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The novel “The Magical Doctor and the Ugly Wife Wants to Counterattack”

Novel: The genius doctor and ugly daughter-in-law want to counterattack, 神医丑媳要逆袭

Author: Liang Han, Liang Laosan

Protagonist: Liang Han

Type: Commercial farming

Introduction: [The new article “The Richest Man Was Taken Back to the Rich Family as a Poor Pitiful” has been published, everyone is welcome to collect it]

Traveling back to ancient times, she became black and ugly, full of fat, betrayed by her sister and her fiancé, and in the end she could only A country woman married to a farmhouse is notorious for being stubborn, unreasonable, lazy and notorious.

It’s okay, she’s from the 21st century anyway. Betrayed? She made the scumbag regret it! Bad reputation? She gagged them with facts! Sister-in-law doesn’t like her? She sent them to hell! Ugly? She can gradually become beautiful…

But she just wants to grow the fields and raise children to make money. How could she have thought that her husband in the mountains would be a…

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Chapter 4 Cleaning

After washing the furniture, drying it and laying it out, the house finally looks like it. She also had to wash the moldy clothes that had been sorted out of the trash.

After traveling to a farmhouse, you can’t say that if the clothes are moldy, you have to throw them away and buy new ones. Where did she get the money? This is not the 21st century. In ancient times, when a daughter got married, she could not always rely on her parents’ help, otherwise people would gossip about it? So she couldn’t count on her cheap father who was the county magistrate.

Each piece of these clothes had countless mildew spots, and they were sticky and greasy. I didn’t know how much dirt they had stained with. They exuded a strong stench, almost without maggots.

Such dirty clothes cannot be washed without soap horns.

The Liang family has not yet separated, and the clothes are washed together on weekdays. The original owner disliked the Liang family and had never washed clothes. She didn’t know where the Liang family’s saponin liquid was placed.

She, who has never worked for the family, was too embarrassed to use it directly, so she went back to the house and took out a ten-cent Da Ming treasure note from her dowry, which she bought from her family.

The disabled father-in-law went to the vegetable field to catch insects on crutches. She and Liang Jing were the only ones at home. Liang Jing was playing with the top under the tree. He was seven years old, but his intelligence was the same as that of a two- or three-year-old child. He couldn’t even play the top well.

On weekdays, Shen Yingyue was too fierce to him. She snatched his steamed bun this morning and scratched his hand. Therefore, although Shen Yingyue did not embarrass him at noon, he was still a little afraid of Shen Yingyue. In the back, I didn’t even take the top.

“Ajing, come out, the third aunt won’t beat you and scold you.” Shen Yingyue said kindly.

Liang Jing did not speak, and refused to come out. Shen Yingyue picked up the top and top rope on the ground, and went to draw the top. The top that Liang Jing had tried many times and failed to spin just now started spinning under her hands.

“Ajing, look, the top is spinning, come out and put it down?”

“Three… Three aunts…” Liang Jing came out timidly from behind the tree trunk, it was a child after all, and while he was afraid of Shen Yingyue, he couldn’t let go of this fun thing.

“Come here, auntie will teach you.” Shen Yingyue pulled the little boy over, put the rope in his hand, and taught him to spin the top.

“In this way, pull from the side, don’t push too hard, be careful not to hit yourself”

Shen Yingyue demonstrated with her hands a few times and then let go, Liang Jing would pull it out by herself, and laughed happily. Children in the countryside should help their family members at the age of seven or eight. Because Liang Jing is “stupid”, he has never been on the ground. He is always taken by the disabled Liang Zhongfu at home, so he looks white and tender. Nice to smile too.

Looking at the little boy’s bright smile, she felt that this Liang Jing didn’t look like a fool. Maybe the child was just developing more slowly, so the seven or eight-year-old’s intelligence was only two or three years old.

“Ajing, Aunt San needs some soap, can you give San Aunt some?” Shen Yingyue said her purpose after disarming the little boy.


“It’s the kind of soap that has a lot of bubbles. It’s brown, that’s the color.” Shen Yingyue was afraid that he wouldn’t understand, so she pointed to the brown mud under her feet and explained patiently.

“Bubble liquid…Okay.” Liang Jing seemed to understand, he nodded, ran back and took out a large jar of saponin liquid.

Shen Yingyue really guessed correctly, Liang Jing is not a fool, but his mental development is relatively slow, so there should be no major problems with this child’s brain.

Chapter 5 Being Taunted

After taking the soapy liquid, Shen Yingyue stuffed the ten-wen Daming treasure banknote into Liang Jing, and ran to the stream to wash her clothes.

Most of these clothes belong to her and Liang Hanchu. Most of her clothes are made of cotton. Most of Liang Hanchu’s clothes are hemp with a lot of patches. In addition, there are some children’s clothes, all from her. It was stolen from various places in the village, and she planned to wash it and take it back to others.

Shen Yingyue was fat, and she could sweat a few times with just a few movements, and her work movements were more strenuous than ordinary people. It took a long time to wash the meager pieces of furniture. Before the clothes were washed, it was already It’s afternoon.

One after another, women working in the mountains and the fields went home to cook first, and they all looked surprised when they saw Shen Yingyue who was washing clothes by the stream.

“Oh, isn’t this the third aunt of the Liang family who fell into the dry well in the morning? Why is it all right now?”

“She’s so fat that she won’t die. It’s strange if something happens. But she actually comes to wash clothes. That’s when the sun comes out in the west.”

“Shouldn’t it be bad again, take the Liang family’s things and throw them away by the stream?”

“Why? She will only move other people’s things to her own. How could she take out the things at home?”

“That’s right, it’s said that the third aunt of the Liang family is only a Pixiu and can’t get in, but don’t say it, maybe it’s worth it for the Liang family to marry this daughter-in-law.”


The women sneered at Shen Yingyue. Shen Yingyue’s bad reputation has spread all over ten miles and eight townships. In this village, she is extremely unpopular, and it is common for her to be ridiculed by the villagers.

Shen Yingyue wrung out a freshly washed cotton jacket and put it back in the bucket, looking up at the women over there.

“Sister Zhou, I borrowed your hoe last time and didn’t return it. I’ll bring it to your house tomorrow.”

“Aunt Lin, not long ago, I stepped on your melon field and killed a lot of winter melons. I’m really sorry. It just so happens that my family has a field next to yours. I’ll go ploughing the field next time. Please help.”

“Wu Erniang, here are some clothes that I stole from your house. After I wash them, I will return them to your house.”


The women who had been laughing at Shen Yingyue really looked like they had seen a ghost this time, and they all opened their mouths wide.

After a while, they laughed again.

“Aunt Liang San, what are you joking about? What crooked idea did you think of to trick us?”

“If you have any purpose, just say it directly. Why do you deliberately say these words to deceive people?”

“Will it be too ugly for you to speak? You all said that to her. She didn’t say a word. Don’t be too aggressive.” A 16- or 17-year-old woman said, this is the fifth aunt of the Zheng family. .

Her words seemed to sink into the sea without causing any waves, and everyone continued to ridicule.

Shen Yingyue didn’t say a word, the original owner’s reputation was so bad that she couldn’t say a word or two, so she just went with them. She just finished washing her clothes, wrung them dry, put them back in the bucket, and looked at Aunt Zheng Wu with a smile.

“Aunt Zheng Wu, thank you for helping me speak just now.” After Shen Yingyue finished speaking, she walked back home with two buckets of clothes.

Looking at her plump back, the women on the river bank looked at each other in dismay. Has this third aunt of the Liang family really changed? Where did all the saucyness from before go.

The women who mocked Shen Yingyue just now felt a little guilt for what they had just said.

“The third aunt of the Liang family, it seems that it has really changed.”

“It seemed like we were talking too much just now.”

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