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Because of Love 今生有你 Episode 13 Recap

At the beginning, Nie Yusheng kept his promise. After he had accumulated savings for two years, he went to the antique store to buy a ring, but he unexpectedly received a breakup call from Tan Jing. To this day, Nie Yusheng still couldn’t figure out why Tan Jing was like this, so when he couldn’t help but ask, he found that Tan Jing was crying silently.

Tan Jingqiang endured and expressed her hatred for Nie Yusheng, and did not dare to turn her head to look at him, at least it showed that she had really loved him. Nie Yusheng ordered Tan Jing to get out of the car halfway, but he drove back in an instant, forcibly shoved her into the passenger seat, and galloped all the way to the hotel.

In order to make Tan Jing sleep soundly, Nie Yusheng opened a special room and took care of him by himself. Tan Jing, who was already drowsy, stared at Nie Yusheng, the intimate distance between the two did not cool down, but uncontrollably embraced and kissed each other, until Tan Jing said that he would exchange his needs with his body, and the atmosphere suddenly dropped to freezing point.

At this moment, Nie Yusheng’s eyes and even his face turned cold, and his expression looked a little strange. He suddenly got up and slammed the door and walked away. When he walked to the elevator door, he felt the stinging pain in his palm. The thermometer had been squeezed into his hand by Nie Yusheng. The broken glass column was deeply embedded in the palm of his hand, and blood and mercury fell to the ground, gradually making him conscious, hiding his anger in a ridiculous and pale way.

Once Tan Jing offered to break up, it was for Nie Dongyuan’s five million dollars, and even resolutely responded that he had never loved him. Now Nie Yusheng knew that Tan Jing was ruthless towards him, but he couldn’t help but soften his heart and let her ask for anything, so he made a special trip back to negotiate. Tan Jing was lying in the room alone, but he didn’t expect Nie Yusheng to come back.

Nie Yusheng knew that Tan Jing was having a hard time because of the child’s operation fee. He was willing to pay the operation fee, but only if Tan Jing got divorced. Tan Jing bluntly said that he didn’t want Nie Yusheng’s money, and as long as he could only take care of Sun Ping’s illness, he would choose to divorce Sun Zhijun.

After Nie Yusheng left, Tan Jing felt that she had deceived Nie Yusheng. In fact, she never married Sun Zhijun from beginning to end, let alone divorce. On the other hand, Nie Yusheng finally realized that the heartache was really felt, and at this moment he made a decision resolutely.

Sheng Fangting was still worried about Shu Qin’s safety, so he went to the bar to take her away and sent her home. Although Shu Qin seems to be sad about the end of this relationship, she is actually missing her first love. However, Sheng Fangting has no idea of ​​her thoughts at all, and even celebrates the happy breakup, and then turns around and leaves.

The next morning, Tan Jing drove back to the hospital to take care of his son Sun Ping. Nie Yusheng stayed in the duty room to rest for the night. He was reprimanded by Director Fang because of a cut on his right hand. Later, Director Fang cancelled Sun Ping’s surgery and decided to choose someone else, which made Nie Yusheng very annoyed.

Nie Dongyuan came to chat with Sun Ping, and found that the child was young, but he was mature. In order to earn medical expenses, he even thought of selling toys to make a profit. Because Sun Ping is too sensible, Nie Dongyuan admires him and decides to help the child complete the operation.

Director Fang talked to Tan Jing privately. Since Nie Yusheng’s reputation in the hospital was very bad, he was in charge of Sun Ping’s surgery. Tan Jing still hopes that Nie Yusheng can take care of it, and at the same time shows that he can’t afford the high cost of routine surgery. Unfortunately, Director Fang has nothing to do, and firmly emphasizes that the project must be handed over to others.

Tan Jing came out of the director’s office and happened to see Shu Qin and Nie Yusheng walking side by side. She couldn’t hide her disappointment. Shu Qin reassured Nie Yusheng that since he couldn’t put it down, he didn’t need to pick it up again. In fact, he sometimes envied his way of life, unlike those smart people who were used to suspicion, but lived a more pure life.

Sheng Fangting knew that Tan Jing was worried about the operation fee, so she wanted to help her pay in advance, because seeing her reminded her of her mother, which was equivalent to helping her once frail and sickly self. Tan Jing thought about it for a moment and accepted Sheng Fangting’s funding. The two went to the hospital’s front desk to pay the money. Unexpectedly, Nie Yusheng was also there.

Because Sheng Fangting made no secret of his concern for Tan Jing, Nie Yusheng already regarded him as a rival in love. Tan Jing insisted on using Sheng Fangting’s money, and then put the refund receipt in front of Nie Dongyuan, indicating that he did not need any alms from him.

When Nie Dongyuan learned that Sun Ping was Tan Jing’s son, he recalled all the previous coincidences, whether it was the appearance of Sun Ping and Nie Yusheng when they were young, to the personality and habits, he believed that Sun Ping was his grandson. In order to confirm Sun Ping’s identity, Nie Dongyuan couldn’t wait to find Director Fang and asked him to check the DNA to make sure everything was safe.

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