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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 23 Recap

The army was not supposed to take in the female relatives of Yuan people. The Marquis of Changxing kindly reminded him, but Lan Yu didn’t take it seriously. With his credit for the past few years, he didn’t think it was a serious matter to have a few women to serve him. Today, Zhu Di’s attitude towards himself made Lan Yu very angry, and Geng Bingwen repeatedly told him to be cautious, but it was still useless.

Hearing that the youngest son Zhu Gaojiu said that Gao Chi and Gao Xu had lost the competition again, Zhu Xi took advantage of the situation and proposed to let Gao Xu be the prince, but Miaoyun disagreed. She said with a serious expression that although Zhu Gaoxi was naughty, he couldn’t even memorize the book, so how could he be the prince? Seeing this, Zhu Di quickly explained that he was just joking.

Geng Bingwen wrote a memorial in ink and impeached Lan Yu’s behavior. Zhu Yuanzhang felt that this was not a big deal, after all, the prince would still need him in the future. As for Zhu Di, it was a bit too much control. He actually wanted Zhu Yuanzhang to order the other brothers to join the vassal as soon as possible, but among the princes, only the prince was qualified to mention this matter. The prince reminded that the fourth one was playing a secret ensemble.

The crown prince knew that his father might miss Zhu Di, so he suggested that Zhu Di return to Nanjing, and they hadn’t seen each other for three years. Three days later, Lan Yu and others returned to Nanjing. The prince held a banquet for Zhu Yuanzhang to celebrate. Unexpectedly, Lan Yu sent a small story to the prince, saying that Zhu Di ran against him, which made Zhu Biao a little angry.

Zhu Yuanzhang didn’t think it was wrong. No matter how bad Lan Yu was, he could still fight. He was just a little stupid, but he always thought he was smart. He knew that the prince felt sorry for his younger brothers, but he did not forget that they were also the prince’s subjects. At the suggestion of the prince, Lan Yu received some punishment, changing from Duke Liang to Duke Liang.

Zhu Yuanzhang ordered the five hundred Jinyiwei to go to Xi’an to take down the Qin princess, Wang Yuemin. The matter of Tanma Junsi could not be concealed. Before the matter escalated, he should take him as soon as possible. Geng Bingwen put on the table to impeach Lan Yu for some reason, and Lan Yu hated Geng Bingwen so much that his teeth itch.

Geng Bingwen couldn’t understand the thoughts of His Majesty and the Crown Prince. Why did he condone Lan Yu, who was arrogant and domineering and formed a large number of party members in the army, so he went to Li Shanchang to solve his doubts. Li Shanchang explained that His Majesty did not want to lose power and naturally wanted to check and balance the court, that’s why he did this. act. King Qin threatened with his life and did not allow Jin Yiwei to take Wang Yuemin away. After the news came back to Nanjing, Zhu Yuanzhang was furious.

After more than three years, Zhu Di finally returned to the capital. Zhu Biao was very happy, but when the brothers sat down to eat, Zhu Biao looked embarrassed and embarrassed. In a few days, King Qin and Wang Yuemin were going to be escorted back to Beijing. He wanted Zhu Di to go back and tell Miao Yun that Miao Yun could see Wang Yuemin. Zhu Di pretended to know about Wang Yuemin, but didn’t know if it was right. Miaoyun was sure that what he did was right, after all, he was not only King Yan, but also the father of Zhu Gaochi and their brothers.

After returning to Beijing, Wang Yuemin was taken to the prison, Miaoyun went to see her, and Wang Yuemin asked Miaoyun to help him transfer the Heli Book to the King of Qin. Twenty days ago, she went from Xi’an to Jinling. These twenty days were her happiest time, and it also made her understand what she had missed. To stop being a drag on King Qin was the only thing she could do for King Qin in the end.

But King Qin is an infatuated kind, even if he sees Heli Shu, he would rather tear it up than separate from Wang Yuemin. Zhu Biao was extremely disappointed, this matter was not just between their husband and wife. Many officials have already filed to impeach the King of Qin, and this matter can no longer be delayed. Unexpectedly, at this time, Chang’s childbirth suffered a dystocia, the fetus in the womb died, and both mother and child died.

The side concubine Lu Shi was also pregnant, and was excited to give birth prematurely, and gave birth to a son. Chang Shi, who has lost two children, makes Lu Shi feel distressed. Miao Yun, who was taking care of the funeral, noticed that the maid next to Lu was talking to Lan Yu, and her clever instinct was wrong. Zhu Di returned to Peiping again, and Zhu Biao sent him off. Although he was reluctant, he could only watch his younger brother leave.

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