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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 12 Recap

On the day of the imperial examination, Gongsheng Xu Yuxin was arrested on the spot by the supervisor for entraining a cheat sheet. Xu Yuxin admitted that the cheat sheets were sold by Gongyuan brokers, which shocked everyone present. There will be such a big fraud, Pei You said that he ordered to stop the exam and search all exams.

Feng Qiwu reported the matter of the Gongyuan to Hei Fengxi, but he didn’t expect that he would already know it. It seems that some people are gradually unable to hold back, and Bai Li’s has given him a problem. If Hei Fengxi insisted on protecting Lord Pei, the Baili clan would use the mouths of the ministers to frame him for forming a party for personal gain, disregarding the laws of the country, and if he did not save it, it would make many old ministers feel chills.

Considering that in the early morning tomorrow, King Yong would definitely send someone to investigate the cheating incident, Hei Fengxi asked Feng Qiwu to help him take this job. In the face of the biggest fraud case in Yongzhou history, King Yong asked Yuan Lu’s thoughts, and Yuan Lu believed that the key was not to leak the question, because he had seen Gongsheng’s answer on the spot, which was completely different from the cheat sheet, even Feng Shiying and Song Sihan’s The answers are also very different.

Bai Langhua couldn’t get in touch with his father for a long time, so he angrily ran to question Bai Fengxi, thinking that she was hiding it on purpose. Bai Fengxi comforted her sister, saying that Master was careful and cautious, and that nothing would happen. Besides, she had asked Hei Fengxi to look for him, and hoped that Bai Langhua would be safe.

How did he know that the second brother, Gu Yu, was provoking it. He was certain that Bai Fengxi wished that his master was killed, and he would take the position of the head of the family by then, so he continued to ask Bai Fengxi why he concealed the loss of master from everyone. It’s just doing something wrong.

Bai Fengxi publicly stated that she never wanted to be the head of the family, but Bai Langhua was emotional and wanted to go out to find her father. In the end, Bai Fengxi had to click on her acupuncture point and asked Xiu Jiurong to help her back to the room to rest. When the others retreated, Bai Fengxi was too lazy to pay attention to Gu Yu, making it clear that the matter was decided by the master, and at the same time warned Gu Yu if he dared to cause trouble again, don’t blame himself for disregarding the feelings of his fellow students. As everyone knows, at this time Bai Jiande has come to Wushan, looking for Wang Shuilong of Wanjianzhuang.

In the early morning of the next day, King Yong was furious. He didn’t expect such a ridiculous time to happen in Yongjing. He couldn’t help but want to ask what the courtiers were doing, whether they would only bow their heads and confess their guilt. Fraud jokes plead guilty to the world. Feng Qiwu took the initiative to advise, thinking that Feng Lanxi could be responsible for the investigation and investigation. After all, the imperial examination was for the royal family and the whole world to select talents. It involved a wide range of things, and it was more related to the face of the royal family, so it was most suitable for someone from the royal family to come forward. The ministers seconded one after another, and Hei Fengxi responded accordingly, wishing to relieve the worries of King Yong, and finally King Yong ordered him to investigate the case of fraud in the imperial examination within seven days.

After the court meeting, King Yong couldn’t figure out why His Highness wanted to take over this mess, so he summoned Zhang Zhongge, Minister of Punishment, into the palace. Although Feng Lanxi had been in charge of the investigation, the fraud in the imperial examination was after all a matter of the Ministry of Punishment, so he asked Zhang Zhongge to stand up. Time to stand up.

Bai Langhua became angry with Bai Fengxi because of his father’s loss of contact. Bai Fengxi comforted his junior sister and admitted that the reason why she concealed the truth was that she did not want to see the situation today, and she was even more worried that her troubles would cause her illness to recur. Because Tianshuang Sect was Master’s hard work, Bai Fengxi paid special attention to it and hoped that Bai Langhua could keep the sect with her.

Hei Fengxi personally interrogated Xu Yuxin, and learned that the exam questions put out by the brokers were copied on gold foil paper, and only ministers of the third rank or above in the DPRK can use gold foil paper, and the official department has records of gold foil paper, so he arranged for Feng Qiwu to verify whereabouts, and according to Xu Yuxin’s description, draw a portrait of the broker.

Gu Yu lost money at the West Wind Casino, so he borrowed five silver leaves from the broker, and now he has to pay back twenty silver leaves with interest. Although Gu Yu refused to let Bai Fengxi intervene, Bai Fengxi still found a broker and was only willing to repay the five silver leaves. The broker saw that Bai Fengxi was a woman and wanted to do something, but he didn’t know her martial arts skills, and Bai Fengxi forced the broker to take out a loan.

It happened that Hei Fengxi came with the portrait, willing to settle the IOU for Bai Fengxi and let her go back first and wait for the news. Bai Fengxi found that every time he encountered trouble, Hei Fengxi was able to settle it, and even found that he was able to travel unimpeded in Yongjing City, and couldn’t help but wonder about his true identity.

The broker explained that the IOU was in the hands of the third master Wu, and this man was the ruffian in the city, who was in charge of the West Wind Casino and several brothels. Hei Fengxi took the broker to the Punishment Department and asked him about selling the exam questions. He learned that he was instructed by the third master Wu, so he ordered the brothers of the Ren family to bring the third master Wu.

At this time, Zhang Zhongge came to report the progress of the investigation to King Yong, thinking that Feng Lanxi was not in good health, and asked him to go back to rest first. Hei Fengxi knew that this was what the father meant. After all, it was a power struggle, and everyone was in the whirlpool of power. In this case, Hei Fengxi simply went to Huaishu Lane to find Bai Fengxi, and handed the IOU signed by Gu Yu to her.

On a whim, the two played Cuju in the yard, but Feng Chang moved to the next yard and accidentally saw this scene. Feng Chang was supposed to be happy when he thought that his weak and sick younger brother had recovered, but when he remembered that his younger brother was hiding from him, he suddenly became extremely depressed.

It didn’t take long for Hei Fengxi to report the case to King Yong. According to Wu Sanye’s confession, the person who gave him the answer at the beginning was the head of Liang Guogong’s mansion. The steward admitted that it was Liang Guogong who leaked the question, and then followed Liang Guogong’s arrangement and handed it over to Wu Sanye, a local ruffian in the city, to pretend to sell the exam questions.

Zhang Zhongge, the Minister of Punishment, verified that among the seven Gongsheng suspected of fraud, only three had entered into a deal with the broker, and the remaining four were framed and framed, and these four were also disciples of Pei Youshuo. They found the gold foil paper that copied the test questions from the broker. The handwriting on it matched Liang Guogong’s, and there was a missing piece of gold foil paper in Liang Guogong’s house. Wang Xiang had an objection, because he had the gold foil in his hand, and begged King Yong to retry the case.

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