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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 9 Recap

Zuo Yan grew up under her mother’s unquestionable love from a young age. Because the pillow is made of traditional Chinese medicine, her body smelled, so even though she grew up beautiful, her classmates still pointed at her.

Her mother forced her to learn tennis, and forced her to learn something she didn’t like. Zuo Yan brought up her father in a fit of anger, which also hit a thorn in her mother’s heart. For so many years, Zuo Yan had been overwhelmed. On the night after drinking with Xiao Xiao, Zuo’s mother handed over a glass of vegetable juice again, and Zuo Yan resisted and drank it all.

Xiao Xiao woke up after a hangover and carefully recalled what happened last night, but it was cut off at the most critical moment. For Lin Shen, the air this morning was sweeter than before, but he felt a little uncomfortable when he saw Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao guiltily asked himself if he had done anything to him by drinking too much last night, and explained that he had been cut off last night, and Lin Shen’s mood suddenly fell to the bottom. Zuo Yan’s latest trumpet commented again last night. Of course, Zhang Kexi’s fans have been attacking her all this time, and Zuo Yan has been suppressing herself. Why did it suddenly break out last night?

Lin Shen guessed it was Because of Zuo Yan’s mother. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao both received a courier, Xiao Xiao was the hot spring experience coupon sent by Fan Qi, Lin Shen looked a little sour from the side. Xiao Xiao suddenly had an idea, use these to build a team building and give Zuo Yan an angry gift package.

Lin Shen couldn’t help but wait for the news that Xiao Xiao invited him to dinner, and Shao Lin told him with his eyes that saw through everything, you are in love! Shao Lin asked Xiao Xiao to bring another friend, and Xiao Xiao naturally thought of Yan Luo.

Zuo Yan seems to have never wanted to go to the team building, because her mother arranged a blind date for her on the weekend, Xiao Xiao advised her not to be kidnapped for a lifetime, to make choices about her life, even if it cannot be changed, she has to change little by little, everything will get better.

Lin Shen went downstairs at 9:30 every night to take out the trash, Xiao Xiao quickly grabbed the trash from Yan Luo’s hand and said he had something to do with him. Lin Shen accidentally saw Xiao Xiaoti strolling downstairs with garbage, and hurriedly went downstairs, while Yan Luo was knocking CP upstairs.

Xiao Xiao wanted to change the time of the team building, but Lin Shen thought there was no need to accommodate her. After all, if he wanted to change, he had to cooperate with Zuo Yan. Having said that, Lin Shen still sent a message to tell Zuo Yan that it is really scary when compromise becomes a habit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

Zuo Yan followed her mother’s arrangement to go on a blind date again, remembering what Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao said to her, Zuo Yan finally chose her heart and walked away without looking back. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao arranged an angry gift package for Zuo Yan, no matter the aromatherapy, pillows or meals, all of them were the styles she hated the most.

Yan Luo and Shao Lin ride in the same car. Shao Lin is a big fan of her comics. I don’t know when she likes more than comics. Zuo Yan was still here on the day of the group construction.

The first order of the group construction was to hand over the mobile phone. Zuo Yan looked at the messages and phone calls from her mother, and replied in horror that she went to the group construction and turned off the phone. Facing the smell of traditional Chinese medicine in the room, Zuo Yan showed physiological rejection, and Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen’s plan also began. Zuo Yan reflexively refused to play tennis, but under the persuasion of Xiao Xiao and others, she still agreed, and the first step of the plan failed.

Xiao Xiao was deliberately injured by a car when he went to the underground garage to get wine, and was rescued by Fan Qi who suddenly appeared. Lin Shen came to give her the keys, and the car attacked again and wanted to repeat the same trick.

Lin Shen avoided, and keenly noticed that he had seen the man in the car in the hotel. Fan Qi took Xiao Xiao and asked her to pick wine for him, while Lin Shen ran out of the garage in pursuit of the car. When he was at a loss, the car reappeared. This time, Lin Shen was knocked out.

The man got out of the car and walked towards Lin Shen with a knife. He stopped moving after being disturbed by the passers-by. It was too late for Lin Shen to chase after him. Fan Qi gave Xiao Xiao a few bottles of good wine, and every sentence had a very dangerous and ambiguous tone. Everyone ate together, but Lin Shen didn’t come back, Xiao Xiao hurriedly went to his room. Seeing the wound on Lin Shen’s forehead, he was very worried.

Lin Shen said that he did this to save a pet. Xiao Xiao rubbed the wound while complaining that he was careless. Shao Lin at the dinner table took great care of Yan Luo, and secretly told her that the company was all fans of her wild support club. Zuo Yan also hated the music in the restaurant, and Zuo Yan couldn’t help but be suspicious.

Xiao Xiao thinks that sometimes it is a good experience to be emotionally affected by certain people and certain things. Lin Shen has experienced it before, but it doesn’t feel good, because worrying about one person will make him afraid, and he doesn’t want to become cowardly.

Xiao Xiao on the other side of the phone replied that cowardice is also a very important emotion, and then he was brought to a dream by the sleepiness. Lin Shen committed suicide and said good night. Actually, Xiao Xiao was his pet. While soaking in the hot spring, Sun Kele sang according to the plan, Zuo Yan’s face collapsed in an instant, but she still didn’t say it, just left in a sullen mood.

Lin Shen asked Sun Kele to continue to stimulate Zuo Yan, and the two made an appointment to drink coffee in the cafe. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao sat inside, quietly waiting for the butterfly effect. Sun Kele ordered vegetable juice for Zuo Yan, and with the stimulation of her words, Zuo Yan finally lost her temper, but she still managed to get up and leave. Sun Kele further stimulated his words according to the plan.

Zuo Yan splashed Sun Kele with a glass of water and educated him severely. Only then did Sun Kele, Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao burst out laughing, and Zuo Yan could finally express his emotions correctly. ! Sun Kele came to Zuo Yan with two bottles of wine to apologize, but accidentally leaked it. But Zuo Yan understood that everyone was doing it for her own good, so she did not pursue it. For Zuo Yan, the feeling of being able to say whatever is on her mind is very refreshing.

Zuo Yan was reluctant to open her heart to them, but she was willing to open her heart to Sun Kele, so Lin Shen taught Xiao Xiao a lesson. Yan Luo was sitting not far away and drawing cartoons. Shao Lin sat down and asked her to arrange a CP for herself, and suggested that she could arrange a young girl. Yan Luo became shy. When he was about to eat lunch, Fan Qi heard a child calling for his brother not far away, and suddenly fainted.

In the ambulance, Fan Qi kept dreaming about the story he had with his brother, and clenched Xiao Xiao’s hand nervously and subconsciously. After waking up, Fan Qi told Xiao Xiao the story of a pair of brothers. They depended on each other for life. The elder brother always protects the younger brother. In the younger brother’s eyes, the elder brother is also the most important existence in life. When the elder brother was wronged, he could only hide and cry secretly. Fan Qi is the naughty younger brother in this story.

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