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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 10 Recap

King Yong reminded Feng Lanxi that the queen had a deep affection for cuddling, Yongzhou has always valued filial piety, and Feng Lanxi should respect the queen well in the future. At this time, Feng Qiwu played King Yong, and the queen had a distinguished status. Even if the queen insisted on walking with the people, how could Sun Mingyang, the general of the guard, not repeatedly persuade him? The refugees had been carefully searched to see if there were any traitors and rebellion against the party. Now the six countries are uneasy. , Feng Lanxi has just been assassinated by a traitor and will die, and if the queen is poisoned again, it will be the death of Yongzhou.

Feng Qiwu thought that to make Sun Mingyang remember this lesson, he should be whipped in public. King Yong felt that the whipping in public seemed to be over, and he should still be fined for three years. Feng Qiwu also presented to the Ministry of Rites that Yang Shilang should be punished, and what would be the consequences if there were assassins among the people. The king had to say that what the queen did today was really inappropriate, so he arranged for Feng Lanxi to hold the whip for the queen.

Chuanyun wondered why King Yong was so happy when he heard the Xiao family. Ren Rusong said that his biological mother was a palace slave, and it was impossible for him to sit in the current position. It was just that the prince at that time fell to his death. His Royal Highness Yu San is a hundred times stronger, and Feng Lanxi is afraid that he will be wronged when he returns to Beijing this time.

King Yong told Baili Shi that Feng Ju was becoming more and more outrageous now, and even dared to murder his elder brother. He asked Bai Li Shi and Feng Ju to be obedient and not tossed about it in the future. Today, King Yong asked Feng Lanxi to hold the whip for the Baili clan, so that the people of the world would see their fathers, sons, filial piety, and virtuous mothers. Richie has time to care more about Fengchang. At this time, Feng Chang was very sad. Outside the city gate, the Queen Mother Bai Li would rather play a filial piety with Feng Lanxi than look at his biological son.

Bai Li’s calculation did not calculate that Feng Lanxi was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Knowing that Feng Ju has been holding Feng Lanxi’s limelight in the open and secret these years, the king acquiesced. In her opinion, King Yong’s heart Deep down has always been inferior to being the son of Gong Slave. He didn’t like Yige from the beginning, and he didn’t like Feng Lanxi, who had Yige’s blood on his body. Only kingship and hegemony made him tempted. The king didn’t like Feng Ju’s direct action to threaten Feng Lanxi’s life. After all, Feng Lanxi was also the king’s direct son. Baili told Feng Ju that if someone else did it, it had nothing to do with them.

Bai Fengxi ran out of money, so he could only take some items to pawn shops, but he could only exchange five silver leaves at most, which was not enough for so many people to spend a day. The shopkeeper asked Bai Fengxi to use the hairpin as a hairpin, and he could give him more silver leaves. This hairpin was given by Hei Fengxi, and Bai Fengxi will not take it. As a reminder, I remembered that Hei Fengxi said before that if you don’t get together temporarily, you can go to Ruyuxuan semicolon, a thousand silver leaves Whatever she takes.

Bai Fengxi came to Ruyuxuan to look for fifty silver leaves, the shopkeeper. Unexpectedly, His Highness Feng Chang, who was attacked by horn wind, even saved Feng Chang’s life. In a nightmare, Feng Chang dreamed that his mother, Empress Bai Li, was going to strangle him, and woke up instantly. Feng Chang cannot be known by others that he has a hidden disease of the horn wind, so he will make his subordinates deal with all those who see him sick.

The doctor prescribed a few more medicines to Lang Hua to condition his body. Bai Fengxi didn’t expect that he would have to pay for the medicine. Lying on the table and falling asleep is full of heartache. Bai Fengxi didn’t expect the escrow head to be so tiring, and envied Hei Fengxi’s hidden spring and water pavilion so large that it could be managed in an orderly manner. Hei Fengxi can teach Bai Fengxi, and the tuition fee is a bowl of noodles, the kind on board. Bai Fengxi went to cook noodles, and Hei Fengxi was very happy to eat.

Feng Qiwu came to find Feng Lanxi. Now that the king has established Feng Lanxi as Yongping Jun, he should consider his marriage next. sit back and relax. Feng Lanxi politely refused. If he agreed, he would become a man who could only rely on his wife to show off his strength. Feng Qiwu said that she had torn her face with the queen in public outside the city gate, and was eager to find Feng Lanxi. Now she can only rely on Feng Lanxi.

Feng Lanxi refused Feng Qiwu. He has always been light on love affairs and did not want to delay Feng Qiwu’s life. Feng Qiwu wanted to come to Feng Lanxi for a long time. Feng Lanxi claimed that his heart was in the world, and he was afraid that he would live up to Feng Qiwu’s good intentions. For the time being, he could not give three letters and six rituals, but he could still promise that the Feng family had one person under ten thousand people. superior. Feng Qiwu didn’t expect that the only man in the world who dared to treat her so coldly was Feng Lanxi, and then he thought, if Feng Lanxi agreed to her so quickly, it would not be Feng Lanxi.

Huanniang’s account of Ruyuxuan found that there were items such as Xueyunsha and jewelry. She was sure that Feng Lanxi would not use these items, so she would have the bill returned to Ruyuxuan. Feng Qiwu offered to send the account, but she wanted to see who Feng Lanxi was in love with, who bought these Xueyun yarn and jewelry. Feng Qiwu came to Ruyuxuan to show the account to the shopkeeper, but luckily the shopkeeper was tactful.

The white pigeon that delivered the letter to the master flew back again. Bai Fengxi was worried about the master’s safety, so she went to Yuruxuan to find the shopkeeper to help spread the news to see Hei Fengxi. Dynasty and Yu Mianyuan were talking about the return of Xuanji Ling to the emperor. Princess Huangyu overheard their conversation and made a fuss about Yu Mianyuan to accompany her. Huang Yu played the qin in high spirits to listen to Yu Wuyuan, but what Yu Wuyuan was thinking was Bai Fengxi. Yu didn’t know Huang Yu’s heart for him, but he had a heart, so he refused on the grounds that the Yu family could not survive thirty.

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