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Royal Feast 尚食 Episode 33 Recap

It was snowing outside, and Ziping excitedly ran to Yongning Palace to invite him to enjoy the snow, but Yao Zijin remained silent as before, and did not speak. The palace maid told Ziping that the concubines and concubines of the palaces changed their ways every day to make Yao Zijin happy, and they were betting on who would make it. Yao Zijin opened his mouth to speak, but to little effect.

Zhu Zhanji returned to the palace after quelling the rebellion. On the way, he released the eagle raised from childhood. You Yifan secretly reported that the King of Han had frequently sent people in and out of Zhangde recently. More than 100 stones of grain and materials were donated. If you want to rebel, the most important thing to hoard is grain. It can be seen that King Zhao has no intention of rebelling.

After Zhu Zhanji went back, he immediately visited Yao Zijin. Yao Zijin didn’t ask for help. When they slept together, Zhu Zhanji only thought that she was out of favor and arrogant, so she refused to bow her head and admit her mistake, but it was really baffling that she had not spoken for so long. Chen Wu quietly revealed that Yao Zijin had been picked up by the people from Pengcheng’s uncle’s house for nearly half a year in his boudoir, and maybe he was stimulated by it.

The queen mother found that her silkworms were not well raised, so she asked her queen and Yao Zijin what they were doing. Yao Zijin stopped talking. The queen mother asked if she always resented her for favoring Empress Hu, and then she said earnestly that as the head of the harem, she would naturally put Daming Jiangshan first. She hoped that Yao Zijin could be a good example of the harem.

The people will crusade her, and the historian will record what she said and did today in the annals of history. The queen mother told Yao Zijin pertinently that she had always wanted to find a virtuous wife for Zhu Zhanji to help him achieve his great career. Finally understood the good intentions of the queen mother, Yao Zijin felt much more relieved, and returned to Yongning Palace to reveal to Ziping what she couldn’t speak. Ziping quietly glued the scallops and sent them to Zhu Zhanji.

Zhu Zhanji suddenly thought of Yao Zijin when he saw the clam shell that could not speak, and immediately returned to Yongning Palace to ask if Yao Zijin was aphasia. After receiving confirmation from Yao Zijin, Zhu Zhanji felt guilty. Imperial Physician Sheng was diagnosed with a heart disease. Zhu Zhanji guessed that Yao Zijin must have been detained when he was a child. Since then, there have been shadows. After being hit by the last lockdown, his emotions collapsed.

After Ziping knew that Yao Zijin was suffering from aphasia, she lay crying beside Yao Zijin. She didn’t even know that her good friend suffered so much grievance. Yao Zijin helped Ziping to comfort her not to be sad, and gradually she could speak.

Tell Ziping what happened. The reason why she didn’t tell others after her aphasia was that the palace couldn’t accommodate a concubine who was aphasia. At first she was full of fear for the queen mother, but after hearing what the queen mother said to her, she felt that the queen mother was also a mother, at least a mother. The enlightened queen mother did not feel so stressed, and her aphasia naturally healed.

After the setback of aphasia, Yao Zijin became more tenacious. She knew that Yao Zijin from the Prince’s Academy in the past had gone out and was no longer just casually being herself. Yao Zijin summoned Yuehua and Meng Shanggong. Yuxi told the truth and knew that Yuehua was the initiator. In order to protect Yuehua, Meng Shanggong chopped off his own fingers and punished him. Meng Shanggong was kind to Yao Zijin. Yuehua successfully escaped the catastrophe again.

Meng Shanggong automatically applied to be a handyman in the cold palace. Hanying followed Meng Shanggong to learn cooking since she was a child, and she was heartbroken when she saw that the powerful Shanggong actually destroyed her future for Yuehua, who made many mistakes.

You Yifan gave Zhu Zhanji a golden wire armor. This armor is exquisite and invulnerable. Zhu Zhanji likes it very much, and specially called Yao Zijin to appreciate it, but Yao Zijin has a different opinion. You once gave Zhu Gaochi many rare treasures, but now they only Sending armor is too stingy.

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