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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 20 Recap

In the days that followed, Nie Dongyuan and Nie Yusheng would often visit Sun Ping. The three generations of grandparents and grandchildren got along well and warmly. If there was no custody issue, Tan Jing would be very willing to see this happen. Because Sun Ping’s postoperative recovery was very successful and he was soon able to recover and be discharged from the hospital, Nie Yusheng couldn’t wait to decorate the room, looking forward to his future life.

Sun Ping developed feelings for Nie Dongyuan, and some were reluctant to leave him, but Nie Dongyuan promised to meet often even after he was discharged from the hospital, and even invited him to play at his own home. At this time, Dr. Li came to persuade Nie Yusheng to participate in the football game. If the team had him as a striker, it would naturally have a better chance of winning.

Originally, Nie Yusheng wanted to refuse, but when he learned that Sun Ping was full of curiosity and yearning for football games, he readily agreed. On the second day, Nie Yusheng worked extremely hard on the court and was full of energy. Whenever he won a point, Sun Ping would cheer along with him until he couldn’t help falling asleep in the second half.

When walking to the hospital, Nie Yusheng carried the familiar Sun Ping on his back, and told Tan Jing that he had arranged the house so that she and Sun Ping would be able to move in at that time. Tan Jing was in a complicated mood and did not respond too much. When he told Sun Ping a story at night, Sun Ping hoped to see the ball game more often in the future.

Early the next morning, Nie Yusheng came to the ward and found that Tan Jing took Sun Ping without saying goodbye. At first, he thought she was going home after being discharged from the hospital, but after knocking for a long time, no one opened the door. Then he felt at a loss, and hurriedly found Wang Yuling to ask. How could Wang Yuling know nothing about the situation.

Tan Jing took Sun Ping to live in a daily rental apartment. Although Sun Ping didn’t like the environment here, he still stayed by his mother’s side obediently, without much dissatisfaction. On the other hand, Nie Dongyuan was very angry when he learned that Tan Jing took his grandson away, and immediately sent someone to look for his whereabouts, and quickly found the real address.

Just as Tan Jing went downstairs to get takeout, he was stunned when he saw that Nie Yusheng had come over. Nie Yusheng questioned why Tan Jing left, but Tan Jing thought that Sun Ping was still young and should not bear things that should not be endured at this age, and did not want someone to take his children away.

Although Nie Yusheng promised to stand on Tan Jing’s side, when he returned to the ward, he happened to hear Nie Dongyuan and Secretary Quan talking. Secretary Quan thought that if the child custody issue was brought to court, Nie Yusheng’s authorization must be obtained, and Nie Yusheng strongly opposed it, saying that he would never compete with Tan Jing for custody.

In fact, Nie Dongyuan didn’t even think about going to court, because he had many ways to deal with Tan Jing. On behalf of Nie Yusheng, lawyer Xiao formally notified Tan Jing, saying that the Nie family would make every effort to fight for the custody of the child, and Tan Jing asked lawyer Xiao to tell Nie Dongyuan that she would defend her rights as a mother.

Sheng Fangting helped Tan Jing to introduce lawyer Xu to understand. After some analysis, it seems that Tan Jing is more favorable from the current situation, and at the same time, be careful that the other party may take illegal measures. Nie Yusheng called and wanted to chat with Tan Jing about Sun Ping, but Tan Jing handed over the call to Lawyer Xu, unable to see Sun Ping at this special time.

Nie Dongyuan heard that Tan Jing had found a well-known lawyer to help her with the lawsuit, so he asked Secretary Quan to notify Lawyer Qiao and try to complete the custody matters within five working days. For Nie Dongyuan now, guardianship is an imminent battle. Before signing the equity gift agreement, he would greet several directors, supervisors and major shareholders of the company. After all, Nie Yuan was negotiating cooperation with Qingsheng Group. If there is any change in equity, it can bring a sensitive reaction to the outside world.

Secretary Quan thought that Tan Jing actually had many loopholes, and it was not difficult to fight for custody. In order to fundamentally defeat Tan Jing, she had the personnel department dismiss her directly. Tan Jing readily accepted the signing of the resignation agreement, but felt uneasy afterwards, and took the initiative to call Sheng Fangting to ask whether the lack of work would affect the fight for guardianship.

Sheng Fangting told her that it would have an inevitable impact, and the only thing she could do was to inform Nie Yusheng of the cause of Tan’s father’s death, but Tan Jing felt that she had never looked for him before, and she didn’t need to talk about it in the future.

Lawyer Xu has learned that Nie Yusheng has visited a psychiatrist more than 40 times in the past seven years. If this can be used as evidence that he suffers from mental illness, it will definitely bring very favorable results. After thinking about it, Tan Jingsi finally gave up submitting the report, not wanting to hurt Nie Yusheng any more.

At the same time, Nie Yusheng was reported to have taken bribes in the process of advancing the project, and the hospital launched a team to review him, which surprised him. Director Fang firmly believed that Nie Yusheng was a man, and was also very angry. He repeatedly emphasized that he would never take bribes, and was even willing to lead the whole department to testify.

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