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The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 6 Recap

The Oath of Love 余生,请多指教 Episode 2 Recap

When Gu Wei and Gu Xiao returned home, they found that Gao Xi was actually there. Only then did they realize that Gu’s mother specially invited her to come over to help fight. Even so, Gu’s mother wanted to take this opportunity to promote the relationship between Gu Wei and Gao Xi. , after all, she is also very optimistic about this girl, and thinks that the two families are the right match, so they should discuss marriage matters as soon as possible.

At the dinner table, Mother Gu unabashedly revealed her love for Gao Xi, suggesting that they should not only focus on work, but also consider their family appropriately. In the hospital at this time, Lin Zhixiao found the note left by her father and was suddenly at a loss. Doctor Du called Gu Wei for her and explained the situation in time.

Considering that Lin Jianguo left the hospital without authorization and was likely to have suicidal thoughts, Gu Wei urged Dr. Du to write an application for hospital monitoring first, and he would rush back to the hospital as soon as possible. When Gao Xi learned about this, he got up and followed Gu Wei to the hospital. The originally lively dinner party was deserted immediately, and only Gu Xiao was left to accompany Gu’s mother to eat.

After arriving at the hospital, Gu Wei soothed Lin Zhixiao’s emotions and searched for Lin Jianguo with her, but there was no trace of him along the way. Lin Zhixiao answered her mother’s call and confirmed that Lin Jianguo had never returned home, but she was so anxious now that she almost thought of all the places her father could go.

The more anxious he was, the easier it was to cause trouble. Lin Zhixiao suddenly had unbearable abdominal pain. Gu Wei parked his car directly in front of the convenience store and went to the store to buy some necessities in person. Looking at the sanitary napkins on the shelf, Gu Wei felt a little at a loss. Fortunately, a woman passed by at this time helped him choose two, and at the suggestion of the salesperson, he bought a few warm babies and a cup of hot drink.

Lin Zhixiao felt unbelievable after taking the things that Gu Wei handed over. After drinking the hot drink, the pain gradually eased. Gu Wei told Lin Zhixiao to relax as much as possible now, otherwise the nervousness would lead to aggravated abdominal pain. Lin Zhixiao tried to calm himself down and took the initiative to tell the experience of running away from home when he was a child. Tears flowed unconsciously.

At this time, Mother Lin called again, saying that she received a payment text message and found that Lin Jianguo had bought a ticket to return to his hometown. I am afraid that he is already at the train station at the moment, and there are still forty-five minutes before the departure. After Lin Zhixiao found out, he went to the train station accompanied by Gu Wei, and finally found the man who made her and her mother care about.

Father Lin was also sharing his happiness with others, proudly praising his daughter for being a caring little padded jacket, but in a fit of rage, Lin Zhixiao shouted his full name in public, accused him angrily, and dragged him with him. Go back to the hospital by yourself. Lin Jianguo played a rogue and proposed to eat KFC. Gu Wei thought that his state was not suitable for the operation tomorrow, so he simply postponed the operation.

Seeing that Lin Jianguo left with Lin Zhixiao, the male passenger next to him couldn’t help but question the warmth of the little padded jacket, and his wife was expecting to give birth in his hometown. If he gave birth to a daughter in the future, I wonder if he would have such a temper. On the other hand, in the KFC restaurant in the middle of the night, Gu Wei sat alone not far away, so that he could talk to Lin Zhixiao and Lin Jianguo alone.

Lin Jianguo happily ate the hamburger, completely ignoring his daughter’s anger, and even urged her to follow along. Lin Zhixiao was in no mood at all, and he was still full of anger, especially when he thought that his mother had just smashed his leg in order to find him, and accused Lin Jianguo of having no sense of responsibility as a man.

Perhaps realizing that he had gone too far, Lin Jianguo took the initiative to explain his reasons for returning to his hometown. He also wanted to get back the 100 wish lists that his daughter wrote when she was in elementary school, hoping to fulfill her daughter’s wish as much as possible within a limited time. Hearing her father’s words, Lin Zhixiao couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Usually, Teacher Lin didn’t seem to understand or support her on the surface, but she didn’t expect to remember her childhood.

Lin Zhixiao found an excuse to go to the toilet, broke down and cried when he rushed out the door. At the same time, he blamed himself for his self-willedness over the years. After all, he said a lot of things that hurt Lin Jianguo before. Seeing this, Gu Wei came out to comfort him, but his straight man’s speech made Lin Zhixiao cry even more, so he took the initiative to step forward and hug her gently, almost trying his best to soothe her with the gentlest tone. wounded heart.

Gu Wei’s behavior reassured Lin Zhixiao, but he was quickly surprised again, remembering that he was a clean freak himself, so he could endure tears dripping on his jacket. Gu Wei smiled and said that her cleanliness had been cured by Lin Zhixiao, and immediately realized that this sentence was too ambiguous, and hurriedly changed the subject, telling her to adjust her state as soon as possible.

On the way back, Lin Zhixiao looked at her father who was sleeping beside her, silently reciting the word “Dad”. The deep love between her father and daughter was buried deep in her heart, and she finally saw the light of day again. Gu Wei looked through the rearview mirror and saw Lin Zhixiao resting his head on his father’s shoulder. His mood was also very complicated, but more than that, he was relieved.

On the other side, Gu Xiao returned to his house in the middle of the night and complained to his mother that he had not eaten enough at Gu Wei’s house. Gu Xiao’s mother felt sorry for her son, so she went to the kitchen to prepare a late-night snack for him. Gu Xiao’s father sat on the sofa next to him and read the newspaper, glanced at Gu Xiao indifferently, and compared the gap between him and Gu Wei.

Also because his father looked down on him everywhere, Gu Xiao was particularly unhappy, and immediately spoke out to fight back. A fierce quarrel broke out between the father and son again. Gu Xiao’s father decided to cut off all his son’s credit cards, but Gu Xiao was very disdainful of this and turned around and left. Gu Xiao, who seems to be very self-respecting, actually waited for Gu Xiao’s mother at the door of the house for a long time. When she came out with a card, she pretended to accept the card and drove straight to the hotel.

Mother Lin stayed in the hospital anxiously, watching Lin Jianguo being sent back by her daughter and Gu Wei, both angry and uncomfortable. After settling down with her father, Lin Zhixiao finally fell into a big rock in her heart. She thanked Gu Wei and separated. In the early morning of the next day, Lin Zhixiao opened the album at home and smiled at the group photo of a family of three. Gu Wei also stood on the balcony and looked into the distance, unconsciously falling into contemplation.

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