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Assistant of Superstar (2022) 天王助理

Assistant of Superstar
Other Title: Tianwang Assistant, 天王助理, Assistant to Heavenly King, Tian Wang Zhu Li

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Li Wenhao
Bao Zhengqi, Fan Yiyuan
Release Date:
 Feb 14, 2022
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  • Sun Ze Yuan as Wang Yuxi
  • Lu Yu Xiao as Wei Chiyao
  • Xu He Ni as Song Qige
  • Kong Xiao Ming as Zhu Dazhuang


The TV series “Assistant to the King” is directed by Li Wenhao in 2020, starring Sun Zeyuan, Lu Yangyang, Chen Pengwanli, Wang Luqing, Xu Heni, Han Dan, Kong Xiaoming, Xie Xingyang and Xiao Ai.

The much-anticipated traffic superstar You Xi with poor literary literacy and Yuchi Yaoyao, a history scholar who suffers from crowd phobia, had a collision that caused the two people’s life trajectories to change dramatically. You Xi screwed up the interview for the important role of the idol-turned-power faction, and Yao Yao, who had dreamed of being a teacher since childhood, was also hit by the only bad review from the tutoring platform in her life.

In order for Yu Xi to win this role, the agency is looking for a scholar to be its literary tutor, but it never occurred to me that the teacher hired was Yuchi Yaoyao. Unable to get out, Yao Yao had to bite the bullet and take up his post, hoping to help You Xi win the first male lead of the transformation masterpiece as soon as possible so that he could get out as soon as possible.

In the process of getting along with the two, there were constant conflicts. In order to keep the five-star praise record of the tutoring platform, Yao Yao had to become You Xi’s full-time assistant. Since then, the hilarious fighting method of mutual support between the little assistant and the big star has started…

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