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China Special Forces 特战荣耀 Episode 4 Recap

Yan Poyue was in the cooking class, and his heart was full of unwillingness, especially when he saw everyone practicing new subjects, he was pushing the cart. In a few days, Yan Poyue’s kung fu cutting onions was already superb, and Fan Jin was very puzzled when he saw it. Guo Kui pulled him to look out the window. Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian were exercising. It is said that they went out to practice after cutting vegetables, and they were like iron men all day long. Guo Kui wanted Fan Jin not to ask them to practice. After all, the people in their cooking class would also affect the unity, but Fan Jin didn’t agree. It is called pursuit, and the cooking class also needs to be able to fight.

Fan Jin asked the three of them to put on their clothes and go to the wild, to train them in the ability to cook in the wild, and to ask them to be smoke-free. The three were full of dissatisfaction and puzzled, but they could only dig a hole and set up a pot to make a fire.

The smoke lingered, Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie were choked with gray faces, but Lu Xiaotian by the side did not light a cigarette. The two wanted to study, but who would have thought that he was cheating with self-heating hot pot. Lu Xiaotian was punished for his military posture, Yan Poyue and Xiao Yunjie complied with Fan Jin, Fan Jin covered the wet leaves on the flue mouth, and the smoke could not escape.

The two were completely convinced by Fan Jin’s demonstration. Fan Jin didn’t want to punish them, but just hoped they wouldn’t be so arrogant. Fan Jin told the three of them to eat the rice in the pot, and he subdued the two thorn heads. When they were escorted to support, Fan Jin asked Guo Kui to bring Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Lu Xiaotian with him, otherwise no one would be able to cure them. .

The family of three discussed how to do business in the back. Lu Xiaotian planned to grow saffron here, and was scolded by Fan Jin when he heard it. The news that the cross-border drug dealer was on the run had just been broadcast on the radio, and the next second, a motorcycle rushed straight into the ravine. The post at the training ground was close to the border, and several people quickly got out of the car to check.

This person was foaming and was addicted to drugs, apparently a drug dealer. The drug dealer’s bag contained a loaded gun and a few bags of white powder, and several people hurriedly tied him up. Lu Xiaotian thought that he was going to make a contribution, and he was extremely happy along the way. The drug dealer was under the watch of Yan Poyue, Xiao Yunjie, and Fan Jin, and from time to time he let out a weird laugh.

The drug dealer was taken back to the base, because the rain was too heavy to get on the car, and the regiment would not be able to come and take the drug dealer away until tomorrow. Yan Poyue watched the drug dealers in the warehouse.

He could speak Chinese, and also inquired about what Yan Poyue’s family did. He said that he could give him the money he needed for the rest of his life, and it would be a good thing for them to let him go. Yan Poyue was too lazy to pay attention, Lu Xiaotian came to deliver him food, and the drug dealer laughed horribly again, threatening that they would go to heaven tonight, and they would go on the road after they had eaten enough.

Yan Poyue and Lu Xiaotian didn’t take the drug dealer’s words to heart, but at this moment, a group of mysterious people wearing masks were already walking towards the base. Fan Jin couldn’t sleep, his eyelids twitched wildly, the border has been unstable recently, and the rain today is even worse. The drug dealer fell asleep, Yan Poyue saw at a glance that he was pretending, he was just thinking, meditating.

Not far away came the sound of a flute, which seemed very strange in the middle of the night when it was raining heavily. The drug dealer heard the sound and made a strange cry, he was speaking the code! Fan Jin came in time to find something to gag his mouth, but the drug dealer had already taken action, and the sentinel shot as a reminder after being hit and fell to the ground. The dealer continued to roar, and the lights in the house were broken shortly after. Fan Jin told everyone to squat against the wall and remember not to turn on the flashlight.

The atmosphere was tense and dignified, and people were constantly being shot, so Fan Jin could only do simple things. Yan Poyue rushed over to help. The other party had a silencer and well-equipped weapons, so it was obviously aimed at drug dealers. The power supply was broken and the phone could not be made. Fan Jin asked Yan Poyue to go to the warehouse to find the radio station and contact the regiment.

Once again, he told everyone not to turn on the lights! Yan Poyue returned to the warehouse to look for the radio station. In such a tense atmosphere, Yan Poyue accidentally learned that Fan Jin’s nickname “Fan Laogou” turned out to be the dog in “Dragon Tiger Dog”. Yan Poyue didn’t have time to be surprised. He and Xiao Yunjie were busy using the radio to communicate. The drug dealer took this opportunity to break free.

The enemy sneaked in quietly, and there were constant gunshots outside. The radio station finally received a reply, and Yan Poyue breathed a sigh of relief. Xiao Yunjie wanted to go out to help, but Yan Poyue was extremely sober. Their task was to keep the drug dealers in check.

The radio station said that the support troops had already departed, and asked Yan Poyue why he did not participate in the exchange of fire. Yan Poyue realized that something was wrong. The other party said that the helicopter could not lock the position and asked them to turn on the lights of the post. Yan Poyue had doubts and tried further.

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