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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 4 Recap

The leader of the general shouted under the city tower, and for a moment saw the city gate open wide, and only a man in white stepped out. Just as the general was about to teach the other party a lesson, how could he know that Yu missed a move to knock him off his horse, and then loudly asked to see Fan Shiji, the head coach of Shangzhou.

It has been known that the Jade Master is unparalleled in the world, and is the first of the four sons today, but Fan Shiji respects the other side’s compassionate heart, but has no intention of retreating. Yu Wuyuan bluntly said that the dark tides of the six states were raging at this time, and the kings had ghosts. If he insisted on causing such a war of infidelity and inhumanity, it happened to be an opportunity for the five states to invade Shangzhou.

Even though Shangzhou is relatively rich, but the military force is by no means superior among the six states, so Yu Wuyuan promised to discuss with the city lord of Luocheng, as long as Fan Shiji is willing to withdraw his troops, from now on, Shangzhou can be exempted from taxes. Fan Shiji was a little tempted when he heard it, and promised to go back and report to the King of Shang on the spot, but Young Master Yu said nothing, which made everyone admire him.

Bai Fengxi paid close attention to the dynasty, and consciously knew Hei Fengxi for many years. He should have taken a normal view of the appearance of men in the world, but today he couldn’t help but be amazed and see through his true identity. In fact, when Bai Fengxi was looking at the dynasty, the other party was also looking at Bai Fengxi, and a name that could compete with Hei Fengxi loomed.

However, it is difficult to distinguish the appearance. At first glance, it is really not desirable, and it is not worthy of the legendary elegance of Jianghu. Therefore, the dynasty and Bai Fengxi made an agreement that when he will turn this barren mountain into a clear lake in the future, he can invite Bai Fengxi at that time. Clean up dust. Bai Fengxi readily agreed, and after he was full, he told Han Pu to take away the leftover food, and then handed Yan Yingzhou’s silver knife to him.

Seeing a knife is like seeing a person, and this thing fell into the hands of Bai Fengxi at the beginning, and the dynasty confirmed her identity, and she couldn’t help feeling that this person was really the most amazing woman in the world. Considering the trouble Bai Fengxi had encountered, in order to repay her kindness and freedom, the dynasty decided to go to Tianshuangmen first to help her deal with those who pursued Xuanji Ling.

Fan Shiji responded by hoisting the war-free flag, and immediately sent the book back to Shangzhou. At the same time, Yu Wuyuan was also taking into account the sudden changes. Sure enough, just after the words fell, Liu Gonggong led the Shangzhou army to encircle and vowed to break through Luocheng.

Yu Wuyuan promised to advance and retreat with Luocheng, and was confident that he could win this battle. Later, he went to the tower and ordered the army to fight with the three-talent formation. Cheer. Seeing that the two armies were ready to go, Hei Fengxi appeared in time to subdue Eunuch Liu, warning him that if he attacked the city at this moment, the Shangzhou army would be attacked by the enemy. arrival.

Eunuch Liu was so frightened that his legs trembled, and he hurriedly agreed to retreat, until the army made a detour and returned, Yu Wuyuan immediately went down from the tower, went straight to Heifengxi, and bowed his hands to him to express his gratitude. When the Lord of the Night City ordered an all-night celebration, Yu Wuyuan and Hei Fengxi also talked very happily. During the smile, the ceremony and the call, one was as graceful as a golden horse and jade hall, and the other was as elegant as standing on a white cloud.

The prince’s dynasty ordered someone to send a letter, and the letter revealed two good news and one bad news. Hei Fengxi guessed that the bad news was that Yan Yingzhou died for the protection of Xuanji, and the good news was that Xuanji had fallen into the hands of the dynasty, but when he heard that the dynasty met Bai Fengxi on the mountain outside Tianshuangmen, he was right. Its praise is added, but it is actually jealous.

Now that Jade has no chance to stop fighting Luocheng, he is still worried about the world. When the real person lives up to his name, the dynasty can get such a good minister. The ambition is already obvious, so Hei Fengxi has to be extra cautious. On the other hand, Bai Fengxi took Han Pu back to the Tianshuangmen Road. Fortunately, the dynasty cleared the siege and got rid of the entanglement of those people in the rivers and lakes.

Bai Fengxi reported to the master that he had fought against the Broken Soul Gate, and the masters in it were like clouds, especially good at knife formation, six ghost formation, eight ghost formation and other deadly tricks, all of them were extremely ferocious. Bai Jiande heard that a handkerchief was embroidered with crickets and distances, and he couldn’t help thinking of the war in the Dadong Chongde years. He was attacked by a mysterious army, so he suspected that they had been dormant for a hundred years. .

After talking with the master, Bai Fengxi prepared Han Pu in the clothes of a disciple of Tianshuang Sect, and told him not to rush to grow up, but now he only needs to practice hard, and people have to set goals in order to live an interesting life. Han Pu wanted to be as powerful as Bai Fengxi, and at the same time thought of the dynasty. He wondered whether he could become an emperor in the future, or whether he would be as cold as Huan Ben, guarding the country alone.

Feng Ju, the third highness of Yongzhou, took advantage of the military training, and under the pretense of making an appointment to visit his second brother Feng Lanxi, who was in bed, he really wanted to find out the truth. However, before Hei Fengxi returned, Lanxi House’s steward, Huanniang, had to stick to the door and refused to let Feng Ju in, until His Highness Feng Chang came out to relieve the siege and deliberately used a whip to teach Huanniang in front of everyone. Feng Ju was shocked.

Before Feng Ju could react, he saw that the governor of Yongzhou, Ren Rusong, came in from outside the door and angrily rebuked His Highness for beating the female officials in the palace. Ren Rusong took advantage of the situation and proposed to go to the Second Highness Lan Xi for evaluation. Feng Ju vaguely saw someone being healed through the door and window, so he dispelled his doubts and made an excuse to leave.

Seeing Feng Ju disappear at the door, Ren Rusong finally fell down, and quickly thanked His Highness Feng Chang, how could he scare the Third Highness away if he hadn’t come forward. But afterward, the more Feng Ju thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. She realized that she had been deceived, and after thinking about it, she decided to sue her father. King Yong didn’t believe that Feng Lanxi would leave the palace without permission. It happened that it was going to be a rest tomorrow, so he was going to take Feng Ju to the hot spring palace.

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