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The Imperial Age 山河月明 Episode 2 Recap

Xu Miaoyun methodically instructed his servants to prepare the things that Master Bei Zheng was going to bring, quite like the head of the family. Xu Da called her in and said that the palace wanted her to marry His Royal Highness King Yan. Before Xu Miaoyun made a statement, Xu Da said more and more angry. He didn’t look down on the stubborn King Yan at all, and he didn’t want to let his precious daughter marry him.

Miao Jin fell asleep under the desk and heard the conversation between her father and eldest sister, and she asked a few questions afterwards. Miao Yun didn’t look down on King Yan like his father did. Although everyone thought that King Yan would only mess around, it didn’t mean that he was useless.

Zhu surnamed the royal family, from the generation of Zhu Biao and Zhu Di, the brothers got along harmoniously. Zhu Biao specially asked Zhu Di to take care of his twelfth younger brother. Although they were many years apart in age, they could still play together. After the twelfth brother fell asleep, Zhu Di wrote a letter overnight and ran away. The next day, when Zhu Biao learned of this, he fell to the ground in shock. I searched inside and outside the palace, but there was no trace of him.

On that day, Zhu Yuanzhang left the court early and learned that King Yan had escaped and the prince had to close the gate, and the whole city searched for King Yan’s whereabouts. Zhu Biao ordered to select 100 escort guards who had seen King Yan before the army, put on the uniform of the Beijing Army’s Left-behind Division, and guarded the gates on the spot in two shifts. In addition, if the palace staff of each palace speaks falsely, they will be punished with one hundred sticks.

Henan scout envoy Tu Jie Shang played a secret reciting, and some princes invaded and occupied Mintian and did illegal things. The imperial censor has long been in charge of the prince and led troops to guard the frontier. If the king of Yan went out of the palace privately and was found out by them, he would inevitably cause trouble again.

Zhu Yuanzhang instructed the prince that once someone spoke about this matter, he would produce evidence of the prince’s lawlessness, which was obvious. Soon, Miao Yun also learned that King Yan had escaped from the palace. She and her father analyzed that King Yan who is not entangled may not go far. After being inspired by Xu Da’s words, Zhu Biao attacked the twelfth younger brother, and finally learned from his mouth that the fourth younger brother was wearing guard clothes and went out of the palace among the guards. Where he went is still a mystery. Zhu Biao told Zhu Yuanzhang that King Yan had escaped from the palace, and he had already punished his 12th brother to kneel in the ancestral hall.

At this time, Zhu Di went to Qin Wang’s mansion, and stalked Qin Wangfei, and wanted to take away a piece of Qin’s mansion’s Hundred-House Waist Card and a pair of armor. Qin Wangfei, Minmin Timur, is Kuo Kuo’s younger sister, and she privately instructed her confidant, Ulan Tuya, to tell Kuo Kuo that Zhu Di was going to go with Xu Da as soon as possible. Xu Da also learned about this on the way to the expedition, Xu Zengshou hurried home, and told the eldest sister Miaoyun the news of King Yan. Soon after, Xu Da arrived in the Xuanwu Lake Army, and the secretary in charge presented the roster of the army. Xu Da told that a soldier named Zhu Silang from the Qin palace came in, and it was Zhu Di who was wearing armor.

Before Zhu Di could see him, Xu Da took the lead in picking out the identity of Zhu Di’s fourth prince and bowed down to him. Zhu Di admitted frankly that he was a soldier on the frontier now, and Xu Da took advantage of the situation to rebuke him that since he was an ordinary soldier, he should not wear the purple armor of more than a thousand households. These forty military sticks really hit Zhu Di, and he did not change his mind no matter what, and insisted on following the army. This matter soon spread to Miaoyun’s ears and the palace, Zhu Yuanzhang made a big fire, and Empress Xiaoci came to comfort him, so he turned off the fire.

Xu Da entered the palace and stated that if Zhu Yuanzhang allowed Zhu Di to go out with the army, the day when the class returned to the court would be the day when Zhu Di and Miao Yun got married. If not, the marriage is over. That night, Zhu Yuanzhang went to the Xuanwu Lake barracks to see Zhu Di, who was being blamed by the stick, and gave him two options.

One was to follow the army to the north and marry the daughter of Xu’s family when he came back. ‘s relatives. Zhu Di firmly chose the third way. He wanted to go north with the army, but he would not marry Miaoyun after returning. Although Zhu Yuanzhang agreed, he also taught King Yan a lesson with his shoe board. By the way, he turned around and told Xu Da that Zhu Di and Miaoyun were married.

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