lanxi thought of asking Bai Fengxi to watch the fireworks in the mansion, and asked Zhong Li to invite Bai Fengxi to come to the mansion for a banquet tonight.

Feng Lanxi arranged everything in the mansion and waited for Bai Fengxi to make an appointment. But it was already dark, and Bai Fengxi had not yet appeared. Zhong Li inquired around and found that Bai Fengxi and Feng Qiwu dressed up in men’s clothing and entered Xianglefang, but never came out. Feng Lanxi was so angry that she rushed to Xianglefang to forcibly pull Bai Fengxi away, angry that Bai Fengxi did not take her own words to heart, and shouted at Bai Fengxi through drunkenness. Bai Fengxi was angry, she had some guilt at first, but now these guilt is gone, she turned to leave. Feng Lanxi quickly grabbed Bai Fengxi, and Zhong Li ordered fireworks to be set off.

The atmosphere was just right, Feng Lanxi hugged Bai Fengxi and watched the fireworks together, but Bai Fengxi also reached out and put his hand on Feng Lanxi’s shoulder, and also disliked who came up with such a bad trick to set off fireworks. Feng Lanxi was so angry that she rushed back to the house, leaving Bai Fengxi alone in a daze. Feng Lanxi did not give up, and asked Zhongli to bring a lot of words to study, and decided to invite Bai Fengxi to enjoy the lanterns on the night of Shangyuan.

Bai Fengxi and Feng Qiwu have been absent-minded when playing chess. Feng Qiwu revealed that Feng Lanxi wanted to express his intentions to Bai Fengxi that day. Xiao Bai Fengxi said that Feng Lanxi’s shortcomings were all a smile in his eyes and a frown on his brow. Hi, Bai Fengxi is shy. Feng Qiwu pointed out that Bai Fengxi was in a mess, and Feng Lanxi spent a whole day looking for Bai Fengxi when they went on a trip that day. Feng Qiwu asked Bai Fengxi, if Feng Lanxi expressed her intentions to her again, Bai Fengxi looked shy.

Huanniang found Ren Rusong and mentioned that if Feng Lanxi identified Bai Fengxi, she would marry no matter how difficult it was, so she asked Ren Rusong to go to another courtyard to find Bai Jiande to let Bai Fengxi retreat. Ren Rusong refused, he couldn’t do such a thing, but Huanniang had sent Ren Rusong’s invitation to Bai Jiande without authorization. Ren Rusong angrily reprimanded Huanniang for being daring, and Huanniang mentioned that her mother had taken care of her orphan back then, and she was willing to do anything for the sake of Feng Lanxi.

In desperation, Ren Rusong and Bai Jiande met and mentioned the matter of Bai Fengxi and Feng Lanxi. Although Tianshuangmen was a famous clan, it was a Jianghu sect after all. It would be difficult for Bai Fengxi to marry Feng Lanxi. Bai Fengxi is used to being free and easy and will not adapt to it. Bai Jiande understood that Ren Rusong wanted to beat the mandarin ducks by himself.

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