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The Blue Whisper: Part 1 与君初相识 Episode 15 Recap

Lin Haoqing and Qu Xiaoxing stood on the opposite top of the mountain, and when they saw Ning Qing taking Ji Yunhe away from a distance, Lin Haoqing secretly vowed to rescue Ji Yunhe.

Ji Yunhe was detained at the Congji Station in Lutai Mountain. She woke up in a daze and heard the guards outside the door explaining the task. They split up and went under the cliff to find Changyi’s whereabouts. They also blocked the news that she was detained in Lutai Mountain. Ji Yunhe Only when she knew she was arrested, she was worried about Changyi’s safety.

After Changyi fell from the cliff, he was washed to the shore by the current, and his entourage, Rosso, happened to be ordered to come out to find him, so he rescued the unconscious Changyi to the shore. He was in a hurry.

Ao Xian Kongming of the Immortal Master’s Mansion came to find Changyi, first helped him stop the blood in his chest, and asked Rosso to take Changyi to the inn in the town to hide, seeing Ji Chengyu and the disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion search for the nearby , Kong Ming hurried to meet him, covering Rosso and Changyi to escape.

Ji Chengyu recognized his senior brother Kongming and pushed the others away. Ji Chengyu saw blood on the ground and guessed that he had seen Changyi. Kongming admitted that he had let him go, and advised Ji Chengyu to give up as soon as possible. Not letting the people of the Immortal Master’s Mansion find long-term meaning, Ji Chengyu tried hard to persuade Kong Ming not to be an enemy of the Immortal Master Ning Qing, Kong Ming didn’t want to hear him continue to talk, and left without looking back.

Ji Chengyu went back to Ning Qing to return to his life. Ning Qing knew early on that he had let Kong Ming go. Ji Chengyu was so frightened that he confessed his mistakes again and again. follow. Ji Yunhe felt the aura of the shark bead in her body was calm, and knowing that Changyi was safe and sound, she felt a little at ease.

Ning Qing brought Ji Chengyu to see Ji Yunhe, Ji Yunhe publicly challenged Ning Qing and clamored for meat, Ning Qing agreed, Ji Yunhe insisted on asking Ning Qing what her intentions were in arresting her, Ning Qing knew that she had let go of her long-term intentions, She was very curious about her and wanted to see what tricks she would play.

Ji Yunhe confessed that she knew in advance that there was a river under the cliff, so she deliberately pushed Changyi down and released it. Ning Qing found out that Ji Yunhe contained the spiritual power of both heavenly and earthly immortals in her body, and became even more curious about her. Before leaving, she told Ji Chengyu to take good care of Ji Yunhe.

Ji Yunhe knew very well that her time was short, and wanted to enjoy the last time, Ji Chengyu persuaded her not to anger Ning Qing, and her life would not be in danger. Ru Ling sent people to look for Changyi’s whereabouts, but they were unsuccessful. She was so angry that she drove away Zhang Xianshi and the guards.

Tianjun Rujun came to see her sister Ruling, fed her the healing soup, and advised her not to be arrogant. Ruling poured all her anger on him, and broke the medicine bowl in a fit of anger. When Ning Qing came to hear the news, Ru Ling immediately smiled, and Ning Qin played the piano to make her happy. Ru Ling was fascinated, and the anger in her heart disappeared immediately.

Ru Jun wanted to bring Ru Ling back to Heaven and find another famous teacher for her. Ning Qing was very annoyed and wanted to fight Tian Jun. Thanks to the gods Lei Ze and Fei Lian who came in time, Ning Qing excused Ru Ling’s injuries. , let her stay in the Tianshi Mansion, Tianjun didn’t want to continue to entangle with him, so he had to take Lei Ze and Fei Lian to leave first.

The more Tianjun thought about it, the more angry he became. He came under the Bodhi tree and wanted to retrieve the magic weapon left by his father and emperor to suppress Ning Qing and bring Ru Ling back to heaven, but the magic weapon did not recognize him at all. God Lord Hexu was dozing behind the tree. He stretched out and overturned the chessboard in front of him. The chess pieces were scattered around the world. Lei Ze and Fei Lian were very dissatisfied. No deal. Tianjun wanted to play a game of chess with Hexu Shenjun, and wanted to use this to find his own chance, and Hexu Shenjun agreed.

Kongming personally healed Changyi, and Changyi gradually woke up. Rosso wanted to take him back to the East China Sea as soon as possible to see King Shark. When Changyi saw the conch on the table, he couldn’t help thinking of Ji Yunhe’s ruthlessness. Remove the wishing stick and destroy it. Kong Ming guessed that Changyi was trapped by love, and took the opportunity to propose to join forces with him to deal with the Immortal Master’s Mansion, but Changyi categorically refused, and Kong Ming scolded him as a weak person who was hurt by emotions.

Ji Yunhe dreamed that Changyi returned to the East China Sea, and she also grew a shark tail. Changyi hated her deeply. Ji Yunhe was very sad, but she was very relieved that Changyi finally returned to her own place. Tianjun expressed his worries to the God of Hexu.

In order to protect the four seas and the eight desolates, his father did not hesitate to return to chaos when suppressing Zhu Yan’s chaotic army. Tianshi Ningqing had ambitions and coaxed his sister Ruling to the sky. Shifu, Tianjun wants to bring his sister back, but his limited spiritual power is not Ning Qing’s opponent. Hexu Shenjun advised him not to worry. Tianjun has a chance in the world, and he can get what he wants when the fate gathers.

Jun wants to know when the fate gathering will come, Hexu Shenjun keeps silent. It turned out that when Hexu Shenjun accompanied Tianjun to travel in the world, he encountered Kongming who had left the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Tianjun encouraged Kongming to cheer up, and they became attached. Kong Ming always thought that long-term meaning was his chance, and guarded him every step of the way.

Luo Jinsang wanted to go to Tianshi Mansion to save Ji Yunhe, but Qu Xiaoxing tried desperately to stop him. Lin Haoqing entered the Tianshi Mansion alone and wanted to save Ji Yunhe, but Ji Yunhe categorically refused and condemned him for not sending Changyi into the tiger’s mouth. Lin Haoqing didn’t want to explain too much, and wanted to save her.

Ji Yunhe asked him to take good care of Luo Jinsang. Ning Qing suddenly came to the dungeon and knocked Lin Haoqing to the ground indiscriminately. Lin Haoqing lied that he was just here to see Ji Yunhe and swore allegiance to Ning Qing. Ji Yunhe knew that the Immortal Master Mansion was heavily guarded, and guessed that Ning Qing had deliberately put Lin Haoqing in, and Ning Qing confessed to it.

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